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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Ealry Arrival Activity E. A. A.

We have a new E.A.A. (Early Arrival Activity) in our classroom and the KIDDOS LOVE it!!!.  

This was a SUPER SIMPLE thing to do.  I just took OLD Visuals and attached them to MAGNETIC Sticker Sheets.  I purchased the Magnetic Sheets at our local Dollar Tree.    I also purchased our Magnetic Puzzle Trays (COOKIE SHEETS) at the Dollar Tree, too.   The kiddos like having their OWN Puzzle Tray...and I like the fact that all the Puzzle Pieces stay on the trays....NOT ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  

I  coded each Puzzle Pouch with a "CLUE" question about the puzzle.   I ask the kiddos the question....if they do not know the answer before they put the puzzle together....I allow them to put the puzzle together and then try to answer the question.  Most of the time they KNOW the answer before they put the puzzle together.  :)

Almost Done!
Working Hard
Here is a pic of one of our Early Arrives.  
He was excited about the NEW Early Arrival Activity. 

He was successful in getting the puzzle put together....and when he held it up to show me... NONE OF THE PIECES FELL OFF THE TRAY!!!!!!!!   

I love taking items that were useful in the past and giving them a NEW USE!!!  Check through your congregations "old" visuals and see if there are some you could use to make PUZZLES, GAMES, or REVIEWS.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cubby Shelving Unit and Word Wall.

I LOVE finding bargains that fill a desire I have had for my Bible Class Room.  I recently found this shelving unit for $8.00 at a local Thrift Store.  I was extremely excited.  I had wanted the kiddos to have their own CUBBY (storage) and this perfectly fulfilled the desire.  I could hardly wait to get it into our classroom. I labeled each square with the kiddo's names.   
The top of the shelving unit added some needed storage space near the door of our classroom.    We now store our "EXPLORER JOURNALS,"  our "WE LISTEN DURING WORSHIP" pages and GLOBE on top of the Cubby Unit.    

I love having this near the door.....It also has given us a "WALL" near the white board...which is nice.  It helps keeps the kiddos in one area while we are doing "Carpet Time" activities.    As you can see, the back of the shelving unit was PERFECT for our "WORD WALL."  I love the fact that our "WORD WALL"  is at the KIDDO'S eye level.   

Here is a close up of the "WORD WALL."  I LOVE THIS!!!!  And, for $8.00 this small shelving unit fills so many of our needs!!!! 

Keep your eyes opened and always ask yourself, "Could this fill a need, want, or desire in my Bible Class?"  You will be amazed at what your find at places like Garage Sales, Thrift Stores and Dollar Tree.   



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trash Into Treasure!!!!

I was out doing some Thrift Store Shopping recently and I found this "TREASURE."  I was so excited and immediately knew what I was going to do with it.  I knew I wanted to recode the game and turn it into a BIBLE Matching Game. 

I knew one of my favorite clip art programs would be perfect for this project.  I used my computer program to size them to fit and then printed them on sticker paper.  Since I can not seem to cut a STRAIGHT line, My DH  cut them for me on the cutting machine.  :)  He is always so helpful.   

Then the REAL work began.  I peel and stuck two of every picture to those tiny squares.  It was a labor of love....Because, I LOVED the reaction of the kiddos when they got to play it on Sunday.  (More about that later.)

I LOVE the clip art...and the kiddos really seem to enjoy this game.  You see, this is how we play the game.  In order to get to turn over pieces the kiddos have to answer a Bible Question.  It has been a great way to review Bible Facts.  The great thing is that we do NOT have to restart the game each Sunday.  I have just left the matches turned up right and we keep attempting to get them all turned over by the kiddos answering Bible questions and turning over the tiles. 

Here is the completed board.  As you can see I have a few missing tiles....However, it does not stop us from using it as a way to review our Bible Facts.  

I would like to encourage you to think about things you find at yard sales, thrift stores or even your child's toy box.  If you always keep in mind the question, "Could I turn this into something for Bible Class?"  you will be amazed at how many everyday objects become great TREASURES for teaching Bible Stories and Lessons.  



Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Theme for The Classroom.

We're WILD about Bible Class!!!!!!!!

I am so excited.  Life seems to be getting back to a "normal" state.  My husband says it is just the "NEW NORMAL."  I love my hubby...he keeps me grounded when life gets nutty.  

I have been spending the last few days  updating my Bible Classroom!!

I decided to use a JUNGLE theme.  On the Door I included pictures of my students.  They LOVE seeing their pics. being used in a visual.  I think it helps give them the feeling of being IMPORTANT!!!  Which they are very important to me!!!  I found the little frames at our local Dollar Tree. Placed pictures of my students in them and attached them to the door using COMMAND HOOK.  I LOVE COMMAND HOOK!!! 

I also found the Monkey on the vines and other vinyl wall clings at the Dollar Tree too.  Those are simple to use just PEEL and STICK.  :)  

To go along with our JUNGLE THEME I made a new attendance chart.  The kiddos will add a JUNGLE animal to their attendance chart every time they come to class.    I LOVE new attendance charts. They just SCREAM..."fill me up with stickers by coming to class."

The kiddos saw the changes this past Wednesday Evening....can you say EXCITED!!!  Well, they were so excited....I love it when they are as excited as I am about changes in the classroom.  

To add to the JUNGLE THEME I decided to hang some "SWINGING" Monkeys from the ceiling.  They are just for FUN!  I think they add to the atmosphere.  

The Monkeys and vines came from Dollar Tree.  

I LOVE changing things up for the kiddos.....It keeps them excited!!!!  I know I am "WILD" about Bible Class....and always want the kiddos to be excited about Bible Class too!!!!

I have a few more FUN ideas in the works.  Keep checking back as I hope to post them soon.  



Friday, February 10, 2012

Thanks for your Patience.....Look for new ideas coming soon.

It has been a VERY BUSY 7 months.  It seems that I am going in fifty directions....ALL at the same time.  

I have still be writing and working on materials....I have been Working on updating a BIBLE CLASS song book ...and some other visuals.  We are also working on a way to upload a few PRINTABLES.  

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.  

See you in the blog world really soon.  Keep checking back.  :)