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Sunday, March 23, 2014


We have a NEW LESSON this week!!!  The KIDDOS will be learning all about SETH.  Seth is such an important BABY!!!!  After all, JESUS will be one of SETH'S descendants!!!  So, not only was SETH a blessing to ADAM and EVE, he was a BLESSING to YOU and ME!

We have new informational cards up on our DO YOU KNOW? Wall.  These are the BASIC questions I expect the KIDDOS to be able to answer at the end of the LESSON.  Who? What? When? Where? Where in the BIBLE? Why? and How is this important to me?  

We have a PICTURE CARD of "BABY SETH" up on our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN"  timeline. 

The KIDDOS will have a NEW song to sing for this lesson.    This song comes from my BIBLE SONGS for CHILDREN, songbook/CD collection.  

I wanted a MEMORY VERSE that tied in with the LESSON.  I thought this one would be great!!!  It allowed me the opportunity to talk to the KIDDOS about how if we live GODLY lives we can have an effect on others.  

We sing it to the tune: Ten Little Indians. 

My visuals for this lesson are really simple...I decided to go with a PICTURE attached to my handy, dandy photo frame.  This visual is simple clipart from Printmaster. 

This is the KIDDOS TAKE HOME project.    They will each have their very own "SETH" to take home with them....CRIB, BLANKET and RATTLE included!!!  :-)


These are soooo easy to make, all you need is baby socks, blue fleece, ribbon, pringles singles containers (these were donated to me...I have a TON of them...LOL)  And, the rattle...just for fun!!!  

The socks came from Dollar Tree...3 pair for $1.00...that is SIX baby Seth's from one pkg of socks.  The Rattles came from the Dollar Tree...from the BABY SHOWER section.  The fleece blankets  came from the Dollar Tree. I found them in their BABY section.   I bought 1 blanket and I HAVE a BUNCH of LEFTOVER FLEECE!!! Oh, I filled each sock with white RICE....used a rubber band to give it a "head," tied a knot in the sock and rolled it over to form the bonnet.  Hope these instructions are clear.   :-)  

During Class time the KIDDOS will glue on the eyes, decorate the crib with "IT'S a BOY" stickers, and wrap him up and put him in his bed.  FAST, SIMPLE and the KIDDOS WILL LOVE IT!!  

Our REVIEW GAME is a simple one. 

The KIDDOS will REMOVE a RATTLE from BABY SETH, by answering the question PRINTED on the RATTLES.  

Then, we will play the game in reverse--the KIDDOS will add the RATTLES to BABY SETH by answering the questions on the RATTLES.  

BTW, the RATTLES are stuck on with VELCRO DOTS.  

Next week will be our REVIEW week.  The KIDDOS will be making these to add to their EXPLORER JOURNALS!!  

To give this activity a PUNCH...the KIDDOS will be gluing on flannel blankets and gluing on a tiny baby bottle into EVE'S hand.  

Seth is such an IMPORTANT Bible Character...OUR SAVIOR comes though SETH'S family!!!!  I want the KIDDOS to REALLY UNDERSTAND SETH'S importance in Bible History. 



Cain and Abel Story Telling ACTIVITY

I wanted to SHARE with you all one more "FUN" activity we did with the KIDDOS, while teaching the story of Cain and Abel.  

I have noticed that whenever the KIDDOS are having to LEARN multiple names and they happen to be the same gender, it gets kinda confusing.

So, we came up with an idea...

We had the KIDDOS pick a VEGETABLE and a SHEEP.  The sheep are puppets (I bought them a few years ago at the Dollar Tree--during the SPRING/EASTER season.) They WORE the SHEEP on one of their hands and held their VEGETABLE in the other hand. 

Then as we told the story they would RAISE up the SHEEP if we said, "ABEL" and RAISE up their VEGETABLE when we said, "CAIN."   It was a great way to get the KIDDOS actively participating in the story.  It also helped with the confusion of:   WHO was a farmer?  WHO was a shepherd?  

This worked out so well and the KIDDOS enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share it with you all.  




Friday, March 14, 2014

Cain and Abel

We are making progress.....we are learning about Cain and Abel. We are a bit behind, due to weather.  We have NEVER had to cancel services....but, a week ago we were covered in ICE.  It made for extremely dangerous driving conditions.  So, our elders decided it would be best to cancel services.  With that being said, I feel like I am behind....but, really it is all gonna be OK.  

Here is our DO YOU KNOW? Wall...I feel the KIDDOS really "GET" the lesson when they are able to answer these IMPORTANT Questions.  Who? What? When? Where? Where in the Bible? Why? and HOW is this IMPORTANT to ME?

We have a "NEW" card on our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN...timeline. It is CAIN and ABEL. 

Our MEMORY VERSE for this Lesson is Romans 12:1.  We sang it to the tune: "Oh Come All Ye, Faithful."    

I want the KIDDOS to understand that GOD WANTS our BEST...and we MUST GIVE HIM NO LESS!!!!!!

This is the SONG for this lesson.    However, while preparing this lesson, I came up with another song...we will be singing it, too!!  

The NEW song is sung to the tune:  BINGO.

Eve and Adam had a son and CAIN was his name.
He was a farmer. He was a farmer.
He was a farmer, he raised vegetables.

Eve and Adam had a son and ABEL was his name.
He was a shepherd. He was a shepherd.
He was a shepherd, he cared for the sheep.  

The VISUALS for this lesson are very simple. My CAIN and ABEL are Fisher Price Little People. They came from their Dinosaur set...but, as soon as I saw the one with the LEAF and one with an ANIMAL BONE---I thought CAIN and ABEL.    I added some vegetable (they are erasers and came from Dollar Tree) and some home made sheep from a lesson that I had taught a LOOONG time ago. The picture in the background was "self drawn."  I just looked at a drawing and did my best to "mimic" it.  

Their TAKE HOME project is very simple....   They will color the background and add a POP UP Cain and Abel.  

The REVIEW GAME for this Lesson is a "MATCH" game...The KIDDOS will answer a QUESTION to get the OPPORTUNITY to turn over a set of cards....IF they match they will have to tell me if the cards go with CAIN or with ABEL.  

Next Sunday will be our REVIEW day...the KIDDOS will do their EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity.  For this ACTIVITY they will be adding rocks to their ALTARS and then the 3D Vegetables and Sheep.    

The vegetables are from the DOLLHOUSE section of Hobby Lobby.  The sheep are toy plastic sheep.  

I have one other IDEA to share with you....I will take PICTURES and add it to the website this next week.  Keep checking back.  :-)