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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KIDDOS Build "Solomon's Temple"

Just a quick post to show you why my KIDDOS AMAZE me.  

As you know we "PLAYED" a REVIEW GAME during our LESSON on Solomon Builds The Temple.    The "GAME" went like this:  I asked the KIDDOS a question from the LESSON and they'd answer.  If they got the answer correct they added a BLOCK to the "TEMPLE."  

I was soooo impressed with the TEMPLE that the KIDDOS built I decided I really needed to SHARE it with you.  

The first Sunday of our lesson...this is what they had accomplished.  Each KIDDO adding a block for each correct answer they gave.  I was impressed with this.....BUT WAIT.......

The following SUNDAY the KIDDOS COMPLETED their version of Solomon's Temple....and this is what it looked like!!!!!!!!

This PIC is a side view of the KIDDOS Temple.  The 3 blocks in the back, with the single block on top...well that is their version of the MOST HOLY PLACE!!! Inside they placed a cylinder block to represent the ARK of The Covenant.

This is the FRONT view....COLUMNS and ALL!!!!   If you stop to think about this process it just might AMAZE you too.  My KIDDOS range in age 4 to 8.  We have a split number of boys and girls.  They had to be able to ANSWER QUESTIONS from the lesson individually.  Then they had to have a bit of TEAM the older ones really helped the younger ones figure out WHERE they should place the NEXT block (in order to make it look like SOLOMON'S Temple.)  Then they had to have patience with each other....Because, sometimes the one placing the BLOCK was just determined that they wanted the block to go a certain place.   I remind them that GOD wants us to WORK together to ACCOMPLISH HIS WORK....and so, we are SHOWING EACH other RESPECT by Listening to each other, Encouraging each other and Helping each other along.  So, not only did they have to know the FACTS from the LESSON...They also, had to put some Godly LIFE SKILLS to WORK!!!!  I LOVE it when a "GAME" is SOOOOOO much more than a "GAME!" 




Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puzzle Frames Review Game

As you know I LOVE shopping at the Dollar Tree.  When I walk through the doors of that store I can not stop thinking, "Bible Class, Bible Class, Bible Class."  Every aisle I  walk down I am asking myself, "What Do I See that I Can use in Bible Class?


One day while shopping at our  local Dollar Tree Store I saw these adorable Puzzle Shape Picture Frames.  I was soooo excited.  I immediately thought, "GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN."    Since GOD'S Plan For Man fits together JUST LIKE A PUZZLE.  Needless to say, I was THRILLED!!!  

I just added the pictures to make these little frames into a REVIEW Activity for the KIDDOS.    To "PLAY" this Review Game,  I scatter the puzzle pieces on the table and let the KIDDOS put GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN in order.  

Bonus...these are also magnetic.  So, I can place them on my magnetic board too.  

    The Kiddos LOVE "PLAYING" with this PUZZLE.  

These little frames have so many possibilities.  You could use them for a Bible Class Bulletin Board that says "We Are A Perfect Fit."  Placing Pics of the Kiddos in the Frames.  Or you could use them as a Review System for any BIBLE FACT list....Days of Creation, Sons of Jacob, Plagues, 10 Commandments, Judges, Kings, Prophets, Apostles, Attributes of Love,  Fruit of The Spirit, etc.   You could also use them to TELL a BIBLE story...Showing that if you leave a PIECE of THE PUZZLE out it is an INCOMPLETE STORY. Then let the KIDDOS put the story in the correct order.  SOOOOO many possibilities!!!!!  

If you find yourself in a DOLLAR TREE....take time to BROWSE and think...  "BIBLE CLASS!"  



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Personal White Boards Make GREAT Teaching Aides.

As you know, I ALWAYS have some sort of EAA (Early Arrivers Activity) for my KIDDOS.  I usually have the same EAA for 2 weeks.  I try to CHANGE out the EAA'S often...yet keep a bit of consistency during a particular lesson.

If this is your first time coming to the HANDS ON BIBLE TEACHER website, let me explain what EAA'S are....If you have been here before, just SKIP ahead!  :)  

I believe it is very important to use EVERY minute of Bible Class time as TEACHABLE Moments.  From the second a KIDDO comes into the is time to be teaching.   And,  do to the fact that I have several "EARLY ARRIVERS" I want to make sure to have something that is relevant to BIBLE LEARNING for the KIDDOS to do....Thus became the need for EAAS.  

By the way, these PERSONAL size whiteboards came from LOWES.  I purchased a LARGE sheet of WALL BOARD and then had the very sweet and helpful guy, that ran the saw at the store, cut them down to size for me.  There were several cuts that had to be made....but, when I explained that they were for teaching Bible Class...they did not even charge me for all that cutting!!!  (We now have these personal whiteboards in every classroom!!!!!)  

This past Sunday I wanted the KIDDOS to draw me a picture of their Favorite story about David.  So, before Bible Class I coded each board with "Favorite Story About David."    When the KIDDOS arrived they were instructed to draw their FAVORITE STORY about the life of David.   

He really enjoyed DRAWING me a picture of his Favorite Story About David.  This KIDDO decided to draw a picture of KING David singing Psalms to The LORD.   I LOVE David's ROBE and CROWN!!!...and the "LO, LO, LO, LO, LO, LO" is David Singing.  (I LOVE KID DRAWINGS!!!)

This KIDDO decided to draw me a picture of David and Jonathan.  She says she LOVES that they were BFF'S.  I LOVE her drawing!!!!   She said Jonathan needed curly hair!!!!  :)

I was impressed at how much the KIDDOS remembered about the life of David.    Even though the KIDDOS were having FUN drawing....this gave me an opportunity to SEE what the had learned about the life of King David.  This was a way of TESTING my past me a way to know if they are really "GETTING" the lessons I am teaching.   These "TESTS" are fun...and the KIDDOS do not even realize I am "TESTING" their memory!!!  :)

I always try to find FUN and EXCITING ways to make sure the KIDDOS remember their past lessons.  This just happens to be one of my FAVORITES!!  



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Solomon Builds The Temple

What a wonderful SUNDAY!!!  The KIDDOS were in a GREAT mood.  I love it when they all arrive early/on time and have seemed to have had a good nights rest.    

Our lesson this week was about King Solomon building the Temple.  This was a interesting lesson to teach 4-7 year olds.  They really seemed to GET the fact that GOD needed a PERMANENT place for the Hebrews to come and offer sacrifices and worship HIM.  

To set up the story, I reviewed the Tabernacle....talking about the fact that it was a PORTABLE TENT.  We reminded ourselves of all the vessels that were in the Tabernacle and the purpose for those vessels.  I was THRILLED at how much the remembered.  I was really excited when I asked if any of the KIDDOS remembered what was in the Ark of The Covenant.  And all of the KIDDOS were ready to tell me.   We listed them quickly:  10 Commandments, Aaron's Rod that had budded and a Pot of Manna.  I really am happy when the KIDDOS remember the "facts" from past lessons.  

We filled in our Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Chart.    The KIDDOS really used their listening skills today.  They were able to answer all of the Interrogative Questions.  I was thrilled!!!!  Makes me a happy teacher when the KIDDOS can answer all of these IMPORTANT questions!

I used 3D Visuals for this lesson.  I had the KIDDOS gather around this table and inspect the models of the Tabernacle and The Temple.   I asked them if there were any similarities and any differences.  I love using 3D Visuals when possible.  The KIDDOS loved them too.  (I explained that these are "paper" models and they had to be VERY careful when touching, looking, and examining them.)  The KIDDOS did GREAT!!!!!!

Because I am a firm believer in using LOTS of VISUALS, I placed these posters up on the white board....I LOVE these posters.  My wonderful mother gave them to me as a gift a loooong time ago.  (My family knows what type of gifts I love to get.)   I did jot down a few FACTS about the Tabernacle and Temple above the posters.  

Our Memory Verse is Habakkuk 2:20.  I feel this to be a PERFECT verse for this lesson.  We have a little tune that we sing this verse to...however, I do not believe it is a KNOWN tune.  I think it is a "RONDA Original" tune.  :)

The KIDDOS "Take Home" activity is a POP UP Temple.  They colored their Temple any color they wanted...All of my "older" KIDDOS chose "younger" KIDDOS chose Pink, Blue, and Green.  (I LOVE seeing the KIDDOS at different stages of development.)  We glued on the DIAMOND cut Roof Top, the Columns, and the inside of the door.  The KIDDOS were impressed that the doors opened and closed.  

Our "Review Game" was called "Build A Temple." It was played like this:  The KIDDOS had to answer a question from the lesson for an opportunity to add a block to the "Temple."  They did GREAT!!!  I am including a few pics. taken during class time so you can see how good they were.  

The Song on the "Song Board" is a "Ronda Original" and is sung to the tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat. 

Kiddos Listening Well
What They Built.

 Add A Block To The Temple

Next Sunday, when we review this lesson, the Kiddos will be making a "Puzzle Temple" for their Explorer Journal Activity. 

I have the Temple Pieces cut and in a baggie for each KIDDO.   
After they complete their Temple...they will have time to color in the details.  
(I am thinking I will let them color with my special GOLD markers.)


Teaching lessons, from the books of Kings, to this age group can sometimes be a bit mind boggling....But, I am truly enjoying this challenge.  I LOVE seeing the KIDDOS learning from ALL of GOD'S WORD.   I believe KIDDOS are greatly benefited when we "expand" their BIBLE learning into MORE areas of the BIBLE.  

Hope your Bible Classes went well this past Sunday.



Friday, May 11, 2012

Using Toys to Teach Bible Stories.

I have to tell you all a story.  My hubby and I went shopping at Toys-R-Us the other day.  You see, my 7 year old son had been saving his "commission" (that is what my kiddos "earn" by doing their chores) to buy a new LEGO set.  Well, we found the LEGO set and I decided to look around.  When I went around the corner I saw something that literally made me squeal with excitement.    Well, my curious hubby came around the corner to see what I was so excited about...And, there I was standing with an "Animal Planet" Playset in my hand.    I looked at my hubby (I am sure I had my sad "puppy" eyes going on...) and said, "I would really, really like to have 3 of  these... and MOTHER'S Day is coming up."    He lovingly looked into my eyes and asked, "Why?"    I quickly responded....."I LOOOOOOOOVE the Tents!!!!  I would use them for my Patriarchs."  That was the MAIN reason behind my desire....but, then I went on and explained that the animals could be used for the Creation Story, Noah's Ark, Daniel and the Lions, and the Trees could be used for SOOO many stories...One as the "Tree of Life" one could be the "BROOM Tree" that Elijah sat under....etc.  And, look there is an "EXPLORER!"   I can use those for my "Exploring Bible History" theme.    So, my loving hubby---laughing as I "JUSTIFIED" my desire for these....said, "YES!!!!"

I LOVE these tents!!!!  They are NOT hard plastic....they are soft!!!  Perfect for little hands.  

When I see the three tents sitting together I get so excited and  immediately think. "ABRAHAM," "ISAAC,"  and "JACOB."  Don't You? 

This is how I will be using these TENTS.  I have had these BIBLE TIME finger puppets for more than 20 daughters that are 24 and 23 years old PLAYED with these when they were toddlers.    I LOVE how the men and tents GO together.   After all, the Patriarchs NEED their TENTS!  I hope these makes you SMILE too!!

So, for the rest of the PLAYSET.....These Trees are GREAT!!!!  Because, my sweet hubby bought me 3 sets, I have three of these trees to use!!!!!  YAY!!!

All those Animals, Boats and Explorers are currently "resting" in one of my storage tubs....We will put them to use in the future.  

So, my point to this POST is....THINK ABOUT BIBLE CLASS all the time!!!!  If you have Bible Stories running through your will be AMAZED at what you find that will help you TEACH the story more effectively.   If you are a Thrift Store shopper or a Garage Sale shopper....take time to look in those "CHEAP" toy boxes.  Before, you throw out your Kiddo's toys, that they no longer play with, ask yourself, "Can I use this to teach a Bible Story?"   And, If you find yourself at Toys-R-Us,  wanting to buy these sets...FYI I found them near the LEGOS.  :)




Friday, May 4, 2012

Paper Rocks Become Altar, Well and Memorial

A "BLAST from the PAST!!!" 

I made these "ROCKS" a LONG time ago.  And, they have been used for so many Bible Lessons.   They may not look impressive here...but, they do get TRANSFORMED...  just keep on reading.  :)


As you can see they started off as simple paper sacks stuffed with news paper.  Due to the weather the week I made these I was unable to complete them.  I had wanted to Paper Mache them....but, since the weather was rainy and moist it was NOT a good thing to do.  So we just built our "Altar" out of the stuffed paper bags.  The kiddos liked these...but, I still wanted them to be a bit more realistic...sooooooo....

Here they are being used as an ALTAR

As soon as the weather was conducive to Paper Maching, I got after it.  It took several days to complete these "ROCKS," but they are soooo worth the time and effort.   (BTW, I use the starch and newspaper way of paper mache.)    Once they were dry from the maching process....I spray painted them with a textured (rock like) spray paint.  I LOVE the way they turned out!!!  They are light enough for the kiddos to pick up and yet sturdy enough to be used over and over again.  As I have said, I have used these for SEVERAL Bible Stories. 

We have used these "ROCKS" as the WELL where Abraham's servant met Rebekah.    I places blue wrapping paper on the inside of the mimic a well. I have some "buckets of water" with questions from the lesson on them inside the well.

We used them for the WELL Where Jacob met Rachel.  We let one of the boy  remove the stone from the top to "help" Rachel.   Inside of the "well" I had placed buckets with questions from the Bible Story written on the back of each of them. (Just like the the time we used it as the "well" for the story of Rebekah.)

I have even used these as the "MEMORIAL STONES" picked up out of the Jordan...which we then made into the "memorial" at GILGAL.    This was so much fun...I loved the way the KIDDOS pretended that these were soooo heavy.  They would "HEAVE" them up on their shoulders and carry them to GILGAL.  (I had set up a corner in our room...and called it Gilgal.)

We will be using these "ROCKS" again soon.  I will be getting them out and using them  when we learn about Elijah on Mount Carmel. 

I LOVE making something that I can use in many different ways....I recommend making a set of these "ROCKS."  They are so useful and so effective.  



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Encouraging Kiddos To Memorize The Books of The Bible

This is from a long time ago.  But, since I did not have a website to share ideas when I did this, I thought I would share it with you now.    

I was working with the KIDDOS on memorizing the BOOKS OF THE BIBLE!!!  I feel that memorizing the BOOKS of THE BIBLE is an important venture to embark upon with KIDDOS.   However, I like to try various methods to encourage the memorization of the books.  

When trying to come up with a way to encourage, motivate and excite the KIDDOS, I decided to do a BIBLE BOOKS CHAIN.  I thought about doing one chain for the entire class...BUT, decided it would be sooooo much more fun for each child to have their OWN chain...That way they could track their success!!!!  By the way, this was one of my KIDDOS FAVORITE activities!!!! 

I began the chain by making a "BACK BOARD" that has "BIBLE" with a "buckle" cut out of the middle...I then attached one loop to the "buckle" that had the word "LAW" on it.  This would be the beginning loop that the KIDDOS would attach all their other loops too.  BTW, for the loops, I just copied the names of the books of the bible onto construction paper of various colors.  
 I  also made loops for the various sections of the Bible... "LAW," "HISTORY,"   "POETRY,"  "MAJOR PROPHETS," "MINOR PROPHETS,"  "GOSPELS,"  "HISTORY," "EPISTLES," AND "PROPHECY." 

The KIDDOS were motivated by seeing their CHAIN grow.  It amazed me...when I had a KIDDO that had been absent they would come to me and ask to say the BOOKS of THE BIBLE to "catch up" their chain!!   I LOVED that!!!!  It was so "fun" to watch these chains get longer and longer as the KIDDOS worked so hard at MEMORIZING the BOOKS of THE BIBLE.

As you can see, as their chains grew in length I moved them up higher on the wall.  Then we allowed the chains to "puddle" on the floor.

On the day that the KIDDOS completed their BOOKS of THE BIBLE Chain....I made sure to take a picture of them stretching their chain across the classroom.  They were excited about their ability to say the Books of The Bible....And, the fact that they got to take their Books of The Bible Chain home with them!! 

This was such a FUN and inexpensive way to encourage the KIDDOS to memorize the Books of The Bible!!!  I will be repeating this one for sure!!!