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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Floating Axe Head.

First thing first....THIS has been a ROUGH few weeks.  We have had some sort of sickness running rampant through our home.  My oldest son brought it home with him a few weeks back.  Since then we have all seemed to be dropping like dead flies.  I was the last fly to drop....and when I did I dropped hard and fast.  Whatever this sickness was....well, it knocked me for a loop!  I am STILL coughing...however, I am feeling MUCH better.  I said all that to say....I am REALLY running behind this week.  It is CRAZY how far behind the month of December seems to put me.  And, that is when I am feeling well.  With me NOT feeling well...WELL...I am REALLY FAR BEHIND.

This week we are moving on in our Exploration of Bible History.  We are still learning about the Miracles of Elisha...and this week we are going to be learning about the time when Elisha made an AXE HEAD FLOAT!!!  This story comes from 2 Kings 6.

This story has always amazed me....I love the story of GOD'S power over the Laws of Physics!!!  After all HE created Physics!!!  :-)     However, there is a few other points I want to DRAW OUT from this story.  First off, I want the KIDDOS to understand the importance of Borrowing/Lending.  I want them to understand that IF they Borrow something...they have a responsibility to make sure to take care of the item they borrowed...and to return it to the owner in a timely manner.  I also, am wanting to talk to them about the idea of Lending something....hoping to get them to understand that when we LOAN out items we are taking a chance that we MIGHT not get the item back....and FRIENDSHIPS is much more important than items!!!

To introduce the lesson, I am going to have a pail of water and some "IRON" metal washers.  I am going to let the children drop them in the water....then I am going to ask them if they can now make them FLOAT to the top of the, that I can get them out.    I figure they will all say "NO."  But, I will let them try to float them...LOL.  Then I am going to toss a small stick in the water and ask them if they think that the STICK can make those HEAVY "IRON" WASHER float to the top.  I am hoping they will think I am a it CRAZY!!!! But, that is when I am going to tell them that in the BIBLE we find a STORY where GOD'S PROPHET, ELISHA, made an AXE HEAD FLOAT!!!!!

This week the KIDDOS will be Memorizing Proverbs 22:7.   I chose this verse because I feel it goes well with this story and teaches a very important LIFE LESSON!

We have two new words to add to our WORD WALL.  I figure the KIDDOS understand the principle of Borrowing and Lending....BUT, I want to be able to REVIEW the act of Borrowing and Lending with the KIDDOS in the future....and IT is WONDERFUL to have WORDS up on the WORD WALL that quickly remind us of a BIBLE STORY or  BIBLE PRINCIPLE! 

The KIDDOS "TAKE HOME" ACTIVITY this week is super EASY!!!  Matter-Of-Fact, it is an AX that I purchased at the Dollar Tree--back in the Summer.  I was recently at the Dollar Tree and did NOT see these at this time....HOPING they will bring them back next Summer. 

I wrote the Bible Verse on the AX HEADS with a Sharpie.  I did write the LETTERS in an OUTLINE, the KIDDOS will be able to COLOR them in on Sunday.  I will be letting them color with SHARPIE....SO, there will be LOTS of RULES for them to be allowed to "BORROW" my "special" markers.  I will only "LOAN" them to the KIDDOS willing to FOLLOW the RULES!  :-)  I love it when I get to make something so simple FIT IN with the LESSON!!!!    BTW, these AX HEADS FLOAT!!!!

The FRONT of the AXE HEAD has the verse written on it and the BACK has the Scripture Reference!

I decided to REUSE the VISUALS IDEA from the last lesson.  Since the base already had the "RIVER JORDAN" on it....I thought there was NO NEED to RECREATE the WHEEL.  So, I used the base/backdrop for this LESSON too.  I slid in "sons of the prophets," trees, logs, and Elisha.  I do have the AXE HEAD and STICK stuck on with VELCRO DOTS....SO, I will be able to put the AXE HEAD in the RIVER and toss the STICK into the RIVER too.  

The CLIP ART came from the Cool Clip Art Collection.    I do NOT receive any incentives, financial support, etc. from this clip art company.  I only LIST it here so that you might be able to FIND this resource.  I did ADD AXES and REMOVE TONGUES of FIRE to these....Just PRINT and CLIP and GLUE!!!  The KIDDOS will never KNOW  who these CLIP ART PEOPLE were SUPPOSED to be...SO, color them in different colors, add accessories,  and you have a WHOLE NEW PERSON!!!!  Blessings of teaching the EARLY CHILDHOOD AGE GROUP!!!!  BTW, the TREES and LOGS were printed from the PRINT MASTER Program Clip Art Collection.  I LOVE this program and have used it for YEARS!!!!

 The KIDDOS will be LEARNING a new song this week.  It goes along with this lesson....It is called DO YOU THINK YOU COULD MAKE AN AXE HEAD FLOAT?   This song is sung to the familiar tune:  "If you're happy and you know it..."

OUR REVIEW GAME will involve a "FLOATING" AXE Head.  The KIDDOS will make this AXE Head "FLOAT" by answering questions from the LESSON.  Every time they answer a question correctly they get to "FLOAT" the AXE Head up to the NEXT LEVEL.  I used VELCRO DOTS as the way to ATTACH the AXE HEAD...BTW,  the little AXE HEAD was purchased at the DOLLAR TREE....They were out of the AXE'S that I was looking for....but, they had these GLOW STICK versions....I was so excited when I figured out the AXE HEAD slides right OFF!!! 

I just WRAPPED the little AXE HEAD in ALUMINUM foil and glued on the VELCRO DOT to the back....It works PERFECTLY!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!

Make sure to notice, I glued on a STICK....that way the AXE HEAD can FLOAT!  :-)

NEXT week when we review this LESSON the KIDDOS will make their EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY!!!  I WORKED REALLY hard to get this to work!!!!  I am so HAPPY with how it turned out!!!!!!  I know the KIDDOS will LOVE making their AXE HEAD FLOAT!!!

I made the little AXE HEADS out of FOIL SPARKLY PAPER.  It is folded over and has a PENNY glued to the inside...that gives the AXE HEAD the needed WEIGHT to SINK!!!  It is also attached to a piece of fishing line that is run through a very tiny hole up at the top of the page.  The fishing line is then tied to a, that it wont slip back through the hole. 

During class the KIDDOS will COLOR the water, glue on the stick and then add the AXE HEAD.....I have the pages pre-sliced so that we can simply add the AXE HEAD, thread it through the hole and tie it to the button.

I have attempted to explain this activity the best I can....but, I decided It would just be easier to SHOW you how the finished product works.  So, we shot a short VIDEO....HOPE YOU ENJOY WATCHING the AXE HEAD FLOAT!!



Friday, November 30, 2012

Gehazi Gets Greedy

Do You Know Wall?
I am excited about this weeks lesson...IT REALLY SEEMS that I am ALWAYS EXCITED about the LESSONS.  I just CAN'T help it!!!!  I enjoy spending time with the KIDDOS and seeing their excitement and understanding of GOD grow!!!  I am truly BLESSED to be a Bible Class Teacher.

This week the KIDDOS will be learning about Elisha's servant Gehazi.   Gehazi had been with Elisha and had seen the miracles Elisha had performed....THOUGH THE POWER OF GOD....and yet, Gehazi makes a terrible choice.  (2 Kings 5)

This lesson will allow me not only to teach the HISTORY of Elisha, Naaman and Gehazi....but, it will allow me to EXPAND and talk to the KIDDOS about GREED!!  I did not purposefully intend this lesson to fall within the month of Christmas....BUT, with the GIMME, GIMME, GIMME attitudes all around, I think this is a TRUE blessing  that this lesson did fall within this month!! 

There are several WORDS that we will be adding to our WORD WALL.  I want to make sure the KIDDOS understand how these WORDS relate to our story,.    I want the KIDDOS to understand that GOD wants us to be CONTENT and GENEROUS....but, NEVER GREEDY!!!

The KIDDOS learned a NEW SONG with this LESSON and the LOVED IT!!!!  I think it is because the had the opportunity to say "SHAME ON YOU!!!"  (This song is a RONDA original tune.)

This weeks MEMORY VERSE is from Proverbs 28:25.  We will sing this to the tune:  "The Three Blind Mice."

This weeks VISUALS AID comes is made from a SCRAP of FOAM CORE BOARD, CLIP ART and Markers.  I cut some very thin slices in the foam core board...that way I can SLIDE my characters around...I added some trees and a background, that I printed from my Printmaster Program.  Elisha, Gehazi and Naaman all came from the and the chariot came from do NOT receive any financial benefits from mentioning these clip art programs...I mention them solely as a service to you.)

 I really am happy with the way this turned out....So much so, that I have asked my Darling Husband to make me a WOODEN version....when he does I will make sure to SHARE the finished product with you. 

The KIDDOS will be making a simple "WREATH" as their TAKE HOME project.  

The KIDDOS will color the HEARTS and GLUE them on to the "WREATH." Then they get to add stickers of HAPPY FACES and BIBLES to their WREATH. (THE LOVE STICKERS!!!)

This project was  sooooo  cheap to make...I have a TON of these white, wire hangers.  I already had the CONSTRUCTION paper--(I bought several reams of construction paper at a garage sale a few years ago...and I still have a BUNCH!!!)  I already had the stickers from PROJECTS in the past!!!    So this was a very economical TAKE HOME Project! 

We are going to play "PING PONG TOSS" for our REVIEW GAME.  The KIDDOS will bounce the ball into the MUFFIN pan and then answer the question that their ball "lands" on.  

BTW, this is a very fun and cheap way to REVIEW Bible Facts, BOOKS of the BIBLE, Memory Verses, etc. 

I put the "science fair board" behind the muffin pans to help my Little KIDDOS....However, you could just let the WALL be your backboard.  (I have stuff hanging on the wall....LOL)  

To use this idea for the BOOKS of the BIBLE Review....I just fill up the tins, with the names of the Books of the Bible,  in a SCRAMBLED fashion....and then when the KIDDOS Ping Pong Ball lands on a NAME of a BOOK of the BIBLE...I have them tell me the book that comes BEFORE or AFTER the book that they land on.  I also have them tell me if it was an OLD or NEW TESTAMENT BOOK.  

To use this as a Memory Verse Review...Just list the SCRIPTURES and when they land on one...they have to tell you the Memory Verse...With my KIDDOS, I put a PICTURE that went along with the Memory Verse.  (I teach the Pre K-1st Grade Class.) 

These MUFFIN pans came from the DOLLAR TREE.  I think I have 12...I know I have 11....because their are 66 books in the BIBLE....BUT, knowing my propensity to buy an EVEN numbers of items...I probably bought 12!!  

Next week we will REVIEW this lesson and the KIDDOS will do their EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity.... With this activity they will add a 3D sticker of a pile of clothes and a BAG with 2 "Talents of Silver" in it.    If you know the story Gehazi asked Naaman for clothing and Silver Talents.....So, that is why the KIDDOS will be adding these to their Explorer Journal Activity.

The clothes came from my Printmaster clipart.  I just printed, laminated and added a 3D foam sticker to them.  The Silver Coins were originally Gold....Aluminum Foil fixed that for me....and the little bag came from the DOLLAR TREE wedding section.  

 I am looking forward to SUNDAY!!!!  



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cookie Container/Fiery Furnace

If you remember a few weeks ago I shared with you a "WORK in PROGRESS..."   I hope this PICTURE will help you remember.

Well, I finally got around to doing what I wanted to do...  YOU see, I had in mind a Fiery Furnace for the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.   I do not know why...but, one day while looking at these container...(I HAD SAVED A LOT OF THEM FROM OUR SUMMER TRIP) the idea of a Fiery Furnace HIT ME...and I could NOT get it off my mind.    It will be a LOOOOOOONG time before I get to teach this lesson to my KIDDOS....but, I decided to go ahead and MAKE this and share the idea with you all...That way if you happen to be approaching this might wanna try this.  

I had done  some preliminary work...but, I knew I was NO where near finished.  Well, today was a BEAUTIFUL day here in OKLAHOMA....not much, I decided to take this outside and PAINT it....  I used spray paint that I had in my supplies...THERE WAS NO COST!!!!  YAY!!!  And, I LOVE the SANDY Color.

After is sat in the sun for a while..... I added the BLOCK detail with a SHARPIE.    I REALLY wanted to use POLY FIBER FILL for the SMOKE...sadly, I did NOT have any...but, I had TONS of COTTON BALLS...So, for now, I used them.  I did  sort of STRIKE a brown marker on the cotton balls to make them look more smokey.  :-)

NOW, for the inside view...I used COOL CLIP clip art  for the MEN and added some  extra FLAMES...   When we do this in class...the KIDDOS will color their MEN and FLAMES...then my co-teacher and I will help them GLUE them in the cup. 
I also, added some smaller flames--right inside the helps hide the base of the little candle light.  

I love    COOL CLIPART  The little BIBLE CHARACTERS are KIDDO friendly.  I  did add some EXTRA flames from my clipart program...

I took a few pics. in the try to show how COOL this looks...but, I am afraid the pictures do not do it justice....I LOVE the way these GLOW a redish/orangeish color.  I am NOW super excited about teaching this lesson in the future!!!!!

OH, by the way...since I wanted the KIDDOS to be able to TURN this ON and OFF...I cut a circle in the yellow lid...which is now the that they can use the SWITCH on the little tea light. 

Hope this inspires you to THINK before you PITCH it in the TRASH!!!!   "FREE resources" are all around us.



Saturday, November 17, 2012

Naaman Had Leprosy

 We are ALL excited around here...We are getting ready to learn about Naaman.  I love this story for so many reasons.

We will focus on the HISTORY of this story.  The facts that Elisha, GOD'S prophet, was performing miracles.   We will look at how Naaman refused to do something so simple...because, he wanted something more dramatic.    We will then talk about the need to OBEY ALL of GOD'S matter how "STRANGE" we might think the commands are.  

I wanted a "different" type of VISUAL AID for this story...So, I decided to make a "PUPPET STAGE" of a sort.  I used an old shoe box.  I just cut a slot in the that I can move the people around as I tell the story.    

I used clip art from the cool clip collection.   I did manipulate a few of them...cutting out things I did not need...attaching heads to different bodies...a copier works magic for this...LOTS of clipping and cutting...but, it works.    I glued them to craft sticks/tongue depressors so that I have a "handle" to move them around with.

I think this will be a FUN way of telling this story.  

I know the KIDDOS will love having  the ability to move these people around inside the "STAGE."  

I felt Isaiah 55:9 would make a wonderful Memory Verse to be used with this lesson.  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts."  We will sing this verse to the tune:  "If you're happy and you know it..."

We have added a new card to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN for MAN" wall.  We love to see how GOD'S PLAN is unfolding through all of these stories.


We will add this word to our Word Wall.  I want the KIDDOS to know how BAD LEPROSY is and since we do not hear much about LEPROSY (except in Bible Lessons) I wanted to make sure they understand that it was a HORRIBLE disease. 

The KIDDOS will be making their "TAKE HOME" projects out of the items in this picture. 

I had a bunch of these FRY, I decided to use them....because, they were FREE!!!!    I copied the WAVES onto blue cardstock.    The blue water will be painted with the pudding.  I like painting MUD  out of pudding. It makes the MUD look without completely covering up the original color of the BLUE PAPER.  (I used this method of painting MUD when I taught the story of the PRODIGAL SON...and the KIDDOS LOVED painting with the pudding.  And is smells better than paint.) I just add a little bit of pudding mix and water...GREAT for finger painting.  Then each of the KIDDOS will color their own NAMMAN.  On one side he has leprosy....on the other side he does NOT have leprosy.   This will enable the KIDDOS to be able to dip him SEVEN times and give their stick a twist and he will be cleansed!!    

I used an exacto knife to cut a slit in the bottom of the fry cup so, the KIDDOS can slip their Naaman down into the "water." 

The KIDDOS will DIP him seven times then flip him over and he'll be cleansed. 

We will also be singing a song abour the story of Naaman.  I like singing songs that go along with the lesson....In my opinion it reinforces the story and helps the KIDDOS remember the lesson.

As a review game we will be DIPPING Naaman Seven times in the "River Jordan."    Each of the "waves" is a thin pocket...This took me a bit to figure out how to make..but, I love how it turned out!!!


I laminated a small Naaman....that will move up the river as he is dipped.  The KIDDOS will get to dip Naaman---by answering questions from the lesson.   I have strategically place a "cleaned" Naaman inside the last wave/pocket.   I will make sure to pull him out after the last dip.   

When Naaman obeyed HE WAS CLEAN!!!!

Next week the KIDDOS will be making this project.    They will color the "River Jordan,"  color  the two sided Naaman and then place him in the slot....then then can dip him seven times. 

I realize the KIDDOS activities are similar to each other...BUT, they seem to WORK BEST for this lesson.  

I am excited about this lesson...I have always LOVED the story of Naaman.  I am praying that the children get the AWE effect...after all, Naaman was CLEANSED of his DEATH SENTENCE....and we can be too!!!!  All Naaman had to do was OBEY GOD...and ALL we have to do is OBEY GOD!!!