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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Red Sea Story

I will be a the first to admit that this has been a busy week. We have had appointments, Bible classes, school conferences, and so much more going on this week. That made for an extremely busy week. So, I had to make my time management a MUST!

This Sunday and next we will be leaning about the RED SEA story. I am soo excited about this story. I love how God manifests HIS AWESOME power to the Hebrews and the Egyptians. God will fight the battle if we let HIM. We must have faith.

Our "Take Home" activity is a Red Sea Diorama type Activity. It is easily constructed out of sandpaper, foam core board, and card stock. There is very little expense to this activity, yet it packs a big punch in the ability to learn the story. I know the children will love that they get to have their OWN "RED SEA" to take home with them. During class they will have to color the Hebrews, fish and crab...then glue them on their 'RED SEA." Since time is an issue, I pre-made the "RED SEAS" for each student.

Our memory verse this week is from Hebrews 11. It is a simple verse and I came up with a song to help ease the memorization of the verse.

Our REVIEW activity is a Balloon Made RED SEA. The children will move a balloon (pretending to be Moses.) by answering a question from the story. After all the balloon have been moved and the "Dry Land" is visible we will all walk through our version of the "RED SEA." I am looking forward to seeing their excitement about this lesson.




  1. Hi, where Can I get the Hebrews printout to color for the Red Sea diorama

  2. Hi-I love this project but I am wondering if there is a printout/template of the people that you used with this project. Thanks so much for your help

  3. Are there instructions on how to make this? Could you include them,please.

  4. I'm with Unknown! I would LOVE to print out the Hebrews that are marching between/through the Red Sea

  5. Oh, I just love this & think the children will too. Could you please send me the Hebrews, fish & crab template/printables? Thank you!
    -Wendy S.

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