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Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Wise and Foolish Builder

Our continuing Exploration through the Life of Jesus Has brought us to the time when Jesus is Preaching the Sermon on the Mount. 

We did a previous lesson on the Beatitudes, Letting Our Light Shine, The Golden Rule and now we are learning about THE WISE AND FOOLISH BUILDERS.  . 

This is always a "fun" lesson to teach KIDDOS.  They seem to really understand the point JESUS is making in the story. 

 We added NEW CARDS to our DO You Know? Wall.  My Expectation is for the KIDDOS to be able to answer each of these by the end of the lesson. 

Our  VISUAL  Aid for this lesson      was    an   easy choice.   I used  rocks and sand  for our foundations  and  placed   a  laminated paper        house        on  each.    During the lesson, when  we  got  to the part of  the  storm,   I   poured water  over  both houses.  As  you can see the house on     the     sand      fell. 

I   ended    up  moving     the  visuals  into a glass casserole dish...that way I  could   really pour  a  lot  of water  all  over the       houses and  not worry about     water getting all over the table.  

I did laminate my, I can reuse them in the future.  It worked out perfectly.  

We had three new words to add to our WORD WALL.  I chose STORM, BUILDER, & FOUNDATION. 

Those are important words for the KIDDOS to understand for this lesson to make more sense to them.  

We Added a NEW Card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN Timeline!!  

This is the 
SONG we learned with this lesson.  The KIDDOS really enjoyed singing this one.  I like that it teaches the message about WHO we need to build our life on!!   

The  song can be heard by clicking the following link.  The WISE BUILDER SONG....BY RONDA DUVALL

Our MEMORY VERSE  was   Matthew 7:24!

To hear the MEMORY VERSE song click on this link.  Matthew 7:24 Memory Verse

The Kiddo's made a  "HOUSES BUILT ON A ROCK" for their TAKE-HOME  project.  

 I was excited for the KIDDOS to get to make this TAKE HOME project.  It's a great visual reminder for BUILDING OUR LIFE ON THE LORD!!  

We want to be WISE BUILDERS!

This week our  REVIEW Game  was a FUN one!! 

The KIDDOS had a paddle with both a well built house and a crumbling house on it.   

We would read a circumstance card to the KIDDOS...they would have to choose if the person on the card was building their life on JESUS or not.  If the person on the card was building their life on JESUS, they would hold up the strongly built house.  If they person was NOT building their life on JESUS, the KIDDOS would hold up the house that was crumbling and falling down. The KIDDOS did REALLY well with this game and enjoyed spinning their houses!!

As you know, the second week of the LESSON is when we REVIEW.  It gives me opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.  It  also, gives opportunities for the KIDDOS who missed class the first week to "CATCH UP."  This is the Week we SAY our MEMORY VERSE from MEMORY and We do an ACTIVITY we add to our EXPLORER JOURNAL.

This LESSON'S EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY was simple one...ON one side the page had a ROCK foundation that the KIDDOS added.  On the other side the KIDDOS spread glue and added sand.  Then the KIDDOS built a good strong house from nicely cut craft stick upon the ROCK and a HOUSE in pieces (I broke several craft sticks to give them the broken down look) upon the sand. 


I am thoroughly enjoying teaching through the Life of Christ.   The KIDDOS are learning so much about JESUS our LORD. 



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