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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Book of Judges. Ehud the Judge

We are beginning our lessons on the Judges this Sunday.  I am excited about this study...and I know the children will LOVE all these adventures.  

Our first lesson is about Othniel and Ehud.  Our focus will be on Ehud, since there is more information about him.  

As a "Take Home" activity the children are going to make Egg Shaped  "King Eglon."    The will learn how Ehud delivered the Hebrews from the oppression of King Eglon of Moab.

Our Memory Verse is Psalm 57:2. There is a little tune that we will sing during class, that goes with this Memory Verse.  I have found if I put the Memory Verses to a tune the kiddos get them memorized very quickly.

The Wednesday Evening Activity for the children's Explorer Journals is a picture of  "Ehud" with his dagger in his left Hand,  The Daggers are 3D...and wrapped with aluminum give them a "blade."

Our new attendance "charts" are a hit with the kiddos.  The kiddos LOVE adding the flowers to their flower pot.  I also love the fact that it adds a bit of Spring color to our classroom.  

I will post more pictures and info later.  We are playing a "dagger" review game.....and I will post a pic of the game tomorrow. 



Friday, April 16, 2010

New Attendance Board...Sping Time Flowers

Our new 
Attendance Chart Board...

The children will add flowers to their own flower pot each time they attend.  I will be using flowers from the dollar tree...You know, those multi-colored flower bushes....I am excited about this attendance chart... I know they will LOVE IT!!!!!

"Growing In Knowledge...Blooming in Understanding."

I will take more pics as they add their flowers.

Joahua Takes A Stand...."As for Me and My House..."

This week we are learning the story of Joshua's Farewell Address to the Hebrews.  He is wanting them to remain FAITHFUL to God.  He tells them that they must make a choice.  He reminds them of all the blessings God had blessed them with.  He reminds them that God had always been with them.  Joshua tells them, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  

For our activity this week we made little houses out of milk cartons.  I pre-painted the  milk cartons and glued on the cardstock roof.  (The roof is a clip art picture of roofing tiles...printed on card stock.)  The door and windows are also clip art....however, I laminated them and ran them through my sticker maker...that way they can be quickly applied during class time.

Our memory verse is Joshua 24:15...we have a little tune to sing it too...They will have this one memorized very quickly. 

Our Wednesday "Explorer Journal" activity is a house....The kiddos will add the "pop-cicle sticks" and a picture of their family...I had to plan ahead with this activity...We took family pictures of my students this pass Sunday and Wednesday.  I know they will LOVE making this one...because it will have a picture of their OWN family!  :-)

Our Review Activity will be a game where they all work together to build a house.  They will answer questions from today's lesson...if they get the correct answer then they will add a block to the "house."  Since I teach Early Childhood Ages...I figure we will rebuild it several times.  :-)



Friday, April 2, 2010

Joshua, The Day the Sun Stood Still

This Sunday we are learning the story of the day the sun stood still.  This story comes from Joshua 10.  I am excited about this lesson.  I know the children will be excited as well.  They always come into the classroom ready to EXPLORE something new.    I love their excitement!  

I am sure you know this story...Joshua and the Israelites were battling the Amorites at Gibeon.  The sun was going down and Joshua was wanting to get the battle done.  So he asked God for HIS help.  He told the sun to "Stand still over Gibeon" and it did not move for the entire day.  There has never been another day like that day when the sun stood still.  

The kiddos will be making a SUN as their "Take Home" project.  The sun is made from a toilet paper tube and a Styrofoam ball.  It has a string through the back so that the children can hang it up.  Since time is an issue, I have pre-painted the suns and balls...the children will add glitter (red and orange) to the sun to make it sparkle...they will also have to glue on the ball. 

Our memory verse is from Joshua 10:13.  We will sing a song to help the kiddos remember it.  They are so great about memorizing their Bible verses.  I am so impressed at their ability to remember how the verses go.  To me it shows parents are working with them during the week.

Our Review Game will be played sort of like the traditional "Red Light -Green Light" game.  I will hold the sun in my hands...the children will march, hop, skip, etc. towards me.  When I raise up the sun the have to stop moving.  I will ask a question about the story.  If one of them can answer it then the sun will lower and they can again march, hop, skip, etc.  We will repeat it several times.  

On Wednesday evening the kiddos will do their

"Explorer Journal" activity.  They will color the picture of "Joshua" and then glue on the 3D sun.  I know this is a simple activity, but it has a lot of punch!  The sun really pops up from the background and I know they will love gluing it on.  They always love gluing stuff.  :-)