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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tower of Babel

We have had a few "bumps" on our Exploring of Bible History. I have been out of town, been sick, got well, fell sick again. Kinda a rough few weeks. But, we are MOVING forward. This Sunday the KIDDOS will be learning about the Tower of Babel.    Our DO YOU KNOW? Wall is ready!!  Since, I like to focus on the Who? What? When? Where? (Geographically) Where? (in the Bible) Why? and How is this important to me? with all my lessons...I find it very helpful to have the cards up and ready before I teach the lesson.  

This is the card we will add to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN timeline.  

 The KIDDOS will have a new song to go with this lesson.  "The Tower of Babel" by Ronda Duvall

If you would like to hear this song click on the following link.  It will open the Facebook page for Hands On Bible Teacher.  

I wanted a VISUAL  that would WOW the KIDDOS and make this lesson memorable.   So, I decided to build a "TOWER of BABEL."  

Because, I seem to keep items that others throw in the trash, I had all these cardboard packing pieces.  I was THRILLED with the way they stacked up and made a TOWER!!  

I wanted the PLAIN of SHINAR to have a 3D, after drawing the basic design on the foam board I went to work with STREAMERS, SAND PAPER, EASTER GRASS, and CONSTRUCTION PAPER.    I am REALLY happy with how it all came together.  

I used my PEG PEOPLE (they were formally clothes pins)....I added my toy PALM TREES and a wooden sign that has "Plain of Shinar" written on it....I KNOW the KIDDOS will be EXCITED as soon as they see this sitting on the TABLE!!

Our MEMORY VERSE is Colossians 4:6. I thought this would be an applicable verse for this lesson.  

If you would like to hear the memory verse song click the following link.  It will open the Facebook Page for Hands On Bible Teacher.  

Memory Verse Colossians 4:6

The KIDDOS will have an opportunity to build their OWN Tower out of these FOAM CUBES.  I will try to remember to take pictures of their TOWERS and share them.  (I borrowed these from the TODDLERS Classroom.   They do a bucket system of teaching in that, since they are not currently on the Tower Of Babel they graciously loaned them to me for Sunday!!)

The KIDDOS will be making a POP UP Tower of Babel for their TAKE HOME project.

The KIDDOS will add the background and the PEOPLE.  The KIDDOS will use the mini SMILEY FACES stickers for their people.  

Our REVIEW GAME is very simple one....the KIDDOS will get to BUILD a TOWER of BABEL by answering questions from the lesson.   As added fun, they will get to KNOCK the TOWER down with bean bags.....OF COURSE they have to answer a question from the lesson for an opportunity to toss the bean bag.  

Next Week is our REVIEW WEEK.  The KIDDOS will be making these to add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.   We will see if they can get the TOWER into the correct order.  I used velcro to make this an activity that the KIDDOS can do over and over again.  

I am excited to teach this lesson.