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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past Sunday we learned about the story of the conquering of Jericho. We made the "Rams" horns as our "Take Home" Activity.  The horns were made before class (see previous post).  During class the children added the chenille stick around the mouth piece and were allowed to color and decorate their horn any way they wanted.    We also used these horns during the review game...but, more on that later.  The kids LOVED these horns.  They were soooo excited about getting to show their parents their "Rams" horn.  

Our memory verse this week was from the book of Proverbs.  We said and sang the memory verse several times during class...and I am sure they will have it memorized by Wednesday. 

Our Review Game was a BLAST (the kiddos were allowed to blow their horns during this game.) I had the children draw card from a pile...if they picked a "Trumpet Carrying Priest" then they were a horn blower....if they picked the "Ark of the Covenant" then they had to follow behind the horn blowers as we marched around "Jericho."  The children had to answer a question from the story in order to pick a 

This "Review Game" board from the Rahab story served as our Wall of Jericho. We marched around it a total of 13 times...(1 time for each of 6 days and then 7 times for day 7.)  Then the kids blew their horns and shouted.   Because this is a poster board type game board, I was able to let the wall fall flat.  Their expressions were priceless...I love getting them excited about Bible stories.

On Wednesday the children will be making this project for the Explorer Journal.  The horns are Bugles (from the grocery stores chip aisle.)  I coated them with a thick coating of modge podge and let them air dry for several days.  They have become extremly hard and I believe will hold up well in their Explorer Journal...I love the arm on the one has motion by adding a brad...I love activities that have the kids do several things with their hands... I believe it will help them remember the story very well.



How To Make a "Rams Horn"

As I was prepping to teach the story of Jericho, I decided I wanted to make each student a "Rams Horn."   I wanted it to be a working horn that they could, out came the toilet paper tubes, masking tape, etc. These horns are not hard to make, but they do take a bit of time to completely assemble.  

You will need 3 toilet paper tubes per horn.  (Paper towel tubes will work, but you will need to cut them down to approx. toilet paper tube length.)  You will need a horn mouth piece from a party horn, masking tape, tape and chenille sticks.   

You start by removing the mouth pieces from the party horns.  You will then cut one toilet paper tube length wise and wrap it around the mouthpiece in a cone shape.  Use masking tape to tape it together. Then add the second will need to manipulate the tube to make it fit inside the cone shaped tube then add the third tube.  Again, you will have to manipulate the tube and make it should now have a "Rams" horn.  Now wrap it in masking tape.  (My masking tape came from the $Tree so it is yellow and not the traditional cream color.)    After you have it completely wrapped in masking tape you then paint the horns.  I choose gray and brown hopes to resemble the colors of a real Ram's horn.  

Here are pictures of them in progress....I loved the way they turned out...and the kiddos LOVED them too!!!  They added the chenille stick to the area where the mouth piece and horn joined...and then colored a little extra coloring and markings to their own horn.  

They were wonderful....Make sure to see next post to see what we did with the modged poged BUGLES. 



Friday, March 19, 2010

Memorial Stones

This past Sunday we learned about the story of the Memorial Stones.  The stones were picked up from the midst of the Jordan River, from the place where the Priest feet had stood.    Joshua picked 12 men (one from each tribe) to pick up a rock out of the Jordan and carry it on his shoulders all the way to Gilgal.  The rocks were then turned into a Memorial for the Hebrews.  The stones would help remind the Hebrews of all that God had done for them.  

The children made a Diorama as their "Take Home" project.  They LOVED gluing on the 12 stones.  I had already glued the back ground into the shoe box...this helps save a bit of time.  I also asked member to donate shoe boxes months ago.  That way I was insured to have enough shoe boxes for this project.  

Our Memory Verse this week was Joshua 4:7.   We sang the Memory Verse to the tune: "If you're happy and you know it..."  The kiddos did great with the Memory Verse.

For a "Review Game" I had paper mache rocks that the children had the opportunity to pick up and carry on their shoulder to our "Gilgal."  They were soooo cute carrying them on their shoulders, pretending that they were soooo heavy.    They had to answer a question from the Bible story before going to pick up a rock from the "midst" of the "Jordan."  Then they brought the stone over to the other side of the room, by carrying it on their shoulder, and placed it in the pile.  We made our version of a "Memorial."  They had a great time.

On Wednesday Evening the children made a version of a "Memorial" out of 12 stones...This project is in their Explorer Journal.  They are heavy and had to be made of cardstock paper to help support...however, I still suggest you be careful lifting this.   They children loved their "Memorial Stones."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Crossing the River Jordan

This week we are learning about the Hebrews Crossing the Jordan River. This is such an AMAZING story. God stops the Jordan River from flowing...allowing the Hebrews to safely cross on dry ground. For a visual this week I am using my paper dolls from and home made "Ark of the Covenant." I made my Jordan River out of yellow and blue poster board. It is a simple thing to make and has such a great effect.

The children will be making a stand up picture of the Hebrews crossing over the Jordan.

Our Memory Verse comes from Joshua 3:17...of course we will have a song to sing with this Memory Verse. I love putting Memory Verses to a tune...It make them easier to memorize.

On Wednesday Evening the children will be making this picture of the Jordan River...they will color the front and then add the "water" behind the picture. The water is a metallic tissue paper I found at the local Dollar was in the gift wrapping area.

We will be playing a review game called "Crossing the Jordan." However, at this time I do not have a picture to post. It is basically the "Take Home" activity and a game board..the children will answer questions for an opportunity to move the Hebrews across the Jordan. I will post a picture as soon as possible.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teen Girls Class is Going Well

I am enjoying teaching the teen girls on Wednesday Evenings. They are so much fun. We have been busy "Scrapbooking" our way though this lesson material. The girls LOVE the activities. I have asked them time and time again to tell me what they like and don't like. Well, they all have told me they LOVE the "scrapbooking" lesson book. It is a lot of fun do this with them. There are times I like to let them "talk" amongst themselves. That is when I learn the most about who the girls really are and what is going on in their lives. It opens up some great conversation starters. I suggest that we all need to just stop and listen to our students. You will be amazed at what you learn.

Here are a few of the "Scrapbook" Pages that we have done recently during class!!! The girls especially loved the ring in the pigs snout page!!!

During the lesson portion of this study we were learning about the beauty that LASTS!

We have a slogan about Modesty. So, I made up this banner to hang in the classroom. The girls LOVE it. We are trying to focus on living our life in a way that pleases God. Well, God cares about how we dress. So, this is the girl's "motto."

Because I needed an easy way to get the girls their assignments for the following class period, I decided to frame this clip art in a picture frame from the $ Tree. It is great because you can write on the glass with a dry erase marker and it will wipe of easily. The girls have homework assignments that include looking up definitions to words that are important in our lives and Memory Verses.

Here is some of the Visuals we are using...I try to really stimulate their eyes. I want them to see an attractive and inviting class room. . I believe in using ALL the senses that God gave us. It is my job as the teacher to activate their learning...and Visuals are always helpful.