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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diaper Wipe Lids turned PUSH BUTTON BIBLE GAME!!!

Kiddos LOVE to push buttons, they love to explore and they love playing "GAMES." So, when you can put ALL THREE of those LOVES together it make for GREAT LEARNING and a BIT of FUN!!   What makes this REVIEW GAME even better is that it is made from donated diaper wipe lids, scraps of laminate, scratch colored paper and a $1.00 Foam Core Board, I found on clearance and Hobby Lobby...because, it has a small flaw.  

NOW, to explain my logic (or lack thereof) regarding collecting items.  As most of you know I LOVE to turn TRASH into a TREASURE.    So, to facilitate this TRASH to TREASURE obsession I have, I accept the STRANGEST items as donations.  I even have a DONATION STATION near the door of my Bible Classroom.    I have found that if you let people know you are looking for items, they begin showing up by the bagfuls, so it helps to have a designated PLACE for people to place their TRASH, I mean TREASURES!!!    

As you can see in the picture above, I have a LOT of Diaper Wipe Lids!!!  So, that got me to thinking.  I also, had SCRAPS of laminate leftover from cutting our items I had laminated.   I wanted the "GAME" to be reusable/changeable so....This is what I decided to do....

I glued the scraps of laminate over the hole on the back of the Diaper Wipe Lid.  Super fast if you use a cool melt hot glue gun.   This helps to make a "pocket" to slide the question behind....I hope this is making sense.  

Then I hot glued the lids to the foam core board. Making sure to just glue the bottom and two sides to the board...that way I can slide a question in behind the lid.  

When the KIDDOS get a "turn" they answer the question...and then press the "button" to see if they are correct.  

The lid will POP up and reveal the answer.  I chose to write the questions with permanent marker, but  you could choose to use PICTURES to show the answers...especially for very young KIDDOS.  Such as if the question was, "What did the Israelites worship, when Moses was on Sinai?"  You could use a picture of a Golden Calf.  

I laminated all my QUESTION cards...this makes them "erasable" with hairspray.  That way, I can change out the questions and the game will be ALL NEW again.  

I have played this Review Game with the KIDDOS a few times...and each time they LOVE it!!!  There is just something about getting to PUSH a BUTTON that the KIDDOS LOVE!!!

I enjoy turning TRASH into TREASURES.  I guarantee you, if you stop and ask, "HOW CAN I USE THIS IN BIBLE CLASS?"  You will find all sorts of NEW ways to use items.  

Challenge yourself to think about Bible Class before tossing out items.   




  1. Love it!! Thank you for all of your ideas..

  2. What a great idea! You are amazing!

  3. Glad others find ideas like this useful. :-)

  4. This is a great idea and a shared passion of mine to turn trash into treasure! Thanks!