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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Memory Verse Reward/Tracker

 I LOVE encouraging my KIDDOS to Memorize Memory Verses.  I have used PUZZLES, BEADS, STICKERS, etc.  to TRACK the KIDDOS SUCCESS in getting those Memory Verses Memorized.  

Well, I had a BUNCH of these little Tomato containers.  They were all given to me by one of our members.  I LOVE it when Members of the congregation walk up to me and hand me a BAG of GOODIES and say...."I was thinking you might want to use these for SOMETHING."    I truly get GIDDY.    At first I was not SURE what I was going to do with, I PUT them away in my Craft Cabinet.    

So, with the CHANGE of SEASONS, the CHANGE of our ATTENDANCE Bulletin Board, I decided we need to CHANGE up our MEMORY VERSE TRACKING SYSTEM.    The KIDDOS BEAD TRACKERS are FULL of BEADS.....So, that got me to thinking.....WHAT am I gonna do to excite the KIDDOS and encourage the KIDDOS to KEEP MEMORIZING their MEMORY VERSES?     Well, I went to the CRAFT Cabinet and saw ALL those little tomato containers and began to think...  At first  I THOUGHT about doing  FISH BOWLS....but, I did not have enough little FISH type toys.  HUM.    So,  I kept  "playing" with these containers. I happened to flip one upside down on top of the little "bowl" and that is when it all began to come together.....I decided I was going to make them into GUM BALL MACHINES!!!!  (I do think they look like humming bird feeders or lanterns....I will have to REMEMBER that in the future.)

I used a glue called "3 in 1 Glue" that I purchase at Hobby Lobby.  I LOVE this glue.     I simply turned the BOWL upside down and glued the container to it.  Then I used a second container and added glue around the rim and attached it to the first container.    To make the little TOP HAT cover, I cut out the center from the second yellow bowl.  Sounds confusing....sorry.  It really is not hard to do at all....I hope the pictures explain it better.  :-)

That is the CENTER that I cut out to make the "TOP." of the Gum Ball Machine.  


The KIDDOS will be able to LIFT the LID to add a "GUM BALL" for every Memory Verse they Memorize.    

I then added a "Coin Slot and Knob."  I just used my clip art program, PRINTED this out.  Laminated it for stability and attached it to the front.  

Now, for DISPLAYING these GUM BALL MACHINES.    I decided to set them up on the front edge of  our display table.  This will give the KIDDOS easy access to add their "Gum Ball." 

I added 2 strips of Bulletin Board Boarder Paper to the edge of the table.  Then I added a GUM BALL Machine that says, "WE'RE ON THE 'BALL' MEMORIZING OUR MEMORY VERSES."  

Now, the KIDDOS will NOT be adding REAL GUM BALLS to there Gum Ball Machines.   They will be adding colorful Pom Pom Balls.  I HAVE a BUNCH of Pom Pom Balls....I buy them at Hobby Lobby when they go on clearance.  I buy them at Garage Sales.  I buy them at Thrift Stores. I have had them given to me....I think I may have a Pom Pom Ball fetish.  LOL.  

The KIDDOS will get to PICK out their "GUM BALL" each week.     I LOVE ALL the colors and styles of the Pom Pom balls.  BTW, this is just two of my containers of Pom Pom balls....I think i have two or three more containers full.  Like I said, I think I may have a fetish.   

I think they turned out really cute!!!  And since they were FREE and I already had the POM POM Balls, this will be a very inexpensive Memory Verse Tracking System.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing our NEW MEMORY VERSE TRACKING SYSTEM.  I LOVE getting the KIDDOS excited about MEMORIZING their Memory Verses.    My encouragement to you....Gracefully accept ALL donations.  Organize your donations.  Think about that "TRASH" in a NEW WAY.  If you have not put it to use in a year....It is OK to THROW IT AWAY!!  I promise more donations will always come your way.    



Friday, September 27, 2013

Jeremiah the YOUNG PROPHET

Our NEW LESSON for this week is about the prophet JEREMIAH!!!  I LOVE Jeremiah.   He is a WONDERFUL EXAMPLE for all of us---but, especially for young people!!  I am excited about teaching this LESSON.  I love how the KIDDOS seem to connect with the YOUNG people in the Bible.  They seem so excited when they find out that YOUNG people can and did do GREAT THINGS for GOD!!!

This is our Do You Know Wall?  I feel if the KIDDOS can answer these questions they UNDERSTAND what they have learned!!  

We have some NEW information on our ever growing Bulletin Board. WE have added JEREMIAH the PROPHET!!!  Currently he is placed by the crown of Josiah. Remember, Josiah was KING when GOD CALLED JEREMIAH to be HIS Prophet.  

We have also added a PROPHET CARD to the PROPHET LINE under the Bulletin Board.  

We have added Jeremiah the Prophet to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN for MAN, TIMELINE!!!  

The KIDDOS will have two new words to add to the WORD WALL.  PUNISH and AFRAID.  

Although I am sure they KNOW the basic meaning to these WORDS I want to make sure they understand HOW these WORDS are important parts of this story.  (Truly the KIDDOS will be able to RELATE to these two WORDS.)

This weeks Memory Verse comes directly from the TEXT.  It is GOD'S promise to Jeremiah.  I LOVE the comfort and strength found in this verse!!  

If you want to hear the tune we will be singing this Memory Verse to, just click this link below.  It will open up the Facebook Page for HOBT.  

The KIDDOS will be learning this song during this lesson.  I feel this is a VERY catchy, hopefully they will be singing it throughout the next two weeks.  :-)  I hope their parents do not mind.  

If you would like to hear this song click on the link below.  It will open up the Facebook Page for HOBT.  

I would open the FB page and let it play as you read the words from this page...for some reason my video on FB is NOT very good quality.  

The KIDDOS will be making a Jeremiah The Prophet Puppet as their TAKE HOME project.  

These are made from Brown Paper Lunch Size Bags.  I did draw the FACE, MOUTH, ETC. Then I  Copied them onto CARD STOCK paper for stability purposes.  I HOPE he looks YOUNG!!    By the way, I am going to have the KIDDOS carefully WRITE the MEMORY VERSE inside Jeremiah's Mouth.  

I just realized I had not shown you our VISUAL.  I am still using the PICTURE frame to HOLD up this weeks VISUAL.  I decided to go with a POSTER style VISUAL since we are making PUPPETS.  After we get the PUPPETS made, I am going to have the KIDDOS help me "RETELL" the story.  

OUR review game is similar to games we have played in the past....AS the KIDDOS answer a question from the story they will get to help "OPEN" Jeremiah's Mouth.  To simply say it, they will remove a piece of the PUZZLE.  Under the PUZZLE PIECES it reads, "I HAVE PUT MY WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH."

Next week will be our REVIEW WEEK.  During this CLASS time the KIDDOS will make their "EXPLORER JOURNAL" project.  I know they will be EXCITED about this one!

The KIDDOS will get to glue on a "BIG" 3-D hand coming out of COTTON BALL clouds and touching Jeremiah's mouth.  After all the Bible tells us, "Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth..."  Jeremiah 1:9a

I bought the hands at the DOLLAR TREE.  They were in the teacher/school supply area.  They are originally pointers.  However, with a gentle twist the hand popped right off.   The only dilemma ---NOW, I am wondering what I am going to do with all those POINTER RODS.  LOL.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what the KIDDOS will be doing during Bible Class on Sunday.  I LOVE seeing how excited they get---WE WANT THEM EXCITED!!!!  After all, they are learning LIFE CHANGING and SOUL SAVING Lessons.  



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OWL Be WISE and ATTEND BIBLE Class. Attendance Chart/Bulletin Board

I love the changing of Seasons.   I do not know about you, but, I feel RENEWED and REJUVENATED with a CHANGE in the SEASONS!!!  My favorite Season is AUTUMN!!   I seem more structured and more organized during the FALL.  

I try to change out our ATTENDANCE Board each quarter.  Sometimes, I may be a few weeks behind the actual beginning of a quarter--but, I always have the best of intentions.  :-)

This quarter, I WAS READY!!!!  I knew what I was going to do!!!  OWLS are everywhere!!!   They seem to be a popular classroom theme.  So, since I have never done an OWL themed Attendance Board, I decided it was time to do one!!  

What made this Attendance Board so easy to make was that MOST of it comes from a BULLETIN Board set that I purchased at MARDEL.    The OWLS and the BORDER were my "NEW" purchases.  The LEAVES are from our supply room...I have had them for YEARS!!!!  

The TREES are from CLIP ART!!   I just printed them out FULL PAGE!!  I did print them on Cardstock for stability purposes.   The KIDDOS will be adding OWL stickers and LEAVES stickers to their TREE.   

I LOVE the BRIGHT COLORS of this Attendance Board.  I SMILE every time I walk into our Classroom and see it.  

Just KEEPING things real!!!  The BLUE poster paper---the one I covered the bulletin board with---well it was TO SHORT!!!  So, I just added extra OWL BORDER to MAKE UP the Difference!  I LIKE IT!!!  And, I was NOT about to run out an buy more POSTER PAPER for all of 6 INCHES.  I believe in MAKING DUE when we can.  :-)

Have you changed out your Attendance Charts for the FALL?  Do you get EXCITED with "LITTLE" changes.  Hope this Attendance Bulletin Board makes you SMILE!!!  



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How? Review Game

Wanted to share our NEWEST Review "Game."   The KIDDOS will be "playing" this game on Wednesday Evenings.  It will be a way to see if they remember what they have learned.  :-)  I feel that if the KIDDOS are able to answer the Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How is this important to me? questions, then they have a better understanding of the Lesson.  So, I really PUSH them to "GET" this information.   
As you can tell, I made these out of recycled Tissue boxes.    If you let people know you need empty tissue boxes they seem to appear from everywhere!!!  :-)  

As you know, I always have a Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How? card set for each lesson that I teach.  So, I just modified them a bit and printed out a second set.  

The KIDDOS will have an opportunity to "DRAW" a card.  The TEACHER will read the information....allowing the KIDDOS to "FILL IN" information by asking the KIDDOS questions.  As an example...if the KIDDO happened to draw the WHO? card the teacher would simply ask "Who was our lesson about?"    Once the KIDDO answers the questions they get to put the card in the correct BOX.    The KIDDOS feel HONORED by putting Ms. Ronda's cards in the correct box.  Little things excite KIDDOS. :-)

 I LOVE it when something so easy and inexpensive turns out to be so usable!!!    

Hope you are having a wonderful week.



Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We are finally up to BOX 10!!!    This BOX is the BOX about us today!!  I want the KIDDOS to know that they fit into GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN!!

Box 10.....WE WORK TODAY!!!!

Currently I have these items in the BOX.  I have a BOY and GIRL puppet.  MIRRORS---so the KIDDOS can see themselves.  A FAMILY and praying hands.

Again, this box is INCOMPLETE....I have other items I want to add to this box.    I want to add pictures of each of my KIDDOS.  I want to add pictures of the men our congregation helps supports.  I want to add one of the cards our members are able to hand out to invite others.  I will, eventually get it all done.  I think.  :-)

The puppets came from the DOLLAR TREE.

The Mirrors were in the closet when we moved here.

The Praying Hands came in the Resurrection Eggs I purchased after Easter.

The FAMILY came from a TOY COMPANY.  I can't remember their name...but, I think it is called Constructive Playthings.  

When we talk about TODAY---and GOD'S PLAN I want the KIDDOS to understand that we are PART of THAT PLAN!!!!!!!

Well, there you have it....That is what was in all those BOXES under our ATTENDANCE BOARD.    I LOVE these BOXES.  They are truly a wonderful TOOL for me to use with the KIDDOS.    Remember, "GOD HAS a PLAN for MAN.  A WONDERFUL PLAN, YOU SEE.  GOD HAS AN AWESOME  PLAN,    A PLAN to SAVE  YOU and ME."---rld

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have in each box.  As you can tell, I am always adding to my collection of Bible teaching materials.    I hope I have inspired you to look at toys differently.  Stop and ask yourself, "Can I use this to teach a Bible story, principle or truth?"  It is amazing what you will find...if you are always thinking about Bible class!  :-)



Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Can you believe we are up to box 9!!! I hope you are not getting tired of these posts.  With Box 9 we are up to GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN---The Early Church.  

Just LIKE my BOX about the LIFE OF JESUS---this is an INCOMPLETE BOX. I have so many items I hope to find and add to this box....I am always keeping my eye out for items that  will fulfill my needs. 

I know this Bible time lady could be anyone---but, for now she is DORCAS.  I am sure you see the little DRESS that goes with her....After all Dorcas sewed clothes for brethren.  :-)  The little dress is made out of felt and was a gift to me from my sweet friend Laura.  

The ROCK is to represent Jesus's statement---"UPON THIS ROCK, I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH." 

The LITTLE Knight---Armor of GOD!

The Heart--LOVE the BRETHREN---1 Cor. 13.  

Here are a few close up pictures...

Again, please remember this box is NOT complete....I want to add so many different items to this BOX.  

I want to add the NUMBER 1---for ONE BODY, One SPIRIT,  One HOPE, One LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM.    I want to add FRUIT for Fruit of the Spirit.  I want to add Maps of Paul's Journeys, I want to add "letters" to represent the Epistles sent to the churches...etc.  So many ideas...JUST need to find the PERFECT items to represent these....  :-)

Only one more BOX to go.  YAY!!! Hope you are enjoying these POSTS.