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Friday, August 27, 2010

Armor of God Exploring Bible History New Testament Lessons 5

This past Sunday was a very FUN day of learning.  The kiddos were soooo excited to learn about the Helmet of Salvation. 

Prior to going into the lesson I showed them pictures of various types of hats.  For example, a football helmet, hockey helmet, baseball bating helmet, motorcycle helmet, hard hat, bike helmet, combat helmet, fireman's helmet, straw hat, stocking cap, etc.   I asked them to tell me when they would wear these type of helmets and why.  They had various answers...but, the answer I was looking for was that they would be worn for protection.   They all understood the need to protect their heads.  (They could really relate to the bike helmet and stocking cap.)

I then went into the lesson about how the Helmet of Salvation is our Protection for the Devil and all his tricks.  I wanted them to learn that Salvation is found in Jesus. I wanted them to understand that Jesus died for our Salvation.  I then went on and explained that our knowing that Jesus Saves Us is a type of Helmet.  It helps protect our mind from all the evil, mean, unkind, etc. beliefs that are in the world.  I explained that they needed to think about Jesus every day...and that thinking about HIM will help them always make the right choices.   It is AMAZING how well these little ones seem to understand....It makes me appreciate the scene when Jesus said, "let the little ones come unto me and forbid them not."

Our "Take Home" activity was a Helmet of Salvation.....I was fortunate, I found these gold helmets at a local card and party type store.  However, they did NOT have a PLUME or the word Salvation on them...So, we added the plume and "Salvation" during class.  They LOVED having their own Helmet.  They were adorable wearing them as they left the classroom....they were so excited for their parents to see what they had made.

Our memory verse was a short one this week....and we sang it to a little tune.  They ALL knew the verse before they left the classroom, which makes me so happy.    They enjoyed coloring their Helmets on their MV Card. 

Their Wednesday Evening Activity for their "Explorer Journal" was a picture of a Helmet and they added the Plume....To make this a little more fun we had several different colors of feathers....I had one student that made their plume multi-colored.  I LOVED it. 

For our Review Game Activity we rolled the cube and named the pieces of Armor.  They have not grown bored with this game...matter-of-fact, they ask me if we can play it again.  I love doing things they love doing. 
This is how we have been playing the CUBE game.  I ask a question from the student answers it....then they roll the cube and tell me the piece of Armor they landed on and where it is worn.  I like it because they have to answer several questions when it is "their turn."



Friday, August 20, 2010

Armor of God Exploring Bible History New Testament Lessons 4

This past Sunday we did our lesson on the Shield of Faith.  We focused on the fact that if we BELIEVE ALL of GOD'S promises then we have Faith.  We talked about how Faith helps protect us from the Devil and his tricks.  We talked about how the Devil wants us to believe lies and to do the wrong things.  But, if we keep Believing (have Faith) in God then we know how we should act and what we should be believing.  

I showed the kiddos pictures of a Roman Shield.  We talked about how BIG the shields were.  I told them FAITH is a BIG thing for us too.  If we want to live like GOD wants us to live then we have to have FAITH.

We sang a little song called, "Faith equals Belief."  They really liked the song....and at the end of class they were all able to tell me what Faith equals.  

The kiddos made Shields of Faith as their "Take Home" project.  The LOVED the glitter.  All in all, they kept the mess to a minimum, however there were specks of glitter through out the church building.  They were easily cleaned up with the vacuum.   We made a handle out of cardstock on the backs so that they could hold them the way a shield is to be held.  They really enjoyed making these.  

Our Memory Verse was Ephesians 6:16.  However, because I have so many little ones, I shortened the "need to know before Wednesday" part down to the first line.  "Above all taking the shield of faith."  I was pleased that most of them had it memorized before leaving the classroom on Sunday.

Our activity for Wednesday evening was a picture of a little boy or girl that the kiddos added a 3D Shield of Faith too.  They all did a great job on these and they are placed in their own Explorer Journal. 

We played the cube review game....they seem to look forward to playing it each week...and are disappointed if we "run out" of time.  Remember games can be great for reviewing past materials.  So, I suggest you review often.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Armor of God Exploring Bible History New Testament Lessons 3

We are continuing our lessons on the Armor of God.  This past Sunday we added "Sandals of Peace" to our Belt of Truth and Breastplate of Righteousness.  We learned that God wants our feet to be SHOD with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.    

I wanted the kiddos to realize that when we teach others about Jesus we are sharing news that gives people a lasting PEACE.  I also explained that sometimes people try to say that life is nothing but problems and disappointments,  but, because we are wearing our "sandals of peace" we know that God takes care of us and that we do NOT need to worry.  

I started off by asking the kiddos why we wear our shoes?  The answers were sooooo cute.   They responded with comments such as, "to protect our feet from the hot ground."  (BTW,  we have been in the 100 degrees for the past few weeks.)  One even said, "with out shoes you might step on rocks, glass or stickers. And that HURTS!"    One little girl said, "I wear shoes because they are cool and match my dresses."  (typical little girl ;-))   I loved ALL their answers.  I then explained that we wear the "Sandals of Peace" for all the same reasons.    

I explained the the "Sandals of Peace" protect our feet while we are teaching others.  They help us keep teaching even though some people don't want to hear the Good News of Jesus.   I then took what the little girl said and talked to them about how the "Sandals of Peace" go with all our other Armor pieces...and they help "complete" the outfit.    

As our "Take Home" activity we made "Sandals of Peace." Yes, they are wearable Sandals.  I think they turned out kinda cute.   I took pictures of each child wearing their sandals....I love little kids toes...and I know their parents will love receiving a pic. of their kiddo wearing their handmade "Sandals of Peace."

Our memory verse was Ephesians 6:15.  We sang the verse to a little tune and they all had it memorized before leaving class....BTW, I took the time to explain the word "SHOD."  I want them to understand what the verse means.  So, anytime I think there is something in a verse that is confusing I do my best to explain it in "KIDDO TERMS."  

The kiddos made the flip flop version of "Sandals of Peace" for their Explorer Journals.....They added the ribbons that say, "Jesus Loves Me."  We used this as a jump off point to say, "Since Jesus Loves us we need to feel peaceful." We went on and explained the need to SHARE the story of Jesus and HIS love for us....this is how we wear our "Sandals of Peace."

For our review game we rolled the cube I made for lesson one...I then asked the kiddos which piece of armor the cube landed on...We were pushed for time this past Sunday, as making the sandals and taking pictures, took up a little more time than our usual, I cut the review game time down by just letting them roll the cube after answering a question from the lesson.  They enjoyed it very much.