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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Joseph and Pharaoh's Dreams

We will soon be learning all about Joseph in Egypt. Joseph is a young man I love to teach about.  He was alone, in a foreign land, no family around and he still honored GOD!!! He was faced with trials, adversities and falsely accused and he still honored GOD!! He is one of our BIBLE Heros.  He is one we can LOOK up too!! Joseph is a great example for KIDDOS and adults, too!!

Currently we are still using this map. However, it will be changing soon. Since Joseph is "down" in EGYPT we simply have our EGYPT picture placed on the map.

The Kiddos will get to learn a NEW song with this lesson.  "Joseph Tells Pharaoh's Dream."  It's a simple song based on the tune: Reuben, Reuben.  

The Kiddos Memory Verse is Romans 8:28.  I think this is a great verse for the story of Joseph.    

I wanted a FUN visual aid for this, it got me to thinking.  I wanted Pharaoh and his dreams represented....I decided to make a BED out of a cereal box.   

To represent the DREAMS we put up clouds---well, technically, my hubby strung the clouds from the ceiling using fishing line.   I am happy with the way the VISUAL turned out.  I added a few Egyptian pieces that I had in my Joseph in Egypt storage box.    I think the Egyptian pieces give it a more authentic look.  :-)

The KIDDOS Take Home project is Pharaoh's Headdress and Dream Bubble. The KIDDOS will get to color the SNAKE and add it to the headdress and then add the stickers that represent the dreams.  I can't wait to see the KIDDOS wearing them!!!    

Our REVIEW game is a MATCH GAME.  This is how we will play it.  The KIDDOS will answer a question from the lesson...if they get the answer right they get the opportunity to turn over two cards and see if they find a MATCH.  We have healthy cows, sick cows, healthy corn and sickly corn.  This should be a FUN and challenging game.  My KIDDOS love to play match games!!

Next week will be our REVIEW week!!!  The KIDDOS will make these to add to their EXPLORER JOURNALS. They will get to use color crayons, brads, glitter glue and chenille sticks.  They will LOVE it!!

This is our quick REVIEW. The KIDDOS get to place the Bible Stories in ORDER!!  I am amazed at their ability to recall and place the stories in Biblical Order.  I love that they are able to recall the stories they have learned and HOW they are important to us!!  

I am excited to teach this lesson!!!



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joseph and His Colorful Coat

 We recently had a LESSON about Joseph and his COLORFUL Coat.  The KIDDOS LOVED this lesson!!!!  They were very excited about the ACTIVITIES and GAMES.  :-)

We still have our PATRIARCHS up on our Bulletin Board.  However, we are focusing on the 12 Sons of Jacob and beginning to really focus in on Joseph.  

Our VISUALS for this story were simple...I drew these a LONG time ago.   Matter-of-fact, I drew these when we were living in a completely different city!!   However, the colors are still strong...thanks to laminating them!!

These are FLIP CHART style.  I love using these when telling the story of Joseph and his colorful coat.  The KIDDO loved the fact that the coat is removable.  

The KIDDOS were able to RETELL me the story using these visuals.    I have never professed to be an artist...but, these drawings seem to impress the KIDDOS.  :-)

I LOVE this Joseph Visual!!!  I always put him up when I am teaching about Joseph.    My beloved MOTHER gave me several Large Visuals, as a gift.  BEST GIFT EVER!!!  

The KIDDOS memory verse is Psalm 46:1.  I think this is a GREAT verse to go along with this lesson.  GOD is ALWAYS with US!!!!  

We had a couple of SONGS to go with this lesson.    The KIDDOS LOVED singing these songs.  

I will let you know on the second song...we did NOT sing verse 3, yet.  We will save that for the lesson when Joseph is made second in command!

I am sure you have already figured out what our TAKE HOME project would be...It HAS to be a COAT of MANY COLORS!!!

 We PRE made 90% of the COAT.    We cut them out of Paper Shopping Bags.  We added several different colors of Construction Paper shapes.  

The KIDDOS added the "stitching."  I was fortunate to find stickers that looked like stitching in the scrapbooking area of Hobby Lobby.  

The KIDDOS were also allowed to add SCRIPTURE STICKERS to their coat!!  I have a BUNCH of these stickers...why not put them to good use!!

The KIDDOS looked soooo cute!!!  I LOVED the reaction of the adults when the KIDDOS came out of the classroom.  

Our REVIEW GAME was simple.  The KIDDOS would draw a card and then I would ask one of the questions from the card.  IF the KIDDOS were wearing that color they had an opportunity to ANSWER the question!!  We only ran into one obstacle, none of the KIDDOS had on PURPLE!!!  

I made the PIT out of a Powder Baby Milk Container, wrapped in the same Bulletin Board Edging I used when the KIDDOS made wells.  Jacob's Well

Our SECOND week on any lesson is our REVIEW WEEK.  The KIDDOS always make an activity to add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL!    

The KIDDOS made a COLORFUL COAT on Joseph by filling in a PUZZLE.  All the pieces were cut out before class time.  They were in baggies and ready for the KIDDOS to glue into place.  

We also, added googly eyes to Joseph, just because they were FUN!

I really enjoyed this LESSON.  So much to teach and so much to learn.  What a great reminded to NEVER play favorites, to have FAITH that GOD is with you even in bad times, and to LOVE no matter what happens to you.  



Twelve Sons of Jacob

We recently had a lesson about the 12 Sons of Jacob.  I love teaching about Joseph and his brothers.  The KIDDOS seem to get excited about how BIG of a family Jacob had.  

This LESSON introduces a LOT of names.  Some are easy for the KIDDOS to remember and some are very difficult.    We practice the names of the Sons of Jacob through SONS, CHANTS, RHYMES and GAMES.  Since memorizing the Sons of Jacob is an opportunity for the KIDDOS to earn a  BIBLE BADGE...we work hard during this lesson to GET THOSE NAMES memorized.  :-)

Our Visual Aid... 12 Sons    3D puff containers  were very helpful in the KIDDOS memorizing the names of the 12 Sons of Jacob.  

I also, have cards made up that share the meaning of each of the son's names along with their mother and their birth order number. 

Its amazing how quickly the KIDDOS seemed to remember the meaning of each of the son's names.

This is one of the songs we sing that helps the KIDDOS memorize the names of Jacob's sons in birth order.  

The KIDDOS memory verse was Psalm 127:3. This is one of my FAVORITE Bible Verses!!!  

The KIDDOS made a Dodecahedron for their TAKE HOME project.   It is a 12 sided object and they added sticker of each son of Jacob.  

The sticker pictures are made using clip art by Phillip Martin.   I did have to cut around and make some WORK.  :-)   Bible Clip Art  

I added names and ran them through my sticker maker machine.  The KIDDOS LOVED adding the stickers!!!!  Just to keep the Dodecahedron from collapsing we stuffed each one with tissue paper.       The KIDDOS did have to have a WORD of Warning...NO THROWING them in the church building.  

The following week the KIDDOS made these for their EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY.    We call them 12 Sons Flip Flaps Activity.

I did all the slicing of the doors/flaps...the KIDDOS colored the pictures of the Sons of Jacob as we sang their names.

 Here are a few more VISUALS that I used during these lessons.  I have had these for SEVERAL years.  I made them a long time ago.

I also had this visual on the table.  I used it as we sang the names, reviewed their name meaning or recalled their birth order.

This is a "fun" lesson to teach KIDDOS.  They seem to be drawn into this BIG FAMILY.  They enjoyed learning the meaning of each son's name and earning their BADGE for knowing the names!!!