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Friday, April 27, 2012

Solomon Asks For Wisdom

Our next lesson is about Solomon being crowned KING.  Our focus during this lesson will be focused upon Solomon's request for WISDOM.    We will be looking at the IMPORTANCE of WISDOM and how we get WISDOM today.    

As you can tell from the picture on the left...we have added a few facts about Solomon to his crown....At the end of this quarter we are going to have a MAJOR review of the first 3 KINGS of Israel....We will scramble all those fact cards that are currently in those "re-purposed tissue boxes" on the floor and see if the kiddos can remember which KING is which. 

Because I believe this is the BEST way to make sure the KIDDOS understand what they learn.....We always have our Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How does this effect me? cards.  We review them as we go through the story...and then again at the end of the story. 

Since the focus of the lesson is on Solomon's request for WISDOM...I decided that the KIDDOS would make a BIBLE bookmark as their "Take Home" project.    They can color it anyway they would like....I have made 2 different colors of tassels...Yellow or Blue.  I will have my helper laminate and trim the bookmarks for the KIDDOS while we do our REVIEW GAME.

We will be adding two new words to our WORD WALL...  I felt these were IMPORTANT words for the KIDDOS to understand....So, we will introduce the words, explain the definition, then add them to our WORD WALL. 

Our Memory Verse comes from Proverbs 3:13....We will sing the memory verse to the tune:  "Rockin My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham".   The KIDDOS impress me with their ability to MEMORIZE these verses....we have had 100% participation and memorization this quarter!!!!

Our Review Game this week...does not come with a picture....because, we are going to be playing "SOLOMON SAYS."  My plan is to play it like Simeon Says...EXCEPT....the KIDDOS will have to answer a question from the lesson before they get to be "SOLOMON" for a turn.   I will start as "SOLOMON"  saying, "Solomon says, hop on your right foot....etc."  Then once we have one KIDDO that gets "OUT" then I will ask a question from the story...the KIDDO that answers it will get to then be "SOLOMON."  

This is a picture of our PEOPLE, PLACE and EVENT Chart....These questions are usually not they type of questions that you can give a one word answer too.  These questions normally ask the KIDDOS, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?  OR "WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME?"  OR "WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER?"  ETC.  I like knowing WHAT the KIDDOS really think about these REAL EVENTS that took place in the BIBLE. 

Next Sunday, when we REVIEW this lesson we will be doing our EXPLORER JOURNAL activity....I struggled coming up with an activity for the KIDDOS this time...SO, I decided we would FOCUS on the WORD WISDOM!!!  The KIDDOS will COLOR the LETTERS of the WORD WISDOM and then stick them on the WORD "WISDOM" on the Explorer Journal Page.  They will be sticking them to some FOAM stickers that will elevate the letters from the the word a 3D effect.  The KIDDOS will really enjoy the fact that they are going to get to color these with MARKERS....Markers are a "SPECIAL OCCASION" event in our classroom....or, at least the KIDDOS think so.  LOL!!!

We are quickly coming to the end of this quarter's material....We only have 4 weeks left.  I cannot believe how quickly time goes by....My plan is to continue writing material on the Divided Kingdom....That is going to be very exciting and yet challenging all at once....I will keep you updated on the progress.  



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trash Into Treasure....Solomon's Temple

OK, as you know we have been under some strange weather here in Oklahoma.  Matter-of-fact, we spent some time in our Tornado shelter this morning at 2:30.  I am thankful we have a shelter.    But, on with the story...  My darling hubby will be preaching a Gospel Meeting in another Oklahoma town this week.  So, I  wanted him to buy a weather radio to carry to the hotel with him.  Better to be prepared...IS MY MOTTO!!! 

So, to put his nervous wife at ease...he went to Walmart and bought himself a portable weather radio.  :)    When he unpacked the radio, this packaging was around the ends of the radio... I literally squealed..."LOOK SOLOMON'S TEMPLE."  My very loving and patient hubby....responded.  "You can have the packing material from the box."  I love the gifts he gives me.  :)    

I was busy most of the day, prepping my classroom for Sunday....prepping our Tornado shelter....and prepping my hubby's Suits, Ties, Shirts, etc.  But, I took a few minutes to paint one of these "Temples" to share with you.  

I have not done any DETAIL painting...but, just painting it GOLD makes it look MORE like Solomon's Temple.  :)

I am looking forward to using this during my lessons on Solomon.  I have another "Temple" Model that I will be using...but, this one can sit on the 3D visual  table...and the KIDDOS can have the Hebrews come to the Temple.  Believe me....If I could find 8 of these cardboard Temples....I would have each of my KIDDOS make a Temple as a Take Home Project....Just can't justify buying 4 Weather Alert Radios.  LOL

My encouragement to you is this....BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAY....THINK!  Ask yourself, "Can I reuse, re-purpose, or remake this TRASH into something that will help me teach a BIBLE LESSON, STORY or VIRTUE? 




Friday, April 13, 2012

David & Psalms 23

Our lesson this Sunday is focusing on David being a "MAN after GOD'S HEART!" 

We are going to be learning about the Psalms that David wrote.  We will talk about a few of the Psalms...but, our primary focus will be on the beloved 23 Psalm.  

I want the KIDDOS to understand the LOVE, TRUST, DEVOTION, GRATITUDE and PRAISE that David had for GOD.  The Psalms are a wonderful way of seeing these attributes in David's life. 

Since our focus is on Psalms 23, I decided the KIDDOS will be making a Sheep for their TAKE HOME project.  These are made from white fluffy yarn, cardstock and black chenille sticks.    I PRE MADE the PUFF balls,  for the body, and attached the legs ....that way during class the kiddos will be coloring the face and heart and gluing them onto the sheep's body.   (I used white fluffy yarn for the sheep's body.  I wrapped the yarn around some cardboard, secured the yarn, then cut the yarn to make a pom pom.)  You could probably use LARGE Manufactured Pom Poms...but, I could not find any BIG enough to make me happy.    If you look closely at these pics, you can tell the legs are made from popsicle sticks. However, after making my prototype---I decided that black chenille sticks would work better.  So, I decided to change out the legs....I am much happier.  

You have probably figured out our Memory Verse....even before looking at this.  I think this verse is a PERFECT choice.  We will sing this verse a few times before the Kiddos leave class this Sunday.  I figure they will all have it memorized before they even leave the classroom.  :)

 We will NOT have a NEW place to add to our MAP.  But, we will be referring to the MAP during the lesson.  BTW, I thought I would share with you one of the ways I review a past lesson.  All those pics around the map are from our Explorer Journal Activities.  I also display the Memory Verses next to the pics.  Makes it easy to review a story or past memory verse if I keep them on display. 

A while back, I purchased this banner at our local Bible bookstore.  It was on clearance for  $1.19!!  I thought this would be a perfect time to display this....since we are focusing on Psalms 23. 

Our review game will be Psalm 23 Bingo.  The Kiddos will answer a question from the story and then get to pull a card....Then they will MARK their Bingo Card with a Sheep Marker. 


Each of the BINGO cards have the SAME pictures....They are just in different places on the cards.  So, each time a card is picked....the every on of the KIDDOS will get to add a sheep to their card. 

The Sheep Markers were CUPCAKE Picks, that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. (I bought them WAY before Easter....using my 40% off coupons.)  They were NOT very expensive to begin with...I think they were around a $1.49 for 30.   I just cut them off and glued them to 1/2 of a Styrofoam ball.  (I made 100 of these markers....first, because I wanted the Kiddos to have a THEMED style marker for their Bingo Card....but, also because I am thinking of the lesson on the LOST SHEEP.---I would need 100 of them for that, I decided to make these to fill that future need.) 

Our EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity, which we will do NEXT Sunday...when we REVIEW the lesson...Is a HAND PRINT Sheep.  This Sunday, I will have my helper trace the KIDDO'S hand on black construction paper...I will cut them out the following week...prior to BIBLE Class. 

During Class the Kiddos will color the back ground...glue on their hand print.  Add Cotton to their hand print.  Glue on an eye and a bow.  We will help add the detail...mouth and feet!! 

I really like this idea....because, the Kiddos will ALWAYS know that their Little Hand Print made the body of their sheep!!!  

One EXTRA activity....I am going to encourage my Wednesday Night Co-Teacher to work with the Kiddos....I want them to be able to recite the 23 Psalm....So, as a way of encouraging the KIDDOS we will use the SHEEP PUPPETS (I bought them at the Dollar Tree...before Easter.) to RECITE the 23 Psalm.  We have a puppet for each of the KIDDOS and a few extra for our Honored Guest....if we are blessed to have visitors this next week.  Kiddos really like puppets....and I think this is a great way to encourage them to LEARN the 23 Psalm. 

I am excited about this next few weeks.  I LOVE Psalms 23!!!!  I am glad we will be covering this lesson on Sunday....You see we are in TORNADO Warning Mode here in Oklahoma.....Everyone is on edge this weekend....So, I am reciting this Psalm to myself and my KIDDOS.  Praying GOD will give us peace and comfort through these storms.  




Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paint Paddles Turned Bible Facts Review Sticks!!!

Paint Paddles are NOT just for mixing paint.  :)  I Decided to make some Bible Facts Review Sticks. These are based off something I saw on Pinterest.  (BTW, I love Pinterest!!!)    

I have by no means exhausted ALL the Bible Facts, List, People, etc.  Matter-of-Fact, I need to finish the one I am making for the Kings of Israel, The Prophets of both the Northern and Southern Nations, The Beatitudes, Acts of Worship, Parables, Jesus Attributes, etc.

These will be used as an EAA...for the first few weeks....However, I am probably going to be using them as I teach on the topics, too.  Letting each one of the Kiddos ADD a piece as we talk about the subject.   

I am also considering using this method as a WAY of telling the Bible Story....If I do, You will see it here on the website.  

Enough of my rambling.....This is how I made these.   I purchased these LARGER paddles for $0.28 each at Walmart.  Then,  I printed and laminated pictures from our Bible Flip Facts Charts....making sure to make  ONE picture for the HEADER pic that I glued on the TOP of the paddle.  I then attached the prickly side of adhesive VELCRO strips to the paddle.  I then attached the soft side to the pics.  My thoughts being... LITTLE HANDS would be holding the pictures and I did not want them to get stuck by the prickly Velcro.  

It really did not take much time to make these....Cutting out the little pieces took the longest time....but, I can "watch" more like LISTEN to a movie or the news while cutting out laminated items.  :)  

Days Of Creation Paddle
Putting It In Order.
This is how we will use the Review Sticks.   I will be handing the KIDDOS a Paint Paddle with all the Velcro pieces in a baggie.  Then they will have to PUT the pieces on the Paint Paddle in the CORRECT ORDER.  
(With my help and encouragement, of course.)   


These are ready to go for SUNDAY.  We will be using them as this weeks EAA!!!!!  I love it when I get to give the KIDDOS something "NEW" to do.  And, anything that helps them LEARN their Bible Facts!!!!!  

Hope you are excited about this FUN, EASY and CHEAP way to help our KIDDOS learn their Bible FACTS!  



Child's Table Turn Interactive Bible Time Visual Map!!!

Just wanted to share a VISUAL AID that I REALLY LOVE!!!!! This is a WONDERFUL Visual Aid.  It is interactive and the Kiddos really LOVE this one too!! 

This is one of those VISUAL AIDS that stays in my classroom ALL THE TIME!!!! It is so convenient to use, simply by having it in the room.  One of my favorite things to see is when one of my KIDDOS will "Teach" the other Kiddos a Bible Story at this table.  They are so sweet!!!!

To make this Visual Aid I used a child's size table that had belonged to my children.  I purchased this table YEARS ago at a garage sale for $3.00.  It was in good condition when I bought it....but after going through my kiddos it had been colored on, marked up with markers, had glue stuck to the top it really was in very USED condition.  So, knowing that this table had "good bones" and was very just looked REALLY bad....I decided to turn it into a Bible Lands Table.  I simply painted the top to resemble the Land of Canaan....I added sand to the paint to give it some texture...and then sprayed it with a clear coat of varnish.  Then I let it dry for SEVERAL days...and it was READY for USE!!!!

You see, I had all these little Bible Characters that I had purchased at the Dollar Tree....and they needed a home.   This Bible Land Table was the PERFECT home for my little Bible Characters.  I LOVE how this turned out!!!!  Whenever the little ones are over at this table and telling different Bible stories...well, can you say SMILE....because, that is EXACTLY what I do!!!!  

My encouragement is to RETHINK an items purpose.  Can you take something that your children have outgrown, don't use, don't want and turn it into something useful for Bible Class?  A little paint, a glue gun, a bit of sewing, fabric, etc.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!!  

BTW, I often get teased about those multiple KIDS MEALS TOYS that I buy....Well, those PALM TREES came in KID MEALS back in the 90's.  I have used those trees for several different stories...BUT, I REALLY love having them when I teach on Deborah!!!



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beach Ball Review Game.

I just wanted to share a FUN, and EASY to make Review Game.  I figured this would be a great time to share this idea since I saw a bunch of Beach Balls on display at Walmart and the Dollar Store.  So,  I figure they are pretty easy to find in your area too. 

I need to give you a word of caution....the kiddos are going to LOVE this review game!!!!!  They will probably ask to play this game over and over again!! 

As you can tell, I used a Sharpie to draw shaped spaces on the ball.  Then I coded the ball with various Bible questions.   Then filled the ball with air.  Then we were ready to play our REVIEW game.  

This is how we play this Review Game.  I gently toss the beach ball to one of my Kiddos.  When they catch the ball I will say, "Right Hand" or "Left Hand."  Whatever question their corresponding hand is on is the question I will ask them.  Then they toss the beach ball back to me.    

This is a GREAT game for all ages....I love the fact that Kiddos that are still learning Gross Motor Skills can play this, as well as the Kiddos that have advanced Gross Motor Skills.  I have even caught our BIGGER KIDDOS back in my classroom playing the "BEACH BALL Game."  :)

It is fun to take everyday items and put them to use in Bible Class....I especially love it when the KIDDOS enjoy learning Bible Facts, Principles, Stories, and Values.