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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Memorizing Psalms 23 Pre K- 1st Graders

As you are aware, I love to work with the KIDDOS on Memorizing Bible Facts.  Our KIDDOS have the opportunity to earn "Bible Badges" by memorizing IMPORTANT BIBLE FACTS!! You can view our  Bible Badges    via the link provided.  This is an ever growing process, as we seem to be adding more and more "things" for the KIDDOS to earn Bible Badges for knowing. 

One of the Bible Badges the KIDDOS can earn is the PSALM 23 Bible Badge....They earn this by being able to recite the entire chapter of PSALM 23.  All six verses!!  This may seem like a daunting task....but, this has been a very fun and easy way to help the KIDDOS learn the 23 PSALM.

The idea of the bracelet came from a friend of mine.  I did modify it for my age group. Remember,  the age group I teach ranges from 4 1/2 year old to 1st graders.  

Each bead represents a PART of the 23 PSALM.  I had the KIDDOS use chenille sticks for the KIDDOS to "sting" their beads make an easy bracelet.  As, we strung each bead we pointed out how each bead was a reminder of a PART of the 23 PSALM.  

After completing the bracelets on chenille sticks...I found these "bracelets" at Michael's Craft Store.   I like the bracelet as it is easy to put on and take off....However, we did place hot glue under the  last, when the KIDDOS remove their bracelet from their wrist the beads would not just fall off the bracelet. 

Here is a video of how we use the beads to teach the 23 Psalm.  

To go along with the bracelets the KIDDOS made...we did an OVERSIZED bracelet for the classroom.  I used a small hulahoop and made the "beads" from cardstock.  I laminated the cardstock and then formed them into tubes and used strapping tape to hold them together.  The KIDDOS LOVE this!!!    I let the KIDDOS draw out "beads" from the bucket until they have all been removed from the bucket.  Then we begin reciting the 23 PSALM....each KIDDO adds their "bead" as we get to the portion of the PSALM that the "bead" represents.  THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!  It will make it easy to review as a class and as an independent EAA (Early Arrivers Activity)!!!

I introduced the 23 PSALM by reading this book to my KIDDOS.  I made the book to go along with the BEADS.  Please view the video.  

I wanted each of my KIDDOS to have a copy of the 23 PSALM Color Code, I made each of them a small one to take home with them.  

We have enjoyed working on memorizing and learning the meaning of the 23 PSALM.  I am truly pleased with how these activities have helped my KIDDOS memorize the 23 PSALM!!!  Each of the KIDDOS will get their Bible Badge tomorrow morning during class!!!