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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tissue Box Turned Review Game!!!! KING SAUL

Today has be one of  "THOSE" days.  I had a TON of things to get done and nothing seemed to be working out right.  So, when I began working on this idea I was NOT sure how it would turn out.  However, I am happy to say that I am happy with the results.  This is a fairly simple thing to make....and I feel it will be VERY useful in my efforts to teach the kiddos about the first 3 Kings of Israel.  

Today, I was able to make the REVIEW box for Saul.  As, I get the other two made--I am currently waiting for some of the tissue boxes around the church building to be emptied---I will post pics here on the blog.  I have been going around all the classrooms and checking to see if any of the boxes happened to be emptied.  Not yet, but I have my eye on one box...I figure it will be emptied either tonight or at least by Sunday.  I know I lead an exciting life---waiting around for boxes of tissues to get emptied----how exciting is that!!!!!!  :-)

So, this is what I did....  I took an empty tissue box and traced it onto the self-adhesive Fun Foam.  (I had bought a TON of this at the local Hobby Lobby during one of their clearance sales.)  I then applied the fun foam to each side of the box.  I did attach the top then cut slices in the opening area.  I just pushed the foam up to the bottom of the top of the box.  I did make several slices in the opening area...that made it easier to push it up under and stick it to the inside top.  I did NOT like the "raw" edges at the corners of the box.  So, I cut strips of yellow fun foam and covered the edges!  I LOVE how the box looks!!!!

Next, I printed out "FACTS" about KING SAUL.  These are facts that the kiddos know or WILL LEARN in the next few lessons.  We will review ALL these facts about KING SAUL...and I will allow them to put them in the box.  However, it will become more and more challenging of a REVIEW...when we add a DAVID box and fact cards and then a SOLOMON box and fact cards.  I want to challenge my kiddos in fun and exciting ways.   I know they will amaze me and do GREAT with this type of REVIEW!    


The possibilities with this type of idea are endless....You could make a box for each division of the the Bible.  LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS.  GOSPEL, HISTORY, EPISTLES, PROPHECY.  Then print out card with each book of the Bible on them.  The kiddos would have to put them in the correct category box.    Or, you could do a JUDGE, KING, PROPHET set of boxes.  Then print out different Bible Characters and have them put them in the correct box.  Or, you could do a simple OLD Testament and NEW Testament box set.  Then print out Bible Character's names...the kiddos would then have to remember did the person live during the OLD or NEW Testament Time Period.  The ideas are endless!!!!!!!!  

Hope this helps you to GET CREATIVE with your BIBLE REVIEWS!!!!!  
You want your Review Time to engage a kiddo's learning in a positive way.  You do NOT want to bore a kiddo!  So, make REVIEW GAMES CREATIVE!!!!



Friday, April 22, 2011

God Called Samuel Exploring Bible History

The kiddos are sooo excited about this "NEW" material.  We are truly on an EXPLORATION!  I love it when their eyes light up in AWE about what they are hearing from GOD'S Word.  

Our recent lesson was about GOD calling Samuel.  I reminded the kiddos that GOD did NOT speak directly to the Fathers (as HE had done during the Patriarchal time) because, HE had given Moses HIS Law for the Hebrews.  So, when GOD called Samuel it was a VERY SPECIAL EVENT!

Our TAKE HOME activity was Samuel in bed. The children LOVED being able to slide Samuel's  eyes open and shut.  As they pulled the top slide Samuel's eyes opened and the Scripture reference "Speak Lord for your servant's listening..."  1 Samuel 3,  would appear on the bedding.    Each of the kiddos bed looked different...I love it when the girls choose PINK for bedding and the boys choose BLUE!  So typical!  LOL

I decided this would be an appropriate Memory Verse...We ALL have ears and we ALL need to be listening to GOD'S WORD! 

We sang the Memory Verse to the tune:  "B-I-N-G-O."  Most of the kiddos had the verse memorized before leaving the classroom.  I know I sang it ALL week long.  There is something about putting verses to a familiar tune that helps with memorizing them.  If you have NEVER tried putting a verse to a childhood tune, I suggest you give it a will be amazed at how easy it is to memorize Scripture this way.  

Our Review/Game was a LISTENING GAME.  
I purchased the little cups and the Yellow/Red Game pieces at the Dollar Tree.  (The game pieces came out of a TOPPLE type game.)

I wrote a song for this lesson called,
"God Was Calling Samuel."  I sang the song to the children...each time they heard me sing "GOD" they had to put a yellow game piece in their cup.  Each time they heard me sing "Samuel" they had to put a red game piece in their cup.  THEY LOVED THIS GAME!!!!!!  They wanted to play it OVER and OVER and OVER again!!!!!  So, we decided to change out the "What to listen for..."  I was sort of surprised at how much they LOVED playing this.  This is one game I will try to work into other lessons!  I LOVE it when something so inexpensive is soooo effective!!!
Our EAA, which stands for EARLY ARRIVAL ACTIVITY was the WHITE BOARDS/DRAWING activity.  (I really need to post some of the pictures that they have drawn.)  The LOVE drawing on the personal sized white, I am going to keep it up for a few more Sunday's .....However, I did include some of the MILK CAP MANIA....and they WHIZZED right through them!!!!  I was soooo pleased with how many of the kiddos are REMEMBERING what they have learned!!!!  The  EEAs allow me to "TEST" the kiddos knowledge....and let me know if I need to review something, correct something or even re-teach something.  My EAA's have to have a purpose...or I would NOT use them.  I never want something to STEAL away my precious 45 minutes of teaching time! 

On Wednesday Evening the kiddos colored  a picture of Samuel in bed.  They added the bedpost (colored craft sticks) and a POP-UP speech bubble with "Samuel, Samuel" on it.  Again, the differences in each of their activities is so unique to their personality.  Some of the girl's added flowers to the blanket....and one of the boy's made his blanket have a camouflage type pattern.  I LOVE their unique individuality!!!  
GOD blesses me ro richley through these little ones!

For a VISUAL aid I decided to make a LARGE version of the TAKE HOME project....The kiddos LOVED pulling the slide on this one....  I used it while telling the story...I believed this helped the kiddos when it came time to make their own...they had already seen this work so the knew what to do.    When I can't find a VISUAL aid in my resources, clip art, or FREE online, I will MAKE IT MYSELF...LOL

We have already been so busy.  The kiddos amaze me each week.... Our main review questions this week were:  Who was the Strong Judge?  Who was the Judge after Samson?  What other "job's" did Eli have?  Who was Samuel's mom? Who was Samuel's dad?  Where did Hannah go to pray?  What did Eli think about Hannah when he saw her praying?  In what city was the Tabernacle?  What did Hannah promise GOD?  Did Hannah keep her promises?  What did Hannah bring Samuel each year?  Can children be servants to the LORD?  They knew ALL the answers!!!!!!  I was soooo pleased!!!!!  I  feel soooo blessed to be a BIBLE CLASS teacher!!!!   Next week we will be going on a "KING HUNT."  



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Milk Cap Mania!!!!! Bible Games and Reviews Made from Bottle Caps!!!!

I have a place in the classroom for the parents to deposit the Milk Caps. 
As you can see, I have be collecting milk caps for a while now.  

I knew I wanted to do something FUN with them!!!!!  

So, today was the day!!!!


Milk Cap Creation Review
Milk Cap Creation in ORDER!!!
I decided to make a few REVIEW games for the kiddos.   I have plans to make a WHOLE lot more.   The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!!  

Milk Cap10 Plagues Review

Milk Cap 10 Plagues in ORDER!!!
I am excited because the kiddos LOVE anything that they can pick up and touch!!!  

Milk Cap Plan of Salvation
Milk Cap Plan of Salvation in ORDER!
I used my clipart program & Avery's  circle stickers.  This was such a simple thing to do.  In about an hour I made all of these!!!!!  The kiddos will get to do them in the morning as our EAA!!!  EAA stands for Early Arrival Activity.  

Milk Cap God's Plan for Man.
God's Plan for man in ORDER!!!!
This is a CHEAP REVIEW Game!!!  Just asks your parents to bring in the caps.    

I have so many more REVIEW GAMES running through my head.  I can't wait to make them for the kiddos.  Examples:  BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, DIVISIONS OF THE BIBLE (LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS, GOSPELS, HISTORY, EPISTLES, PROPHECY.), THE 15 JUDGES, 10 COMMANDMENTS, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, APOSTLES, 3 PROMISES TO ABRAHAM, 12 SONS OF JACOB, ETC.    Sooooo many possibilities!!!!!!!!!   I LOVE inexpensive, FUN, and informative REVIEW GAMES!!!!!!!!

My encouragement this week is to "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX."  Before you throw something away, ask yourself...."Could I make something for teaching Bible Class with this?"    It works for me....I save some pretty STRANGE things....and I LOVE it when and IDEA WORKS!!!!!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eli, Hannah and Samuel.....Exploring Bible History

We have JUST begun our NEW UNIT!!!!!!  We are going to be EXPLORING  and  learning about Eli, Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon.  We are going to be VERY BUSY over the next quarter.

This is the way I "CONTAIN" my teaching materials....I use a BIG BINDER and plastic sleeves----LOTS OF PLASTIC SLEEVES!!!!!!  

I am PRAYING fervently about this undertaking.  It is a little more challenging to come up with activities, review games, etc. for the material we are about to, I am STRETCHING my brain as I work on these lessons.  :-)

This is what my classroom looks like!!!  I am blessed to have a LARGE ROOM....with plenty of room for the kiddos activities!!!

We have

Our EAA, which stands for EARLY ARRIVAL ACTIVITY is a PUZZLE and then a DRAWING activity. 

I made this puzzle using frames from the Dollar Tree!!!  I call the puzzle "GOD'S AMAZING PLAN!" It is truly a puzzle with each TIME PERIOD OF THE BIBLE in each puzzle piece.  The kiddos worked together to get the puzzle in the correct chronological order!!!

After they completed the puzzle I allowed them to draw in "white boards."  These boards are cut from wall board that I purchased at LOWES..  $11.96 gave me 32 white boards!!!!  I have shared them with ALL the other Bible Classes!!!!   I had coded the white boards with various BIBLE characters and events.  The kiddos had to draw me a picture of what they could remember about the character of event.  THEY LOVED IT!!!!!  All kiddos love to draw on the white/chalk board so, I decided to use this to MY ADVANTAGE!!!!  I will post some pics of what they drew----They amazed me!!!!!

We have NEW cards to add to our WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? and HOW? WALL!!!!  

We have a  "NEW" map up on the wall.  
We have already added two locations!!!!  
The kiddos LOVE to add new locations to the map.

This is our NEW bulletin board.
BTW, I just use the WALL!!!
We have 3 CROWNS and 3 MEN that would be KING.  
We will write (with a sharpie) information about each KING  on each crow.  BTW, the pictures came from DOLLAR TREE...I bought them last year....I sure hope they come out with MORE BIBLE related visuals!

Hannah Praying
Hannah's Answered Prayer!
Our first lesson was about Hannah.  Hannah prayed fervently for a baby boy.  The kiddos were very engaged with this story.  I explained how Hannah went to GOD through prayer.  I let them know that GOD really wants us to let HIM know our wants and needs.  They seemed to really get IT!!!!  YAY!!!!!

This was the kiddos "TAKE HOME." 

Our Memory Verse was Psalm 38:15.  "For in YOU, O LORD, I hope.  You will hear, O Lord my GOD."     I  felt this was an appropriate verse for the subject we were EXPLORING.  We sang the verse to the tune:  "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians."

Our REVIEW Game was called "PIN THE BOTTLE ON SAMUEL"  Each bottle had a question about the lesson written on it.  If the kiddo answer correctly (which they ALL did) they had to opportunity to "pin" (we used double stick tape) the bottle to Samuel.  They really enjoyed this!!!!!

On Wednesday Evening the kiddos colored  a picture of Samuel...added a "real" rattle and 3D blocks that spell SAMUEL.    They all turned our soooo sweet.  The kiddos added this to their NEW EXPLORER JOURNAL.    (The rattles came from the DOLLAR TREE   and we made the BLOCKS using little square wooden pieces and foamy  3D letters.)

I told you we are going to be busy....  :-)     And, I would NOT have it any other way!!!!!  I feel soooo blessed to be a BIBLE CLASS teacher!!!!  I am looking forward to sharing our EXPLORATIONS with you over the next few months!!!! 


Updated Bible Class Teacher's Workshop Video

My husband has posted a corrected version of the Bible Class Teacher's Workshop, the Morning Session's video.  This video is located on the right side of the screen.  Towards the end of the video you may notice the sound being a second or two out of sync with the video. However, the sound should not cut out.  Please let me know if you notice the sound dropping out of this updated version.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit Review and "Conference" Day.

Today was REVIEW DAY.  The children LOVE looking back at ALL the Lessons they have learned!!!  I enjoy review day too.  It gives me an opportunity to stop and look at what all we have accomplished!!!!!!

Today the kiddos were greeted with the Review Table.  On the Table were all the "Take Home" activities that they had made and their Explorer Journals.  They GET SOOOO EXCITED about taking home their Explorer Journals.    

This Journal was unique, in that it held all their Armor of God and Fruit of the Spirit activities.  The reason for this is because BOTH the Armor of GOD and the Fruit of the Spirit comes from an Epistle (and yes my kiddos know the word EPISTLE means LETTER) written by Paul.  So we decided to combine these into one Explorer Journal. 

I have several pics of the Review Table.
I am going to post them all here for your enjoyment!!! 



 We have been so busy and have had so much fun learning about the 

This is the kiddos and I  REVIEWING ALL the lessons we have learned!!!!  I am AMAZED BY these kiddos!!!!  They remember sooooo much and are really able to APPLY WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED!!!!  I pray GOD will help these little ones stay safe from the world's influence and dedicated to learning more about GOD!!!!!

I decided to give each of the kiddos a special gift to help remind them to all have the Fruit of the Spirit...I purchased these small rubber fruit shaped bracelets at my local Dollar Tree. 

Then I decided to let the kiddos make a necklace to go with their bracelet.  I found these little erasers at the Dollar Tree.  We just glue in the eye hook and let the kiddos thread the "chain" through it.  We loosely tide them on for the kiddos.  They LOVED them!!!!  Matter-of-fact, I had kiddos that were NOT in my class wanting to come and make one after services.  :-)

He is sooo excited about taking home his EXPLORER JOURNAL!!!  It always be a FAMILY TREASURE!!!

Teaching kiddos about GOD is truly blessing me everyday!  I learn so much about love, patience, happiness, thankfulness and sooo much more through teaching these little ones.

Make sure to check back soon....we are continuing in our Exploration of Bible History.  We are going to be Exploring the life of ELI, SAMUEL, SAUL, DAVID AND SOLOMON....this next quarter.  (It may take us longer than a quarter....we will see.)