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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our next lesson is about David and Mephibosheth.   We will be focusing on COMPASSION and KEEPING OUR PROMISES.    This is a wonderful story to illustrate then need for  compassion and keeping our promises.  I love this story!!  

I decided to make my OWN visuals for this story.  I will have my "Mephibosheth" hobble up to "David" during my telling of this story.  I think the VISUALS turned out cute.  :)

These are our new words for our WORD WALL.  I thinks it is important to have these words up in the room where I am reminded to remind the KIDDOS of the need to put these words into ACTIONS!!!  I love the "WORD WALL."  I ofter remind the KIDDOS of past words that come up again in 'NEW' stories. 

These are our WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? AND HOW? cards.  We will be making sure to focus on each of those aspects of the story.  I really FOCUS on these aspects of each BIBLE story.  I feel if the KIDDOS can answer these questions, for EACH story they learn, then they will have a BETTER understanding of HOW to use these stories through their life.

Our memory verse comes from Proverbs.  I thought this was a PERFECT memory verse to go with this lesson.  (I will probably have to explain what the word desired means.)  I may end up with that one on the WORD WALL.  We will sing this Memory Verse to the tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

Because our focus is on being COMPASSIONATE like DAVID we are going to be making cards for those of our congregation that are sick or those that are "shut-ins."   This will be our "TAKE-HOME" activity this week.   The Kiddos will color the cards and help me write sweet, loving and encouraging words to the person we are sending the card to....I will either hand deliver the cards or mail them out on Monday. 

Our REVIEW Game is a  'type' of "Musical Chairs" game.  I have laid out hula hoops (I purchased these at the Dollar Tree) on the floor.  I laid a big laminated number in each hula hoop...except the one in the middle.  I have a BIG foam die (I purchased it at the Dollar Tree, too.  They come in a set of 2.) in the middle hula hoop.  

The idea for this Review Game being....We will sing a song that goes with the lesson....when I say, "STOP" we will roll the DIE and whatever number I roll...the Kiddo in the corresponding numbered hula hoop will answer a question about the lesson.  I know they will enjoy this FUN and ACTIVE Review game.  And what a great way to include singing, moving, and review all together!!!

Next Sunday, when we REVIEW the LESSON...we will do our Explorer Journal Activity...  And, this is what I came up with for this lesson.  They will color the picture of King David and Mephibosheth....and then they will get to add little wooden crutches to Mephibosheth.  I made the crutches from craft sticks (TONGUE DEPRESSORS is what I called them growing up.  LOL)

I simply cut around Mephibosheth's arms so that the crutches would slide up under his arms. 

I think they are kinda cute....and any time the Kiddos can add a 3D element to their projects they get excited....and it helps bring the story to LIFE for them.    It takes a little more prep on my part...but it is SOO worth the effort!!!

Hope your prep for Bible Class is going well....Remember, you can't do your best at teaching the kiddos if you do not spend time PREPPING!!!!!  "Study to show yourself approved!!!" 



Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Ealry Arrival Activity E. A. A. Drawing the Days of Creation.

This will be their EAA (Early Arrival Activity) this Sunday.  Because, I like to REVIEW information, facts and lesson the Kiddos have learned in the past, I decided this would be a FUN one.  We are going to to review the Days of Creation.  

Here is the plan....The Early Arrivers will Roll the Die that is sitting on their personal DRY ERASE Board.  Whatever number they ROLL is the DAY they will draw.  For example:  if they roll a 4 they will draw what GOD made on that day...the SUN, MOON and STARS.  

I LOVE having my classroom ready to GO!!!  Normally, I make a special trip to the church building on Saturday....just to finalize anything I feel the need to do...BUT, today I am confident that I will not need to change anything for this Sunday....(I THINK...LOL)

* Lesson is opened and ready to be taught.
* WORD WALL words are ready to be explained.
* "Take Home" is ready to be completed.
* Song Book is ready for use.

BTW, The hula hoops in the floor are part of our REVIEW game for Sunday.... Please check back to see what we are going to be doing with them!!!


The personal WHITE Boards are one of my KIDDOS favorite thing to use.  I had these cut from one of those HUGE pieces of white laminated boards that you buy in the Bathroom Wallboard Section of Lowes.  The worker there was sweet enough to cut that HUGE board down into these squares for me.  When I explained the purpose for ALL those cuts----well, they did not even charge me the cutting fees!!!   Due to the fact that I got SEVERAL of these boards we have shared them with all the classes here at the church building.  The OLDER KIDDOS use them for TRIVIA games, Map drawings, Bible Pictures Styles Games, etc.    

I love letting the KIDDOS draw Bible Stories...and I LOVE the fact that they LOVE to draw on these boards.  My only suggestion is this....KEEP A CAMERA HANDY!!!  YOU and the KIDDOS will want to remember their BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK!!!   



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reviewing The Books Of The Bible

I just wanted to share our NEWEST "ATTRACTION."  The kiddos are sooooooo excited about this.  

My Wednesday CO-Teacher wanted to REVIEW the BOOKS of the BIBLE with the KIDDOS.  We were sitting and visiting about different WAYS to make sure the kiddos have the books of the BIBLE memorized.  We decided to go with an INCH WORM theme and I think it turned out ADORABLE!!!

Each leaf has a different BOOK of the BIBLE written on it....and the kiddos each have their VERY own INCH WORM.   

 The idea being that this will be a  SELF PACED activity...each of the kiddos will move their WORM up  as they are able to say MORE books of the BIBLE.  For example, if they can say all the books from Genesis to Joshua...then they get to move their WORM to the Joshua leaf.  Each week they will start from Genesis and see how many books they can say...that way they can MOVE their WORM!!!!  They are working towards the TRANSFORMATION into a  BUTTERFLY!!!! 
(A concept that is WELL taught through the SCRIPTURES!)  


This was fairly easy to put together.  I purchased the stuffed Inch Worms, the vine and the Butterfly at the Local Dollar Tree.   We just STRIPPED off the leaves from the we could add our own!!!  OH, and the Butterfly....was supposed to be a wind-chime. I just TORE it apart and shaped (bent) the BUTTERFLY to the form I wanted and stapled it to the wall.  :)    The leaves were cut from a DIE cut machine and my co-teacher lovingly wrote all the names of the books of the BIBLE on the leaves!!! 


Now, for the KIDDOS inch worms.  We  used a clothes pin, pom-pom balls, googly eyes and chenille sticks.  They were simple to make...just a little glue and a little time.  I think they turned out CUTE!!  :)

Since they are made from a clothes pin they are easy to MOVE around the VINES!!! 

I love interactive Bulletin Boards....and this is such a fun and exciting way to see the kiddos progress as they say their Books of the Bible!!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Teaching Basic Facts About the BIBLE!!!!

I was recently asked HOW I TEACH the KIDDOS some of the BASIC BIBLE FACTS about the BIBLE ITSELF.  

I MUST tell you that I review this information often, normally weekly!!!    

SO, this is how I help my KIDDOS remember the BIBLE BASICS!

I have used this "BIBLE" picture for YEARS....  I colored it, coded it with "Old Testament" and the number "39" and "New Testament" and the number "27,"  and laminated it.   I like to point out that there are 2 MAIN PARTS TO THE BIBLE.....The OLD TESTAMENT and the NEW TESTAMENT!!!  This little "Bible" helps me demonstrate this easily!  

 But, because I want the KIDDOS to really get the fact that there are 2 Testaments....I sliced the "Bible" right down the middle.  

This way when I say, "The Bible Has Two MAIN parts."  I can show them VISUALLY that there are 2 PARTS.  This has seem to be an effective way of teaching this concept.  

After I show them the 2 MAIN parts, I ask them "How many books are in the OLD?"  After they answer, I ask, "How many books are in the NEW?"

We have a little song that we sing ...  "39 in the Old and 27 in the New....We put it all together and what do we get.....66 books in the BIBLE."  I always tell them they are sooooo smart....after all they are able to add 39 plus 27 and know it is always going to be 66!!!!  I tell them they can "WOW" their older siblings, parents, friends etc.  with their GREAT ability to do this math problem.  LOL

I also keep this VISUAL  continually on display in my classroom.  That way the Kiddos can VISUALLY see the "66" book on the number 66.  I have also used this as a QUICK review of all the books of the BIBLE.  When I have a few minutes, we can review the books of the BIBLE by allowing the KIDDOS to point to each book of the BIBLE as we say their names.  

One other little thing I like to do...Is bring our my RECYCLED CD'S that I have labeled with the books of the BIBLE.  I like to spread them out all over the floor....Then let them work on getting them "GROUPED" together....This is when I normally introduce LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS AND MINOR PROPHETS.    We can also COUNT every CD.  Again, this is a wonderful way to VERBALIZE and VISUALIZE the number of books in the BIBLE.   Sometimes, I will ask the KIDDOS, "How many books of LAW are there?"  Then we count them out loud using the CD's as our COUNTERS.  I will do this for EACH division of the BIBLE.  The KIDDOS love for me to BRING out the CD's!!

These were very easy to make...I just saved up CD'S that were unusable, or we received in the mail, or that when they were burned there was a problem, etc.  I printed out

CD labels with the Books of the Bible and clip art on them...attached them to the CD and we were ready to play!!!  The great thing is they STACK up so nicely on the spindle....Easy to store and FUN to use to REVIEW the Books of the Bible.

Basic Bible Facts are  an important concept....and must be reviewed often.  I want the KIDDOS to LOVE their BIBLE...and the more familiar they are with their BIBLE the more they will LOVE their Bible.  I believe KIDDOS should grow up with a BIBLE in their hands....Start with those small "BABY BIBLES" and GROW into more mature style Bibles as they grow up.  The BIBLE is the MOST IMPORTANT BOOK WE CAN READ TO OUR KIDDOS!!!!



Sunday, March 18, 2012

David Crowned King

I was THRILLED with the way Bible Class went Sunday Morning.  Our lesson was about David being CROWNED King.    We reviewed the FACTS about the life of David.  We talked about the fact that Saul had attempted to kill him.  We talked about how David respected Saul and did not kill him even when he had the opportunity.  We talked about David being crowned King in Hebron.  We covered his conquering Jerusalem and bringing the Ark of  The Covenant to the city.  We discussed David's desire to build GOD a temple...and how GOD told him his son Solomon would be the one to build the Temple for HIM.    The class went really well.  I just wish I had about 30 more mins....I am always pushing to get everything done!  :)

I used the "WORD WALL" words to introduce the lesson.  I asked the kiddos if they knew how all these words were related.  Of course they knew right away that we were going to be talking about a NEW KING.  And since they knew David was Anointed King....I was not surprised when they told me they all were related to KING DAVID!!    They love being SOOOOO SMART and IMPRESSING me! 

These are our Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? cards.  Needless to say, the Kiddos could answer all those questions by the end of class time.  However, I did have one little girl that made me giggle.  Every time I asked, "Where did they crown David as King?"  She would respond, "In Hebrews."  I would gently remind here...."HEBRON."  To which she replied, "Hebrews is easier for me to say, Ms. Ronda."    These kiddos make me smile. 

Our craft/activity was an easy and effective one....Each KIDDO made a crown!!!!  THEY LOVED the JEWELS!!!!  Evey single one of my kiddos left class with their crown on their head!!!  I LOVE it when they are super excited about their Take Home Activity.  These were easy to make...I bought the gold crowns a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  I knew we would be making crowns when we go to the lessons on the Kings.....And, since David was such a special King, I thought it would be great to have a crown to remember the King who was a "Man after GOD'S own heart."  I took plastic leis and clipped them apart.  Then glued them to the bottom of the crowns....The kiddos then added all the "JEWELS" during class.  I LOVE how they turned out....and seeing the kiddos with them on their heads was just PRECIOUS!!!

Our Memory Verse for the week is 1 Timothy 6:14-15.  We sing this one to the tune of "Three Blind Mice."  Since I pointed out during our HOW? question card...that the story of David is important because JESUS our KING would come through David's family...I thought this would be a PERFECT Memory Verse.  Of course, I explained to the children how this verse "FIT" our lesson.  I have one Kiddo that ALWAYS asks me..."What does this Memory Verse have to do with our lesson?"  He really keeps me on my toes.  

Our review game was a HIT!!!  They were so excited about this game.  It was fun to put together....except when I had finished putting it together my son accidentally broke EVERY PLASTIC CROWN that I had used to make this game.  (I wanted to cry.)  But, refusing to give up, I decided to try again.  And when I was done....I LOVED MY SECOND version SOOOOO much more than my first.  And, those broken crowns wont go to waste.  I will show you what I did with them in a few mins.  :)

The object of this game was for the kiddos to toss a "ball" into the crown and answer the question inside.    Because, I did not want these crowns broken I decided to use those BATH SCRUBBIES.  I bought them at the Dollar Tree....they were 5 for a $1.00.  Can't beat that for cheap and very light "BALLS"  that could be tossed and would not break my crowns!!!

BTW, these crowns were made by gluing 2 TIARAS together.  I bought these Tiaras from Target.  I found them in the DOLLAR section...and they were only a $1.00 each!!  They are very sturdy and when glued together to form a crown....well, I think they are perfect!!!  And, $2.00 per crown was a whole lot cheaper than those crowns they sell at the Card and Party Shop.  :)

Here are a few extra pics of these crowns...I really do love how they turned out....And, I will get a LOT of use out of these as we study through the Kings and then when we study Esther!  I LOVE making it once (or in this case twice) and using it for several different lessons!!! 

Now, I am sure your are wondering what I did with all those broken crowns....You know the statement, "When life gives you lemons....Make Lemonade!!!" Well, this is what I did.  You see, I had originally planned for the Kiddos to glue on a FOAM crown to their Explorer Journal project next Sunday... BUT, when I saw all those broken pieces I just could not bring myself to throw them, I decided to make small 3D crowns for the Kiddos to glue to their picture of King David.  Who knew that sparkly pipe-cleaner and a ton of plastic, broken crowns could be soo cute.  

The kiddos will be doing their Explorer Journal Activity NEXT Sunday... I KNOW they will love gluing there "REAL" crowns on David....They are SOOOOO much better than one of those FOAMY CROWN STICKERS!!!  

They best part of turning those broken pieces into something useful....MY SON felt soooo bad that he had broke my game.....and when I showed him what I had done with all those broken pieces....Well, his SMILE said it all.  One of my mottoes for my own children is,  "Sometimes MISTAKES happen....Now, what are you gonna do about it?" 



David crowned KING. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Themes Of The OLD TESTAMENT BOOK turned Bulletin Board

Still making a few changes in our classroom.  We are going to start working on a "BASIC Theme" to each book of the BIBLE.  

I figure if I can get the kiddos to memorize the little RHYME  for each book...then they will always remember what each book of the Bible is basically about. 

I labeled each section ...LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS AND MINOR PROPHETS.  My Kiddos are a little young....BUT, they often surprise me with their ability to MEMORIZE facts....So, I am going to bring up the SUB-DIVISIONS of the OLD Testament from time to time.  However, our main focus will be on memorizing the rhymes for each book. 

This was a fairly simple Bulletin Board to make....I took one of my Themes of The Books of the Old Testament books ....deconstructed it, laminated all the pages, cut them out and attached them to the background with staples.   Because I like 3D Bulletin Boards....I gave each of the pages a little bend and stapled them to make them look like they POP off the Wall. 

I am really happy with the way this BOARD turned out....I will LOVE hearing my KIDDOS say the rhymes for each book.    I wrote these RHYMES years ago....Compiled them into a book....and my 17 year old daughter STILLS says them to remind herself what is in each BOOK OF THE BIBLE.  

I love using something I made in a NEW WAY!!!!  I have NEVER displayed this BOOK this way...I had always used it in the BOOK format.  BUT, I think it makes a WONDERFUL BULLETIN BOARD when DISPLAYED like this.  :)



Friday, March 9, 2012

Rearranging Classroom To Build New Excitement For The Kiddos.

I am still doing a bit of rearranging of our Bible Classroom.  I think it excites the Kiddos...when they come in the room and things are changed up a bit.    I have added a few new things to our room too.    I will be sharing a few of them with you today....but, keep checking back....I have a unique BOOKS of The Bible Chart Coming soon!!!

Here  is  the "NEW" look  to  the wall that  is DIRECTLY behind my teaching table.   I have change things on this wall....Moved things around a bit...When I look at this wall I can't help but smile.  :)


I used to use this wall for our Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? cards only.... I am still using the MIDDLE section for that purpose...I just changed up the way I display the cards.    I Like the Pocket Chart....I have had it a LOOOOONG time and it was stored away in my closet.  I think it suits my need PERFECTLY!!!  This past Sunday the Kiddos  seemed to like the way we added the cards to the pockets as we talked about each of them.  This actually made it easier on me to REVIEW each of those very important questions!!!! 

I moved the "GOD GIVE US A KING!" Interactive Bulletin Board over to the wall behind my table.  This will actually make it easier on me to have the Kiddos Review Facts about the First 3 Kings of Israel.    The Fact Boxes are just COVERED Kleenex boxes.  I hung them on wall with my handy dandy stapler.  :)  
BTW, the cute visuals came from our local Dollar Tree.  I bought them last year and LOVE them.

I added our two NEW words to our WORD WALL.  We covered the meaning of the words Jealous and Friend this past Sunday.  I love it when the Kiddos learn the meaning of words....and are able to apply them to their daily life.  

 One of our NEW really for the Wednesday Evening teacher.  She will be coming up with QUESTIONS for the kiddos to answer.  She is going to base the questions on...PEOPLE, PLACES, AND EVENTS from the lesson.    She will then pick which kiddo answers which questions.  We want to make sure they have a grasp of the lesson...and this is just one way to make sure they understand what they have been learning.   I was the substitute teacher this past Wednesday and the KIDDOS LOVED this....They get to place their little PERSON STICK in the pocket...if they can answer the question.  :)

One other NEW item I recently found for our room was these small carpets.  I was THRILLED that they were JUNGLE THEMED....They go perfectly with our "We're Wild About Bible Class!!"  theme.    I love having dedicated spaces on the carpet for the kiddos to sit on....That way each kiddo knows their OWN space limitations.  It really helps in CONTROLLING behavior.  When the kiddo's have a dedicated space...they understand the need to STAY in their space.   Just in case you are looking for something like this for your classroom...I thought I would let you know I found them at Target....They were in their $ section up in the front of their store.  They did cost $2.50 each...But are sooooo worth it.

Small changes can really activate excitement in your students....Moving something around...adding a NEW motivators....rearranging the table...Kiddos get bored with the same old, same old.  Build Excitement....change things up a bit.  :)