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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Workshop Went Well

As you know I conducted a Bible Class Teacher's Workshop this past Saturday. It is such a blessing to be a part of the Workshop...I love seeing the excitement and dedication in the ladies that attend one of the Workshops.

Sharing ideas helps encourage all of us. It was a fun filled day. I pray the ladies were as benefited as I was. Now, my prayer is, they take what they learned and use it to teach little ones.

The pictures are of a few of the tables I had set up at the Workshop.



Friday, November 20, 2009


I love Getting ready for Bible Class Teachers Workshops.

This Workshop is in El Reno, OK. I have spent MOST of this week spending time prepping for the Bible Class Teachers Workshop. It will be held at the Elm Street church of Christ on Saturday.

I love the Workshops. I am greatly encouraged when ladies want to RAISE THE BAR on their teaching of the Bible. It is a great opportunity for ladies to get together, learn and share ideas on teaching children the most important subject that can ever be taught: The Bible.

I pray that the ladies will benefit from this ALL Day event.

The pictures are showing some of the pre packing I have to do before a Workshop. My biggest concern is will it all fit in my van. I tease my husband and tell him I am going to have to buy a trailer someday.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pharaoh's Fatal Following

Why did Pharaoh NOT learn his lessons? We are going to talk about how we should NEVER harden our hearts towards God and his commandments. We need to always obey!!! We are going to talk about how catastrophe always seems to happen to those who do NOT listen and obey God.

As our activity we are going to be making Pharaoh's chariot. We are making them out of a Laundry Soap Scoop, Buttons, Horses purchased at Dollar Tree, stickers made from my clip art program, and an Egyptian Pharaoh Pen.....I purchased these at the Office Supply Store.

I am looking forward to another exciting Sunday....filled with lessons from God's Word. I know the children will love Reviewing the story of the Red Sea Crossing....and looking at it from the the Egyptians standpoint.

Hope you are enjoying this website. email me with your questions.



We "Crossed" The Red Sea

On Wednesday Evening we review the lesson on the Hebrews Crossing the Red Sea. This will be a 4 Part lesson. 2 Sunday's and 2 Wednesday's. That is because I wanted the children to know how God led them through the Red Sea and how disobedience will cause catastrophe. So the first 2 parts are all about how God provided safety for the Hebrews. How God led and protected the Hebrews. How God brought them safely across the Red Sea on Dry Land.

Next Sunday and Wednesday we will focus on Pharaoh's WRONG CHOICE and determination to recapture the Hebrews and how it led to the downfall of Him and his army.

This is a picture of our Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire. The children loved following me around the room as we sang "God Led the Hebrews." I wrote this song for this lesson and lessons to follow. We will have a lot of "wandering in the wilderness" stories that we can use these also. I also allowed each of the students to take a turn at holding up either the Pillar of Cloud or Pillar of Fire as we followed them around the room and sang. They loved being the LEADER!!!

This Wednesday Explorer Journal Activity was a Picture of Moses and the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea. The children colored their picture, added Moses's Rod, and the Pillar of Cloud. They all really seemed to enjoy the activity.

For our review time we "Crossed" the Red Sea...I had a bunch of blue balloons in the classroom. If a child answered the question correctly they had the opportunity to be "MOSES" and raise the rod (I have one in the is an old broom handle) and begin crossing the Red Sea on Dry Ground. The children LOVED this....all children seem to LOVE balloons...and I thought this would make the easiest "RED SEA" possible.

Hope you are enjoying this website. Come back often. Email me with questions.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Red Sea Story

I will be a the first to admit that this has been a busy week. We have had appointments, Bible classes, school conferences, and so much more going on this week. That made for an extremely busy week. So, I had to make my time management a MUST!

This Sunday and next we will be leaning about the RED SEA story. I am soo excited about this story. I love how God manifests HIS AWESOME power to the Hebrews and the Egyptians. God will fight the battle if we let HIM. We must have faith.

Our "Take Home" activity is a Red Sea Diorama type Activity. It is easily constructed out of sandpaper, foam core board, and card stock. There is very little expense to this activity, yet it packs a big punch in the ability to learn the story. I know the children will love that they get to have their OWN "RED SEA" to take home with them. During class they will have to color the Hebrews, fish and crab...then glue them on their 'RED SEA." Since time is an issue, I pre-made the "RED SEAS" for each student.

Our memory verse this week is from Hebrews 11. It is a simple verse and I came up with a song to help ease the memorization of the verse.

Our REVIEW activity is a Balloon Made RED SEA. The children will move a balloon (pretending to be Moses.) by answering a question from the story. After all the balloon have been moved and the "Dry Land" is visible we will all walk through our version of the "RED SEA." I am looking forward to seeing their excitement about this lesson.