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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Abraham is Faithful

We recently had a lesson about Abraham being FAITHFUL.  He was so FAITHFUL that when GOD called upon him to give up his only son, he was willing.  WOW, what FAITH.  

Our DO YOU KNOW? wall is FILLED with the FACTS and INFORMATION that I want to make sure the KIDDOS understand.  

We have our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN timeline CARD ready to add to our TIMELINE wall.  

Visuals for this lesson are very simple.    I drew the picture and colorized it on my computer....It will be used SEVERAL times and in SEVERAL ways for this lesson.    I also, DREW the story on the WHITE BOARD....the KIDDOS are IMPRESSED with my limited artistic skills....STICK FIGURES are WONDERFUL when you are drawing and talking at the same time.  

Oh, the toy RAM came from the Dollar Tree...I bought it a few years ago.  I actually did a HAPPY SQUEAL in the store when I found this!!!  :-)

I thought this would be the PERFECT Memory Verse for this lesson.  I want the KIDDOS to understand HOW we can be a "son" of Abraham.  

The KIDDOS love to sing this song....we use our fists and "build" as we sing....with this lesson we sung VS 4.  

The KIDDOS made a diorama for their TAKE HOME project....HOWEVER, I have to add a disclaimer to this....NOTICE the FIRE on the ALTAR....we actually CUT that FIRE OFF......their was NO FIRE in this story.  I did, however, forget to CUT IT OFF on my demo project...had to do it before class began.  LOL

Our Review Game for this lesson is a FUN one.  The KIDDOS helped BUILD and ALTAR from these Papier Mache Rocks.  (I made these a long time ago and have used them for several different Bible stories.)  

To play the game the KIDDOS answered a question from the lesson and then picked up a rock and placed it on "MORIAH."  (Moriah was just another SPOT on the FLOOR than I named Moriah for the lesson.)   

This is a great GROUP EFFORT GAME....the KIDDOS have to work together to answer the questions and then choose HOW to build their Altar.  :-)

The next week was our REVIEW WEEK. The KIDDOS made these and we added them to our EXPLORER JOURNALS.    They LOVED adding the sticks and rocks.  

The KIDDOS did GREAT with these activities!!!  I am truly BLESSED to teach these KIDDOS.