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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teen Girls Class Post 2

Teaching the Teen Girls is such a fun way to spend Wednesday Evenings. I love their determination, dedication and desire to serve the Lord. We have had a good time working in our "Scrapbooks."

Since Pictures are worth a 1000 words, I will be posting a lot of pictures from this class...

We have a Words to Live By Wall...we are adding words and their definitions....these are important words in the life of a Christian Girl.

This past Wednesday Evening we talked about Wholesome and Unwholesome Activities. The Girl's were great about helping fill in the poster.

Our "Wisdom" wall is growing...I love the way this wall is GROWING with each lesson.

We have our THEME POSTER in the MIDDLE...Memory Verses up top....they will be many more Memory Verse Cards...and interactive posters....I want them to remember what they learn!!!

Wednesday's Explorer Journal Activity 12 Spies

Our Wednesday evenings are spent reviewing the Sunday's lesson. I believe this is a wonderful way to teach the makes sure they have grasped what they have learned.

This past Wednesday was the night to review the story of the 12 spies who spied out the Land of Canaan. This story is a wonderful story to use when teaching children to listen to good advice...And how listening to bad advice can send us wandering around lost for many many years.

Our Explorer Journal Activity for Wednesday Night was a picture of two spies carrying back "real" fake grapes on a pole. The kiddos loved the "real" fake grapes. (I could not find small bunches of grapes so I made these by cutting down larger bunches of grapes and gluing on a leaf.) I bought these grapes at the local Dollar, the investment was not too great...and I was able to get two sets out of one, if I cut them apart carefully.

On Wednesday evening we review our Memory Verses....we have a song that goes with each Memory Verse, so we sing the song a few times and then have the children say their Memory Verse. They normally do a really good job with saying their Memory Verse. Of course they get to put an EXPLORER sticker on the EXPLORER'S BACKPACK.

The children LOVED this GRAPE Cluster review game. It had such an impact...both, as a visual and a review game. Putting this together was a trial and error experiment....I struggled to find a way to attach the balloons to the grape backboard....I tried velcro dots, and double stick many balloons popped. I finally figured out if I glued tiny little clothes pins onto the back board and clip the balloons on it would work easily to remove a grape. I love the way it turned out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twelve Spies

The Bible Story that the kiddos will be learning about this Sunday is the story of the Twelve Spies. They will learn how they went into Canaan and spied out the land....and how Ten of the spies came back and tell the Hebrews that the Land was too hard to conquer and the people there were like giants.

The children will learn how the spies brought back fruit from the land. They will learn how the bunch of grapes they brought back was so large it had to be carried on a stick between two men. The land was truly flowing with "MILK and HONEY."

The kiddos will learn how Joshua and Caleb told the people to have FAITH in God....HE would give them the land. The children will learn how the Hebrews should have listen to Joshua and Caleb...but, because they doubted God was going to punish them. Their punishment would be wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

Our Take Home Activity is POM POM Grapes on a stick.

Our Memory Verse for the lesson.

Our review game this week is based on the grapes the spies brought back with them from Canaan....The children will pick a grape (balloon) from the cluster and answer the question that is written on the back of the grape (balloon.)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Wednesday Evening review of the Tabernacle Lesson will be loads of fun.

The class will revisit the model of the Tabernacle, play the Tabernacle review game, and say their Memory Verse in order to receive their sticker for their Explorer Backpack.

The Explorer Journal Activity is a Tabernacle Lift-A-Flap activity. The students will stick on the Tabernacle furnishings under the correct flap.



Building the Tabernacle

The newest lesson we learned was all about the Tabernacle. We learned that God commanded the Hebrews to build the Tabernacle and the Hebrews happily obeyed. They were so happy to help that they brought offerings to Moses for the building of the Tabernacle. They brought sooo much that Moses had to tell them to stop bringing their offerings.

The Children liked this lesson...we talked about all the furnishings that went into the Tabernacle...and then talked about the rooms of the Tabernacle. We talked about the outer court, the coverings, and the attendants for the Tabernacle... (the Levites.)

We also, learned how the cloud rested above the Most HOLY Place. And when it moved, the Hebrews knew it was time to move.

The Take home activity was a coloring page of the Tabernacle with a FIRE sticker and cotton Pillar of Cloud.

The children LOVED the MODEL of the Tabernacle....we really enjoyed looking at all the items that went in the Tabernacle.

The review game was printed Tabernacle furnishings that were velcroed to a board laid out to resemble the layout of the Tabernacle. The children placed them in the right place after answering a question.

Our Memory Verse card...we sang this Memory Verse to the tune, "Oh Come all ye faithful.."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teen Girls Class

This past Wednesday Evening I was blessed with the privilege of beginning to teach a new class for Teen Girls.

We are studying the book called "A Christian Girl's Scrapbook." --by Ronda Duvall

We will be learning attitudes, attributes, behavior, etc. that every Christian girl needs in their life.

We will have "Special Verses" to memorize.

I am excited about this class. It has been a long time since I have taught a young ladies Bible class.

This is one of the posters that will be hanging in the room for this study.
Discretion is such a needed attribute in a Christian girl's life.

I will try to blog a bit about this NEW class...Hope you like what you have seen.



New Attendance Board

We have NEW Attendance charts this week!!!! YAY!!!! I decided to make gumball machines that the children will add a "gumball" to each week, The "gumballs" are the round dot stickers you find in the stationary/office supply area of most stores.

The board reads "We're On the "BALL" in Bible Class."

The children were very happy to add their first gumball to their gumball machine.
On Wednesday night, the children had a new teacher. She will still be teaching my materials. She will be reviewing the story we learned on Sunday with them and doing their Explorer Journal Activity.

This weeks Explorer Journal Activity is a Golden Calf Picture, The children colored the altar gold, using a gold paint pen, add a golden calf that had been pre-painted, and then added three things that might be idols in our lives.

The children enjoyed coloring with the paint pens.
They enjoyed gluing on the little golden calf and the 3 other "idols."

It is nice to have someone teaching for me on Wednesday Evenings, but, don't think I have given up teaching on Wednesday Nights. :-) The elders asked me to teach a class for young teen girls. I am excited about this class too, so I may do a bit of bloggin about that class as



The Golden Calf

The lesson about the Golden Calf was a hit with the kids. We learned how the Hebrews were impatient people and decided they wanted a god. Aaron made them a golden calf and they began to worship it. We talked about how having idols in our life is NEVER pleasing to God.

For the Sunday's Take Home Activity, the children made a "Golden Calf" Pop Up. The little calf was a wooden calf that we painted gold. The children colored a "Mount Sinai" in the background and added a cotton cloud to the top.

For a Visual Aide, I used the Mount Sinai diorama that I had made years ago. The paper dolls can be printed from I added a "golden calf" (a toy cow that I painted gold) placed upon a set of blocks that are painted gold with the word calf on them, for an altar.

The Memory Verse for this lesson is Psalms 97:7...we sang it to the tune "auld lang syne."

Our Review Game was this NO, NO IDOL! game. The children answered questions from the lesson and then pulled down a piece of the idol. The idol was velcroed to the poster board. The children LOVED pulling down this "idol."

My desire if that the children learn the stories and begin to apply some of what they learned. We talked about how anything that takes us away from God is an idol.