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Friday, September 6, 2013

GOD'S Awesome Plan For Man!!! Teaching Boxes!!

I have had several people ask me about the BOXES that I had hanging on the wall--under our ATTENDANCE BULLETIN BOARD.  

First off let me tell you, these are former CEREAL BOXES.  They are the LARGE CEREAL BOXES that are often purchased at SAM'S or COSTCO.  It took a while to collect all of them---every time I had a NEW donated cereal box, I would SQUEAL in excitement!!!!  

I LABELED each box with one of my "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" posters.    I then began filling each box with TEACHABLE TOYS....Toys that would help the KIDDOS REMEMBER what BIBLE EVENTS happen during which TIME PERIOD of the BIBLE!!  

Some of the toys were fairly easy to find...some of them takes some imagination.  Some of them had to be modified to fulfill our need.  

I LOVE the KIDDOS excitement about the items in the BOXES!!!  They are so smart and it really helps to have a OBJECT that helps them RECALL to their memory a Bible Story.  

I have not yet  completely "FILLED" the JESUS, The  EARLY CHURCH Box and the We WORK TODAY box.   My goal it to continue to add items to each box---as I find them.  

I will be POSTING a post on EACH BOX!!!  I will attempt to get them posted this next week---I want to SHARE what I have in each box and give the details to WHY, I have them in the box.  




  1. Can't wait to see your explanations. This is such a great mental picture idea for the children And the adults too!

  2. Thank you....I LOVE it when KIDDOS can RECALL a story as soon as they SEE something coming out of the BOXES!!!