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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Memory Verse Reward/Tracker

 I LOVE encouraging my KIDDOS to Memorize Memory Verses.  I have used PUZZLES, BEADS, STICKERS, etc.  to TRACK the KIDDOS SUCCESS in getting those Memory Verses Memorized.  

Well, I had a BUNCH of these little Tomato containers.  They were all given to me by one of our members.  I LOVE it when Members of the congregation walk up to me and hand me a BAG of GOODIES and say...."I was thinking you might want to use these for SOMETHING."    I truly get GIDDY.    At first I was not SURE what I was going to do with, I PUT them away in my Craft Cabinet.    

So, with the CHANGE of SEASONS, the CHANGE of our ATTENDANCE Bulletin Board, I decided we need to CHANGE up our MEMORY VERSE TRACKING SYSTEM.    The KIDDOS BEAD TRACKERS are FULL of BEADS.....So, that got me to thinking.....WHAT am I gonna do to excite the KIDDOS and encourage the KIDDOS to KEEP MEMORIZING their MEMORY VERSES?     Well, I went to the CRAFT Cabinet and saw ALL those little tomato containers and began to think...  At first  I THOUGHT about doing  FISH BOWLS....but, I did not have enough little FISH type toys.  HUM.    So,  I kept  "playing" with these containers. I happened to flip one upside down on top of the little "bowl" and that is when it all began to come together.....I decided I was going to make them into GUM BALL MACHINES!!!!  (I do think they look like humming bird feeders or lanterns....I will have to REMEMBER that in the future.)

I used a glue called "3 in 1 Glue" that I purchase at Hobby Lobby.  I LOVE this glue.     I simply turned the BOWL upside down and glued the container to it.  Then I used a second container and added glue around the rim and attached it to the first container.    To make the little TOP HAT cover, I cut out the center from the second yellow bowl.  Sounds confusing....sorry.  It really is not hard to do at all....I hope the pictures explain it better.  :-)

That is the CENTER that I cut out to make the "TOP." of the Gum Ball Machine.  


The KIDDOS will be able to LIFT the LID to add a "GUM BALL" for every Memory Verse they Memorize.    

I then added a "Coin Slot and Knob."  I just used my clip art program, PRINTED this out.  Laminated it for stability and attached it to the front.  

Now, for DISPLAYING these GUM BALL MACHINES.    I decided to set them up on the front edge of  our display table.  This will give the KIDDOS easy access to add their "Gum Ball." 

I added 2 strips of Bulletin Board Boarder Paper to the edge of the table.  Then I added a GUM BALL Machine that says, "WE'RE ON THE 'BALL' MEMORIZING OUR MEMORY VERSES."  

Now, the KIDDOS will NOT be adding REAL GUM BALLS to there Gum Ball Machines.   They will be adding colorful Pom Pom Balls.  I HAVE a BUNCH of Pom Pom Balls....I buy them at Hobby Lobby when they go on clearance.  I buy them at Garage Sales.  I buy them at Thrift Stores. I have had them given to me....I think I may have a Pom Pom Ball fetish.  LOL.  

The KIDDOS will get to PICK out their "GUM BALL" each week.     I LOVE ALL the colors and styles of the Pom Pom balls.  BTW, this is just two of my containers of Pom Pom balls....I think i have two or three more containers full.  Like I said, I think I may have a fetish.   

I think they turned out really cute!!!  And since they were FREE and I already had the POM POM Balls, this will be a very inexpensive Memory Verse Tracking System.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing our NEW MEMORY VERSE TRACKING SYSTEM.  I LOVE getting the KIDDOS excited about MEMORIZING their Memory Verses.    My encouragement to you....Gracefully accept ALL donations.  Organize your donations.  Think about that "TRASH" in a NEW WAY.  If you have not put it to use in a year....It is OK to THROW IT AWAY!!  I promise more donations will always come your way.    




  1. Great idea! You can also use them for the kids to learn prayers . . . oh, let me go get some tomato containers NOW!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words....I LOVE to excite my KIDDOS to LEARN GOD'S WORD!!!!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words....I LOVE to excite my KIDDOS to LEARN GOD'S WORD!!!!