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Monday, May 2, 2011

Saul Anointed King of Hebrews by Samuel

Our recent lesson on  Saul being anointed King of the Hebrews was a WONDERFUL success.    The kiddos were very excited about this lesson.  

We began by reviewing the life of Samuel.    Samuel was a wonderful JUDGE for the Hebrews.  The Hebrews loved Samuel very much and knew he was getting e other old.  They decided they needed a KING just like all the other nations.  Even though they were warned by GOD that a king would make there life hard they continued to complain and ask for a king.

God decided to give them what they wanted.  So, Saul was chosen as The King of the Hebrews. Saul was out looking for his father's lost donkeys when Samuel found him and anointed him king.  However, when it came time to be presented before the people at Gilgal, Saul became a bit shy and hid in the baggage.  

So, with the idea of Saul hiding in the baggage, I decided we would make "Binoculars" out of toilet paper tubes (as our Take Home Project)...and we would go on a KING HUNT.  

 Our Memory Verse was Psalm 145:1 "I will praise YOU, my GOD, O KING, I will bless YOUR name forever..."  We sang it to the tune '10 Little Indians.'

We added two new placed to our Map.  We added the Land of Zuph and Gilgal.  The kiddos, once again, AMAZED ME.    They remembered that Joshua had set up the 12 Memorial Stones at Gilgal.  I am so happy when they remember facts that they learned a long time ago. 

For a Visual aid I used a clip art program I have and printed out a large "Samuel" and large "Saul."  I set them in a cookie pan, because I used water (as oil) to pour from the shofar (which was made from a costume viking hat.)  I just sliced the bottom off the horn and it would hold water. The kiddos LOVED this visual.  And it really drove home the point of one being anointed.  BTW, "ANOINT" is one of our WORD WALL WORDS.   

This is my homemade "shofar."  However, I am planning on adding detail to it later.   (When I do I will post another pic.)  It was a quick fix and filled a need.  My daughter had a viking hat, that she had worn for a school project.  However, the little brothers had got a hold of it and for some reason it only had 1 horn, just prior to pitching the hat in the plastic recycle bin...I thought, "Hey, I could use this horn as a shofar."  I ended up slicing the end off so that it would be opened and I could fill it with water.  This was sooo easy.  This plastic was so soft I was able to cut it with an exact-o knife.   My encouragement to you is:  BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAY, STOP AND THINK!!!!  Ask yourself, "Could I re-purpose this for a Bible Class item, visual, review, game, etc." 

For our REVIEW/GAME we went on a "KING HUNT."  As the kiddos were working on getting their "Binoculars" made, my assistant hid SAUL in the classroom.  Then I asked a Review Question from the lesson....after the kiddos answered the question they went on a hunt for SAUL.  As we hunted for King Saul, we chanted, "We're Going On A King Hunt..." (see the pic to the right.)  The kiddo that found Saul was then given the opportunity to hide Saul for the others to find.  It was a lot of fun.  
** On a funny note----later that day, I heard one little girl walking around the foyer of the church building chanting, "I'm going on a King hunt.  I'm looking for King Saul.  I'm going on a King Hunt.  But, He's hiding from us all!!!!"  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

This is the kiddo's Explorer Journal Activity.  They made these on Wednesday evening.  This was really fun for the kiddos.  They are able to make Saul pop up from hiding in the baggage.  I love how they turned out!!!

Teaching the Kingdom History of the Hebrews to little ones is not necessarily an easy task...but, it is so fulfilling.    I want these kiddos to know their Old Testament History!!!!!!  The desire for them to know more and more is what keeps me motivated.    Well, until next time.