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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Isaiah Prophesies The Coming of Jesus

We have a NEW lesson for this Sunday.  We will be leaning about Isaiah prophesying  the Coming of Jesus.  I am excited about this lesson...I get the blessing of showing the KIDDOS one of the FAITH building prophecies of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!!  

We will be adding this CARD to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" Time Line.   We will add it under the Isaiah the Prophet Card...That way the KIDDOS understand that this is a PROPHECY of the Coming of JESUS.  

My Visuals for this lesson are very SIMPLE...I am using my "self drawn"  Isaiah with a SPEECH BUBBLE...and a Clip art picture of Baby Jesus in a CLOUD---sort of to represent "IN THE FUTURE."    I think it works.  :-)

We will be adding THREE new words to our "WORD WALL."  I think these are very important WORDS for the KIDDOS to KNOW in order to truly understand the lesson.  

The KIDDOS will have a NEW Memory Verse for this week....  I LOVE this verse....It is so descriptive of our LORD!!  

To hear the tune that we will be using to help in Memorizing this verse please click on the link below.  It will route you to the Facebook Page for  

We sung this song  when we learned about Isaiah being "CALLED" to be a PROPHET. We will sing it again this week...It will help the KIDDOS REVIEW the fact that Isaiah was CALLED by GOD to be a PROPHET.  It will help remind the KIDDOS that Isaiah was speaking what GOD wanted him to speak.  He was GOD'S "MOUTH PIECE."  

To hear this song click on the link below.  You will be routed to the Facebook page for  

The KIDDOS "TAKE HOME" Project is fairly simple....I am sure you have seen something similar.  

I designed the "stable" on the computer....The BABY JESUS came from Oriental Trading Company.  I believe it went with a different type of project ---I buy a LOT of items from Oriental Trading when they have their Clearance Sales!!!  

During class time the KIDDOS will color their stable and baby Jesus.  They will attach their baby Jesus and STAR to the Stable.    


(The cards have questions on them...I will read the question and the PICTURES on the Bingo Card answers the questions!)

Each card has the same pictures on it...they are just arranged in various orders...that way each question is answered on EVERY CARD!!  :-)

I LOVE it when the KIDDOS get to sit on their carpet squares and "PLAY."


This is what I "CAME" up with.  I was shopping at HOBBY LOBBY when I saw these little cuties hanging the the Christmas Ornaments for Miniature Trees area.  

So, .I purchased them removed the strings then hot glued them to the green checkers.  I LOVE how they turned out!!!  One of those things that makes me SMILE....Because, it will allow further conversations about our TOPIC!!!

Next week will be our REVIEW week. During REVIEW week the KIDDOS make an activity that they add to their "Explorer Journal."    Because, I use the over all theme of being a "Bible Explorer" we each have an "EXPLORER JOURNAL."

This is the activity that the KIDDOS will be making and adding to their "Explorer Journals." 

They will add the tongue depressor style craft sticks to make the manger.  They will add the  crinkle paper for the "hay."  Then they will add their own Baby JESUS wrapped in SWADDLING CLOTH---(scraps of blue flannel that I had in my scrap box.)

I am REALLY happy with how these turned out...We will be talking about the various descriptions of JESUS...HE is truly WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, MIGHTY GOD, EVERLASTING FATHER and the PRINCE OF PEACE.  

I am so excited about this lesson.  I LOVE teaching the OLD TESTAMENT---especially when I am able to show the KIDDOS how the OLD TESTAMENT is fulfilled in the NEW TESTAMENT.  :-)



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Toddler Class Updates!!!

I LOVE seeing PROGRESS and EXCITEMENT build in both the KIDDOS and the TEACHERS!!!  

I recently mentioned that our congregation has had an EXPLOSION of KIDDOS, which created a WONDERFUL "problem."  We had to EXPAND our classes!!!!  We ended up needing to split the Nursery Class and thus creating a TODDLER Class!

The Teachers and KIDDOS LOVE the BUCKET system!!!  We are still EXPANDING the BUCKET LESSONS, adding more and more BIBLE STORY BUCKETS!!!  With that being said, we are going to go get two more bookcases!!!  We LOVE how this system has been working!!!  

The teachers have been busy adding VISUALS to the walls.  So, I thought I would SHARE with you some of the progress.  

They recently put up the NEW TESTAMENT Bible Characters!!!  

The Teachers have added MORE and MORE items to the "DAYS OF CREATION" wall!  I LOVE it!!!

As you can tell, we USED what we had...we just turned a bookcase on its side...that gave the teachers and KIDDOS a nice storage area for puzzles, games and extra needed items

The KIDDOS LOVE the "Choo Choo Train/Bible Song."  Knowing how much they LOVE that song, the teachers decided to hang a TRAIN on the wall---the train has POCKET CARS and in the POCKETS are Laminated Cards with the Books of The Bible Printed on them.    

During "CARPET TIME," the KIDDOS will get to put the BOOKS in the correct BOX CAR.  The Teacher will be very HANDS ON during this activity!!!  

I LOVE this KID FRIENDLY Bible.  It has very IMPORTANT information coded on it...These are Bible FACTS that the teachers review with the KIDDOS each class period!!

NOTICE that we even have "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" on the wall in this Bible Class room.  It allows the teachers to mention the TIME PERIOD and GOD'S PLAN as they review.  (Of course this is done a very SIMPLE level.) I love that the KIDDOS see these displayed in EVERY classroom!!  

I LOVE this IDEA!!!  Each FISH has a BUBBLE. The teachers have REVIEW QUESTIONS for the KIDDOS.  Such as, How many books are in the BIBLE? What did GOD make on day 4?  etc. When the KIDDOS are able to answer the questions they get to add a FUN little sticker to their FISHES Bubble. The KIDDOS LOVE THIS!!!

The teachers have a wall prepared for the KIDDOS---they are getting ready to FOCUS on NOAH'S ARK!!!  I LOVE the 3D!!

I LOVE the progress they are making with this class!!!  We are BLESSED to have dedicated and motivated teachers!!!  



Friday, August 16, 2013

King Hezekiah and A Sundial Miracle

This week we are moving forward with our lessons about King Hezekiah.    The KIDDOS will be learning about King Hezekiah's life being extended.  The story comes from 2 Kings 20 and Isaiah 38.  

I LOVE seeing our WALL of INFORMATION GROWING!!!!  It make is so easy to REVIEW PAST lessons!!!  

I am excited about teaching this lesson.  The KIDDOS will get to learn all about the Miracle that occurred with a SUNDIAL.    This is such an exciting lesson.  


We have two new words to add to our "WORD WALL."  I want to make sure the KIDDOS understand what a BOIL and SUNDIAL have to do with this story.  

The KIDDOS will have a new MEMORY VERSE this week.  I feel like this is a good MEMORY VERSE for this LESSON. PRAYER changes EVERYTHING!!!  I want the KIDDOS to understand the BLESSING of PRAYER!!!

If you would like to hear the TUNE to our NEWEST MEMORY VERSE please click the link.  It will route you to the FACEBOOK page for Hands On Bible Teacher.  

We will be singing the ENTIRE SONG this week! I am excited to teach the SECOND VERSE!! YAY!

If you would like to hear how this song goes please click on the link.  It will route you to the FACEBOOK page for Hands On Bible Teacher.  

The KIDDOS TAKE HOME PROJECT is a "SUN DIAL"  The sundial is made from inexpensive paper plates, scrap cardstock paper, and little printed paper suns.  

The KIDDOS will get to use MARKERS to color their Sundial. Then the KIDDOS will attach the "ARROW" part of the Sundial. Then the KIDDOS will glue on the little paper suns.  I think they turned out really cute.....I hope the KIDDOS enjoy making them.  

Our REVIEW game this week is called "Shadows, Shadows Everywhere" matching game.  The KIDDOS will answer a question from the lesson and then have the opportunity to turn over a set of cards and attempt to find the "SHADOW" match for the "REAL" picture they turned over.  

I purposefully left a SPACE between the REAL and the SHADOW...that way it will be a bit easier for the KIDDOS to know to pick one card from one side and one from the other side.  

Next week the KIDDOS will make this and add it to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.    After coloring King Hezekiah, sick in his bed they will add a 3D crown and color and add the Sundial.

I am LOVING the progress the KIDDOS  are making.  They seem to recalling PAST lessons and enjoying the current lessons.  It is truly a blessing teaching the KIDDOS!!!



Friday, August 2, 2013

Hezekiah Trust GOD!!

We are officially back to normal around here.  It is AMAZING what a VACATION and a NEW GRAND BABY can do to your schedule!!  But, it was soooo worth the "interruption."  We are have been so BLESSED.  

While I was away the KIDDOS had a few REVIEWS and were allowed to "make" their favorite KING and PROPHET.  I was THRILLED at these projects!!!  I LOVE the KIDDOS reasoning for choosing the King/Prophet that they chose.  

This SUNDAY we will have a BRAND NEW Lesson!!!!!  We are still learning about King Hezekiah, but this lesson is about his TRUSTING GOD!!  This comes from the events when Sennacherib was attempting to attack Judah.  Sennacherib had scare tactics and a LARGE army....Hezekiah was concerned and consulted Isaiah and GOD for help. This lesson is from 2 Kings 18-19.

We have a NEW card to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" wall/timeline!

This picture represents King Hezekiah in the Temple, laying the letter from Sennacherib out and praying to GOD.  

The KIDDOS will have a new word for our "WORD WALL."

This is an IMPORTANT word to will help the KIDDOS understand the story. 

I felt this was a PERFECT memory verse for this LESSON.  After all, that is what King Hezekiah did--He cast all his cares upon GOD.  

If you would like to hear the TUNE for this Memory Verse, just click on the LINK below.  It will reroute you to the Facebook page for Hand On Bible Teacher.  

We will be singing this song again for this lesson.  ONLY the FIRST VERSE.  

If you would like to hear this song, click on the link.  It will take you to the Facebook Page of Hands On Bible Teacher. 

I decided to make a "sandbox"
style visual aid.  I have each of the MAIN characters accounted for... Those with King Hezekiah:  Isaiah, 
Eliakim, Shebna, and Joah.    
Those with Sennacherib: Tartan, Rabsaris, and the Rabshakeh.  

My plan is to MOVE the "Temple" forward and then add King Hezekiah in the praying position and the letter!  

I could NOT find a visual aid for this lesson. So, I had to make them.  I HOPE the KIDDOS love them.  

The KIDDOS will be making a type of PRAYER Book as their TAKE HOME project.  

Each page of the BOOK has something we are supposed to be PRAYING about.  

Our FAMILY!  The KIDDOS will be allowed to draw their family or add Smiley Face stickers to represent their family member.  

Our FRIENDS!  Again, the KIDDOS will have the option of drawing their friends or using stickers.  

Our LEADERS!  We have FOUR elders that we PRAY for and we PRAY for the LEADERS of our Country.    Again, the KIDDOS can DRAW or use stickers.  

Our TEACHERS.  We pray for our Bible Class Teachers and our Teachers at School.  

Our FEARS.   I want the KIDDOS to know that GOD cares about their fears.  Just like HE cared about Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem.   To represent some of our fears I drew DARKNESS, a Snake and a Spider.  I am not really afraid of the dark...but, WATCH out if their is a Snake or a Spider around me...I REALLLLY do not like either one of those creatures.  

We Pray for the Sick and Weak.  I will have the KIDDOS add names to the fingers of people we know that are sick or weak.  

We pray about our own Wants and Needs. 

I am hoping to use this LESSON as an opportunity to STRESS the importance of PRAYER!!  

Our Review Game is called:  "CASTING CARES - Ball Game."

The KIDDOS will each have the opportunity to toss a ball and then answer the question from the cup their ball lands in...I am sure you can see HOW easy this was to put together.  Muffin Pans from Dollar Tree, Balls from Dollar Tree and I just printed questions onto circles of various colors. 

Next week the KIDDOS will be making this activity to add to their Explorer Journals.    

They will add jewels to the crown and the 
"LETTER" that Hezekiah spread out before GOD.   I have a paper "spring" attached to the backs of the "LETTERS" ----that gives them the 3D effect!!!   

I am excited about this lesson---It will be NICE to be back to NORMAL Lessons and procedures!!!!  I am a BIG fan of normalcy.