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Thursday, November 12, 2009

We "Crossed" The Red Sea

On Wednesday Evening we review the lesson on the Hebrews Crossing the Red Sea. This will be a 4 Part lesson. 2 Sunday's and 2 Wednesday's. That is because I wanted the children to know how God led them through the Red Sea and how disobedience will cause catastrophe. So the first 2 parts are all about how God provided safety for the Hebrews. How God led and protected the Hebrews. How God brought them safely across the Red Sea on Dry Land.

Next Sunday and Wednesday we will focus on Pharaoh's WRONG CHOICE and determination to recapture the Hebrews and how it led to the downfall of Him and his army.

This is a picture of our Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire. The children loved following me around the room as we sang "God Led the Hebrews." I wrote this song for this lesson and lessons to follow. We will have a lot of "wandering in the wilderness" stories that we can use these also. I also allowed each of the students to take a turn at holding up either the Pillar of Cloud or Pillar of Fire as we followed them around the room and sang. They loved being the LEADER!!!

This Wednesday Explorer Journal Activity was a Picture of Moses and the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea. The children colored their picture, added Moses's Rod, and the Pillar of Cloud. They all really seemed to enjoy the activity.

For our review time we "Crossed" the Red Sea...I had a bunch of blue balloons in the classroom. If a child answered the question correctly they had the opportunity to be "MOSES" and raise the rod (I have one in the is an old broom handle) and begin crossing the Red Sea on Dry Ground. The children LOVED this....all children seem to LOVE balloons...and I thought this would make the easiest "RED SEA" possible.

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  1. One of my students decided to glue cotton to Moses's beard. It looked cute! I even learn from 5 year old children. Listen to your students.

  2. Hi,Ronda
    thanks for sharing these to us. I got the idea on how to create this. I am very much amaze and so much appreciated for these.I need this very much for the children.


  3. I wish I had used the balloons. I used a blue plastic table cloth and it was harder to work with it with me being the only teacher and 5-8 children ages 4-7.

  4. I was excited when I came across your crossing the Red Sea. I'm teaching the Wed night class and it's about Moses the whole quarter. I got one of the coffins they had at our $ tree store and spray painted it gold and got the skeletons from the halloween decorations and wrapped it up to be Joseph and put in the coffin for Moses to take back with them.I've learned a lot from your website and wish I was close enough to go to one of your workshops. Maybe if I ever get to move back to my family in Tex I'll be able to go to one of your workshops.