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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was recently asked what our "Explorer Journals" looked like..So, I decided to dedicate an entire post so that you could see what I call our Explorer Journal. 

Our "Explorer Journals" are basically binders filled with plastic page protector sheets.  The children fill the page protectors with their Craft/Activity that they make on Wednesday Evening.  

I have found that this makes a great way to keep up with all their HARD WORK...and the parents  seem to love the books...They are great for reviewing past lessons.  The Explorer Journal has also put a stop to the ripped, trampled, thrown in the floor board of the car, crafts.  I personally feel if the project takes time to make then it should be saved and treasured.  So, the Explorer Journal was my answer to those little problems.  

Our BLUE Binder is our Book of Genesis Explorer Journal...Here are pictures of one of my students completed Explorer Journal.

Creation Match Up.  3D matching using colorful yarn.

Adam and Eve... 3D stickers.
Sin Lesson... 3D stretchy snake.

  Cain & Able...ROCKS & STICKERS

   Noah's Ark--Sequence Cards
Tower of Babel---Building blocks.

Abraham Fill in with Stickers.
Lot and Wife...rock salt added to "wife."

Fur added to Jacob
Angles and 3D Ladder

Put in Order the Lessons We've Learned.   Stars added for Abraham's Family.

Rocks Added to Well. Sons of Jacob.

Joseph's Colorful Coat.  Gold paint Pharaoh.                 

Explorer Journal for Exodus

Joshua & Judges Explorer Journal

Armor of God/Fruit Of The Spirit 
Explorer Journal

Hope this answers the questions about what we call our "EXPLORER JOURNAL."    The children enjoy collecting all their hard work together and LOVE looking back at all the lessons they have learned.  



Fruit of the Spirit-----Goodness

I am enjoying the challenge of teaching the Fruit of The Spirit attributes to the children.  The children have been enjoying the various Bible "Stories" that we have been using to learn the attributes.    Since I normally teach in a chronological style, this material is challenging me to "think outside the box."

Our recent lesson was about the attribute of "GOODNESS."  I decided to use the Bible account of the little boy that shared his food.  The story of the Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish from John 6:1-14.  I put the focus on the little boy doing GOOD by sharing his food with Jesus.    I wanted the children to realize that they are able to DO GOOD DEEDS just like the little boy in the story did.   I LOVE it when I am able to find a BIBLE story that contains a just helps the kiddos relate.
Our TAKE HOME activity was a folded (origami style) basket.  Then the kiddos colored 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish....they enjoyed filling the basket with their bread and fish. 

Our memory verse this week was  Hebrews 13:16.  I explained that the need for us to BE GOOD.  I explained that to share is being good.I then drew the connection from the memory verse to the little boy in the lesson.  HE SHARED AND HE WAS GOOD. 

The Game/Activity for this week was a MEMORY VERSE game....I made cards with loaves of bread on the back (5 cards) and two cards with fish on them.  The children answered a question from the lesson and then picked a loaf or a fish card to turn over.  After all the cards were turned over we all worked together to put the MEMORY VERSE in the correct order. 

We added three new words to our "WORD WALL."  We added the words: MULTITUDE, GOOD and MIRACLE.  The children love learning  "BIG PEOPLE" words.  

On  Wed. Evenings the children do an activity that they add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.  For this story they colored the picture  of the little boy holding his basket.  Then they  added the "loaves and fish."  The loaves are oyster crackers and the fish are goldfish.  They LOVED this project.

I am enjoying writing and teaching this material.  I LOVE seeing the children get excited about what we are learning.  My prayer is that the children I am teaching will always LOVE learning lessons from the BIBLE!



Sunday, February 6, 2011

This has been a crazy few weeks....We have had sickness in the home, including me.  Then we had a week off of school due to the Blizzard of 2011.  Oklahoma does not handle snow the way the Northern States handle snow.  It shuts the state down.  They are telling us to prepare now for more snow....YIKES!  I am ready for SPRING!!!

So, enough about all the recent woes in our life.  LOL.    On to more important news.  We are continuing in our study of the Fruit of The Spirit.  Our recent lesson was about KINDNESS.    I decided to  use the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man found in Mark 2:1-12  I wanted the children to see the KINDNESS that the four friends showed the paralyzed man.
Visual for the Story made from a box!
I introduced the story by asking the children if  they had ever done something kind for someone.   I then asked them if someone had ever done something kind for them.  Of course, they had TONS of stories to tell me.  I love it when they can quickly relate a "life experience" to the topic of the day. 

Our TAKE HOME activity was a type of mobile.  It was a Heart with three little hearts....The children colored their hearts, added google eyes, a pom pom ball, and the three hearts that read, "KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME."  As we made our TAKE HOME we talked about how important it is to be KIND!  We talked about different KIND deeds we can do for others.  The hanger is a old shower curtain ring...I bought a BUNCH of these at a garage sale.  They come in handy for quick binding, hangers, etc. 

Our memory verse this week was  Psalm 117:2.  I explained that God is very KIND to us.  HE was so KIND that HE gave the world HIS SON. 

The Game/Activity for this week was a bit of a challenge!  We filled in a REBUS puzzle.  At first they all struggled with the concept (all except my oldest student).  However, they caught on very quickly.  We read the Rebus several times, filling in the next blank.  They had to figure out what filled in the blank.  Each student had the opportunity to stick on pieces of the Rebus.  Challenging them is good!

We added a few words to our "WORD WALL."  We added the words: PARALYZED and KINDNESS.  The children are so happy learning these  "BIG PEOPLE" words.  

On Wednesday Evening the children colored the picture  and added the "ROPES." (This picture came from a copyable book and I thought it suited the need for this weeks Explorer Journal activity.)  It is OK to use other people's material....JUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE SCRIPTURAL and ACCURATELY represent the story.  

I am enjoying teaching the Fruit of the Spirit.  It has allowed the children to learn VARIOUS stories from the Bible.  Since I normally teach in a CHRONOLOGICAL fashion, this is a nice break from MY norm.  It is challenging me to think of Biblical Examples that go along with each attribute of the Fruit of the Spirit.  So far, so good.