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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Twelve Sons of Jacob Visual Made from Gerber Puff Containers

Recently, I was in GREAT need of an EXCITING VISUAL for teaching an upcoming lesson on the Twelve SONS of JACOB.    

Although I have several style of visuals for the Sons of Jacob, I wanted something that would GRAB the KIDDOS attention and that they would find EXCITING to look at and touch.

So, WHAT was I to do???  

I began looking around my classroom and noticed I have a BUNCH of these Puff Containers. Several of our young mommies have donated these to me and I knew I would put them to use, ONE DAY!!

So, I gathered my COLORED SHARPIES and began making a set of Jacob's 12 Sons.    I peeled the wrappers off the containers and began drawing faces, hair,  then robes and sandals.  I wanted them to have a veil of some, I grabbed some scrap material and yarn. I shaped the material scraps over the top of the containers and tied them on with yarn. 

I think they turned out cute. My KIDDOS LOVED THEM.  They were great for using while telling the story and we used them to REVIEW the SONS names, mother, birth order, and importance in history.  

The cards in front of each of the sons list their NAME, MOTHER AND BIRTH ORDER.   There is a picture on the other side that has their name.  

The Pictures are random "bible men" clipart pictures from  I just printed and cut out the men to represent the sons.

The pictures and information helped the KIDDOS know more about each son....the cards also, make reviewing the sons of Jacob a type of match game.  

We had the KIDDOS match via the names and we matched via the name MEANING and Birth Order.  

The Review Games were challenging and yet fun.  It amazes me HOW fast KIDDOS can memorize and recall information.

When teaching about the 12 sons of Jacob, I do a LOT of focusing on JUDAH, LEVI and JOSEPH. We talk about Jesus coming through Judah. Levi being the priestly tribe and Joseph  saving his family.    I LOVE seeing the KIDDOS understanding expand and broaden as we keep on EXPLORING BIBLE HISTORY!!!  

By the way....REMEMBER, before you toss it in the trash can ask yourself, "COULD I USE THIS TO TEACH A BIBLE STORY?" 



Friday, May 22, 2015

Jacob Loves Rachel

We recently had a lesson about Jacob meeting Rachel and falling in love with her. The end of the lesson is the hardest to know where Laban tricks Jacob and gives him Leah. Trying to explain why Jacob has more than one wife is a difficult, I just tell the KIDDOS this, "I do not know why GOD allowed Jacob to have two wives...but, I do know that WE are NOT supposed to have more than one husband/wife under the new covenant."   This has seem to work every time I teach lessons where multiple wives are present.  

However, the TRICKERY of Laban gives me the opportunity to teach on being deceitful and how things we do tend to show back up in our life.  Pointing out Jacob tricked his father and now he was the one that was tricked.   

We talked about how GOD was taking care of Jacob as he RAN away from Esau.  We talked about the PROMISES GOD made to Jacob...and how JESUS would come through Jacob and his family.  

I thought this would be a GREAT memory verse to go with this lesson. We pointed out how we want to be treated is HOW we are to treat others. Such a GREAT lesson for KIDDOS to learn!!  GREAT application for the KIDDOS.  

To help the KIDDOS remember the LESSON, I love to have a song to go along with the story.  I am amazed at how much the KIDDOS remember after singing a song that goes with the lesson.  Singing is a wonderful teaching tool!!!

The KIDDOS made WELLS for their TAKE HOME project.  I explained that this was NOT the type of well that JACOB and RACHEL met at...but, they had fun making these.  

These "wells" are made from milk cartons, bulletin board boarders (rock and checkered), craft sticks,  a small pail and paper raindrop questions.

Our REVIEW GAME was simple.  The KIDDOS would DRAW a "PAIL OF WATER" out of the WELL and then Answer the question that was written on the back of the pail of water.  

The water is a REUSED table cloth covering a basket.  I made the paper mached rocks years ago.  It is amazing HOW many BIBLE stories involve ROCKS!!!  I have used these as altars, as a well, as the ROCKS collected out of the many uses.  

The following week was our REVIEW week.  That is the week when the KIDDOS make a project that goes in their EXPLORER JOURNAL.     Each KIDDO made a ROCK WELL and added BLUE tissue paper for the water.    THEY loved it!!!  

Hopefully, I will be able to post more often, now that school is officially over for summer break!!    



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorizing Important Bible Facts

We are focusing on MEMORIZING important BIBLE Facts.  That being said, we needed a way to TRACK our KIDDOS progress.  So, we decided on a BADGE EARNING SYSTEM.   

Each time the KIDDOS can RECITE the ASSIGNED MEMORY WORK, they will earn a BADGE to attach to their "BIBLE BOOKMARK."


We have BIBLE FACT CHARTS that the KIDDOS will use to help facilitate their MEMORIZING of the assigned FACTS.    (These charts come from Hands On Bible Teacher and are available for purchase.)  

Each of our students has a "BIBLE" on the Bulletin Board with a VERY LONG Bible Book Mark.  This is where the KIDDOS will place their "BADGES."    We simply staple them to the ribbon.   As you can see, the KIDDOS have already begun EARNING their BADGES.

The KIDDOS have a LOT of MEMORIZING to do this year.  There are so many IMPORTANT Bible Facts for them to memorize.  

The KIDDOS BADGES are just a little smaller than the BADGE seen on the board under the "EARN YOUR BIBLE KNOWLEDGE BADGE" banner.    

The KIDDOS are very excited about EARNING their BADGES.   By the way, each time they earn a BADGE, I give them a STICKER to wear that reads, "I EARNED A BADGE IN BIBLE CLASS." This has encouraged others to ask the KIDDOS how they earn their BADGE.  So, that gives the KIDDOS an opportunity to share what they have memorized!!  



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diaper Wipe Lids turned PUSH BUTTON BIBLE GAME!!!

Kiddos LOVE to push buttons, they love to explore and they love playing "GAMES." So, when you can put ALL THREE of those LOVES together it make for GREAT LEARNING and a BIT of FUN!!   What makes this REVIEW GAME even better is that it is made from donated diaper wipe lids, scraps of laminate, scratch colored paper and a $1.00 Foam Core Board, I found on clearance and Hobby Lobby...because, it has a small flaw.  

NOW, to explain my logic (or lack thereof) regarding collecting items.  As most of you know I LOVE to turn TRASH into a TREASURE.    So, to facilitate this TRASH to TREASURE obsession I have, I accept the STRANGEST items as donations.  I even have a DONATION STATION near the door of my Bible Classroom.    I have found that if you let people know you are looking for items, they begin showing up by the bagfuls, so it helps to have a designated PLACE for people to place their TRASH, I mean TREASURES!!!    

As you can see in the picture above, I have a LOT of Diaper Wipe Lids!!!  So, that got me to thinking.  I also, had SCRAPS of laminate leftover from cutting our items I had laminated.   I wanted the "GAME" to be reusable/changeable so....This is what I decided to do....

I glued the scraps of laminate over the hole on the back of the Diaper Wipe Lid.  Super fast if you use a cool melt hot glue gun.   This helps to make a "pocket" to slide the question behind....I hope this is making sense.  

Then I hot glued the lids to the foam core board. Making sure to just glue the bottom and two sides to the board...that way I can slide a question in behind the lid.  

When the KIDDOS get a "turn" they answer the question...and then press the "button" to see if they are correct.  

The lid will POP up and reveal the answer.  I chose to write the questions with permanent marker, but  you could choose to use PICTURES to show the answers...especially for very young KIDDOS.  Such as if the question was, "What did the Israelites worship, when Moses was on Sinai?"  You could use a picture of a Golden Calf.  

I laminated all my QUESTION cards...this makes them "erasable" with hairspray.  That way, I can change out the questions and the game will be ALL NEW again.  

I have played this Review Game with the KIDDOS a few times...and each time they LOVE it!!!  There is just something about getting to PUSH a BUTTON that the KIDDOS LOVE!!!

I enjoy turning TRASH into TREASURES.  I guarantee you, if you stop and ask, "HOW CAN I USE THIS IN BIBLE CLASS?"  You will find all sorts of NEW ways to use items.  

Challenge yourself to think about Bible Class before tossing out items.