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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jacob Loves Rachel

We recently had a lesson about Jacob meeting Rachel and falling in love with her. The end of the lesson is the hardest to know where Laban tricks Jacob and gives him Leah. Trying to explain why Jacob has more than one wife is a difficult, I just tell the KIDDOS this, "I do not know why GOD allowed Jacob to have two wives...but, I do know that WE are NOT supposed to have more than one husband/wife under the new covenant."   This has seem to work every time I teach lessons where multiple wives are present.  

However, the TRICKERY of Laban gives me the opportunity to teach on being deceitful and how things we do tend to show back up in our life.  Pointing out Jacob tricked his father and now he was the one that was tricked.   

We talked about how GOD was taking care of Jacob as he RAN away from Esau.  We talked about the PROMISES GOD made to Jacob...and how JESUS would come through Jacob and his family.  

I thought this would be a GREAT memory verse to go with this lesson. We pointed out how we want to be treated is HOW we are to treat others. Such a GREAT lesson for KIDDOS to learn!!  GREAT application for the KIDDOS.  

To help the KIDDOS remember the LESSON, I love to have a song to go along with the story.  I am amazed at how much the KIDDOS remember after singing a song that goes with the lesson.  Singing is a wonderful teaching tool!!!

The KIDDOS made WELLS for their TAKE HOME project.  I explained that this was NOT the type of well that JACOB and RACHEL met at...but, they had fun making these.  

These "wells" are made from milk cartons, bulletin board boarders (rock and checkered), craft sticks,  a small pail and paper raindrop questions.

Our REVIEW GAME was simple.  The KIDDOS would DRAW a "PAIL OF WATER" out of the WELL and then Answer the question that was written on the back of the pail of water.  

The water is a REUSED table cloth covering a basket.  I made the paper mached rocks years ago.  It is amazing HOW many BIBLE stories involve ROCKS!!!  I have used these as altars, as a well, as the ROCKS collected out of the many uses.  

The following week was our REVIEW week.  That is the week when the KIDDOS make a project that goes in their EXPLORER JOURNAL.     Each KIDDO made a ROCK WELL and added BLUE tissue paper for the water.    THEY loved it!!!  

Hopefully, I will be able to post more often, now that school is officially over for summer break!!    



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  1. How do we get Sister Ronda to come and do a teacher workshop for our ladies at our congregation?