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Sunday, July 9, 2017

When You Can't Find Visuals---Make Them, Use What You Have, Be Resourceful

Recently our 2nd through 4th graders were learning about Paul's Missionary Journeys.  However, we could not find a really good POSTER/BULLETIN BOARD set for the classroom.  So, what we decided to do was PART and PIECE various visuals for their "Bulletin Board" wall.  (As you can see they do not have a Bulletin Board in their classroom, so we use the wall.)

      We had the MAPS in our MAPS POSTER FILE.  
We had the Laminated Yellow Posters.

The KIDDOS get to Write the Name of Each City on these. 

PAUL, is borrowed from the 2-4 year old classroom.

  We have a Bible Character Set (no longer in print.)  We believe in sharing from classroom to classroom when needed.  

I printed the Boat and Anchors.  

I use the Printmaster Program.  I love that it does poster size!!  

For clarity, we know Paul did not SAIL to every stop he made.  But, for this display we had each ANCHOR for each Journey.  They wrote Paul's stops on each anchor ---First Journey on one Anchor.  Second on another.  Third on another.  

We have decided to PRINT the SHIP out on a much larger scale for the next time they teach the Journeys of Paul.

They displayed my 1st Missionary Journey song Poster Size.  I am still working on songs for the 2nd and 3rd Journey.  

The KIDDOS Added a "Paul" sticker for Attendance and a "Ship" sticker for arriving with a completed lesson. They printed the map from a website.  

They also reused our ABC'S though ACTS posters. These have a basic synopsis of each chapter based upon the letters of the Alphabet.  
   Chapter One

 Ascension of Christ

I want to suggest you laminate everything!!!  If you take the time to make something---LAMINATE if for later use!!!  



Saturday, July 8, 2017


 My family and I are traveling....we have away from our residents for more than 2 weeks and still have a week to go.....traveling is fun, but I do miss being home!!   With that being said, our journey took us through the town of Athens, Alabama.    I was excited for one reason and one reason ONLY!! You see, CEI BOOKSTORE is in Athens, Alabama.  I asked my beloved hubby if we could stop for me to look around.    He obliged.  I was soooooo happy!!!  

I wanted to share some of the fun things things I saw!!  BTW, I do not receive any financial benefit from this posting.  I am simply posting about this so as to help my readers find things they might be looking for for their KIDDOS.  

I must apologize for the picture quality of some of these pics.  I was using my phone and was sort of distracted by so MANY Bible Teaching Treasures.    

I was excited to see that they had some of the Bible Characters that we use in our classrooms.  We use these for telling stories, letting the KIDDOS tell stories and for the 2-4 year olds Bucket Bible Lessons Manipulatives.    These go great with the ones you often find at Dollar Tree.  

They also had EARTH balls...These are great when teaching on Creation.  We have some of these in our 2-4 years old Bible Buckets Lessons!!  

 BOOKS, BOOKS and MORE BOOKS!!!  I love having BOOKS on hand for help with telling Bible Stories.  They have great VISUALS and are a wonderful thing to have on hand for your Substitute Teachers and Early Arrivers!!!  

They had coloring  books, copyable books, activity books, and sooo much more!!!  I wish I had several hours to pursue through all their BOOKS!!! 

The KIDDOS would love looking  in this area of the store!!!


I LOVED the small books for little ones and the Card Games!!!  

They even had a large Noah's Ark Playset and Jesus and His Apostles Playset.  (I actually own one of these---thanks to one of my blog followers that sent it to me as a gift.)  

And TA-DA, this is what we purchased!!!  My hubby bought the book on Isaiah and the rest is for my KIDDOS!!!  Can't wait to use them in Bible Class with my KIDDOS!!!!

Again, JUST FOR CLARITY...I do not receive any compensation for this post.  I simply posted for my readers hoping it might benefit them in their search for Bible Class Materials.  



Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dollar Tree Finds

Everyone knows I love to shop Dollar Tree for Bible Class supplies.  Well, I have found several fun items at Dollar Tree on recent trips.  Please understand, Dollar Tree does not fund me or provide me any perks, special treatment or notoriety for  sharing my Dollar Tree Finds.  I simply share these to help my blog readers find fun and unique items for teaching Bible Class.    I will share items that I saw and items I purchased.  I will share my Bible Class ideas for each of the item.  

I LOVED these cute FRUIT STICKERS!!!  I purchased a few packages.  They will be great for when the KIDDOS have lessons on the Fruit of The Spirit. 

I saw these frames...they would be great for Bible Verse Displays, Classroom Pictures of the Kiddos, or even Visual Aid Displays.  I did not purchase them at this time....but, I will remember they have them if I need them!!

I found packages of snakes and frogs with gators.   The little snakes are useful for several Bible Stories. The frogs are great for the Ten Plagues!!!

I also saw some bigger snakes that would be great for the Garden of Eden story or painted golden for the Brazen Serpent story.  

I saw these sets of plastic food.  I think they would serve for the story of Daniel and his friends refusing to eat the King's Fancy Foods.   They would also be great for younger KIDDOS lessons on GOD MADE... 

I LOVE these SAND MOLDS!!!  I think they would be great for the WALLS of JERICHO, WALLS of JERUSALEM, etc. They also had one that you could paint gold for the TEMPLE!!!

Right across the aisle was some doll house furniture. Their are several stories that can make use of the doll house furniture.  For example: the BED is great for the story of Samuel, when GOD calls him, plus several other Bible Stories as well!! 

I LOVE it when Dollar Tree gets these "little Bible Characters" in their stores.  These are great for telling the related Bible Story.  They are great for little hands to use and they are fun for creative play retelling of the story by the KIDDOS.  

Those little rubber ducks are great for the YOUNGER KIDDOS.  We have a song that goes with them:  "I'm a little yellow duck and GOD made me!"  

I LOVE to do ABC Bible Memory Verses!!!  These are great as Memory Reward ideas or as Memory Verse Review Games!!   They have both Blocks and Magnetic Letters. 

Craft Supplies!!!  We always need CRAFT Supplies!!!  And do you see that VELCRO????  I am always needing VELCRO!!!!

Ping Pong Balls are great for any review that is a LIST!!  Books of The Bible,  Days of Creation, Sons of Jacob, Plagues, Commandments, Judges, Kings, Fruit of the Spirit, and sooooo many more!!!!  

The back packs are fun if you need a way to get items HOME and BACK again!!!  You could give each child one to decorate for themselves.  

I LOVE VINYL Letters!!  These are great for POSTERS, BULLETIN BOARDS, etc!! It makes it quick and easy when needing to put a TITLE on something!!

I saw these in their School Supply area.   They are great for an item you want the KIDDOS to be able to draw on....and not ruin!!!  They are especially handy if you do not have a laminator these are a valuable item!!!

I bought a few of these and plan to make them into a REVIEW "game" for a few lessons.  

I BOUGHT these STICKERS and The Dental Floss...One of our teachers was needing TEETH for a lesson on an Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth.....these Dental Floss Containers  worked PERFECTLY!!!! 

I purchased several HOUSE SHAPED puzzles.  They will be used when I get back around to the story of JOSHUA...As for Me and My House!!!  I bought the big FOAM DICE....I have already used them for a QUESTION/ANSWER game.  The Plastic zipper pockets are for organizing a few things in my classroom files.  

I was soooo excited to find these DOG TOY "STICKS."   I bought the brown and tan ones....I then went to another Dollar Tree and purchased a few more....they will be GREAT for the story of Abraham offering Isaac or any story that has an altar in the story!!

I love shopping at DOLLAR TREE!!  I hope you found some of these ideas useful in your Bible Class Teaching efforts.