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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Abraham "GET UP and GO."

Do You KNOW?  Wall.
We have begun our EXPLORATION of the Patriarchs.  I am excited.  The KIDDOS are excited, too. They LOVE new adventures!!!

The KIDDOS "NEW" Explorer Journals are READY!!  These are used to keep their Explorer Journal Activities.  The KIDDOS get to take them home at the end of the study.  

Our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" timeline had Abraham and Sarah added to the PATRIARCHAL time period.  

I went with something very simple for our TABLE TOP Visual.    I am using one of the toy tents my hubby bought me...using-toys-to-teach-bible-stories   with "Abraham" and a laminated number 3 that highlights the 3 SPECIAL promises that GOD made to Abraham.  We will be talking about those 3 SPECIAL promises  a LOT!!!  :-)


NOW, on to the BIG 3D visual!!!!    I am so excited to get to use this TENT!!!  I bought it several years ago.  I LOVE the colors and thought it would be GREAT to use when I taught on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I found the tent on clearance at Target.  It is supposed to go on top of a twin bed....  but, I think it is perfect for this lesson!!!  

Just for fun, I added a blow up palm tree, I purchased it at Dollar Tree several years ago.  

**The KIDDOS had SO MUCH FUN getting in the TENT as we REVIEWED our lesson.  We took pictures of each of the KIDDOS.  

This is one of the KIDDOS favorite songs to sing....we normally sing this song at the beginning of a NEW Quarter....we put on our EXPLORER HAT and march around the room singing, "WE ARE BIBLE EXPLORERS..."

The KIDDOS will be learning several songs about Abraham.  I like to start with this is SHORT and easy for the KIDDOS to remember.  I LOVE to hear them SING!!

This is the KIDDOS Memory Verse...we sang it to the tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb.    I will share the KIDDOS  NEW Memory Verse Tracking System, soon!!!!  

The KIDDOS  Take Home project is a NUMBER highlights the SPECIAL Promises GOD made to Abraham.  The KIDDOS  colored their 3 attached Abraham with a brad and glued the 3 to a paint paddle.    The KIDDOS would hold them up every time I asked, "HOW MANY SPECIAL PROMISES DID GOD MAKE TO ABRAHAM?"   Then I would have them tell me the PROMISES!!  They did really well.  

Our REVIEW GAME is a MATCH GAME.  I used stars with pictures of various things that went along with the story.   

We PLAY this as a CLASS REVIEW...the KIDDOS answer a question from the KIDDO gets to turn over a set of stars....if they match, we stack them together and leave them laying out on the floor...competition at this age in NOT a great motivator.  

The KIDDOS Explorer Journal Activity is very simple and is BASED on their Memory Verse. The KIDDOS colored some of the stars, added 3D stars and then glittered some of the stars....BTW, the GLITTERING was their FAVORITE!!!  We keep it under control by giving each KIDDO a cookie pan...we then guide them with their GLITTERING SKILLS. :-)  

We have had a few other changes in the, I will share pics.    I normally have a star pocket chart under the light switch....but, I want the KIDDOS to work on their CHRONOLOGY of Bible Events in, I decided to hang up our GENESIS VELCRO BOARD....that way if we have a few minutes, waiting on parents to pick up KIDDOS, we can PUT the STORIES in ORDER.  There is something about VELCRO the KIDDOS LOVE!!!   

I decided to move our REVIEW GAME CRATES from under the white board to the area right by the KIDDOS cubbies.... they are "out of the way and yet easy to, for now, that is where they will be staying.  

I LOVE the "BACK to SCHOOL" time of the year!!!  It always seems to inspire me to make changes in my BIBLE CLASS ROOM!!!  



Monday, August 11, 2014

"POP" On In To Bible Class Attendance Charts

New Attendance Charts---The KIDDOS will be able to "POP" on in to Bible Class for the NEXT Quarter.      I thought this would be a FUN way to track the KIDDOS attendance.  

I made the KIDDOS POP CORN containers on my computer.  I printed them and then glued them to a back board...I wanted them to be 3D so I gave them a bit of a POP...that way they appear to be rising off the back boards.  

I bought the sticker...although they were NOT stickers when I bought them.  I had to run them through my sticker making machine.  

I bought this cutout set at our local Mardel.

I LOVE the way these colors POP!!!  I think this will be an EXCITING way to TRACK the KIDDOS attendance.  

Oh, BTW...the POP CORN stickers are stored in the POP CORN bag hanging to the right of the bulletin board.  :-)  



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Bulletin Board--- PATRIARCHS

FINALLY!!!  I feel like it has been a looong time....GLAD to be back in "NORMAL" mode. 

I have been working in the Bible Classroom a LOT!!!  I had so much to take down, rearrange, and sort!!  Just the putting things BACK were they go can take a REALLY long time.  But, I am always happy that I do...when I need it I will know were to find it.  

We are beginning a study of the Patriarchs:  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.    I knew I wanted a Bulletin Board that was EXCITING to look, even while of vacation I was thinking about this Bulletin Board.  

I knew I wanted 3D tents!!! So, I began with WHAT I HAD on hand.  I had some old bed sheets in that tan/khaki color...(I buy old sheets in tan, blue, army green, etc. at Thrift Stores.  They are great for projects like these.)   

I also, had an used tri-fold Science Project board. (I never throw those things away.)  I decided to cut the board up and use it to make the "TENT" shape...the roof and side walls are made from the project board.   The back of the tent is the cut up sheets...I just overlaid the sheets on top of the "tent" shape and started hot gluing.    To give it the authentic TENT FEEL---I added some white yarn for "tie downs"  and cut dowel pieces for tent pegs. I am pleased with how they turned out.

I drew the Bible Characters...By the way, I have to look at other drawings to, I just found some of the Bible "CHARACTERS" we had in our church supply room and mimicked them.  Then added the IMPORTANT information to the board.  

Just so you know, the bottom of the BULLETIN BOARD is covered with SANDPAPER.  It give the Bulletin Board some "realistic" texture.  The palm tree was purchased at Dollar Tree--a few years back.  I know they always seem to have Palm Tree type items during Spring/Summer time.  The stars we had on hand--they came straight out of the church's supply room.    

The KIDDOS were really excited when they saw the Bulletin Board!!  That makes really happy!!!!   


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toddler Class is Memorizing the DAYS of CREATION Bible Facts

Each of our classes are working on Memorizing their Basic Bible Facts.   Each teacher has decided on their own way to incorporate Basic Bible Fact Memorization time into their classroom schedule.   The TODDLER class teachers decided to make WORLD POCKETS for each of their KIDDOS.  

Their is a pocket on the back of each of the worlds.  As the KIDDOS tell the teach the DAY they were told to memorize they add a CARD to their WORLD POCKET!!    I LOVE hearing the KIDDOS get excited over earning their NEWEST CARD!!!!! 

Here is a peek at the CARDS that go in the pocket!!  

Since they are working on MEMORIZING each day of creation the KIDDOS have been making different TAKE HOME ACTIVITIES.    Each of their activities is on a paper plate.      Here is one of their DAY 2 plates!!!

Here is their DAY 3 plate!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I LOVE hearing the KIDDOS coming out of their classroom  and telling their parents WHAT they made!!!!  

As soon as I find out where the teacher put Day 1 and their CREATION WHEEL mobile, I will share it with you!   

We are blessed to have dedicated and hardworking teachers!!!  



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorizing Bible Facts Motivational Bulletin Board on a Door

 I shared with you, yesterday, our desire to reinforce the KIDDOS Basic Bible Facts knowledge.   Our congregation is working with our KIDDOS and expects them to be able to Memorize their Basic Bible Facts.  So, that left it up to us teachers to come up with MOTIVATIONAL ideas for our KIDDOS.  

I decided to go with a Toucan Motif.   Since the only SPACE, I had to spare was the back of out door...I decided to just go for it and make it work.  I am happy with how it turned out and it does not take up a  lot of space.  :-) 

 I found the big Toucan at the Dollar Tree!!!!  The title says, YOU, "TOO CAN" MEMORIZE BIBLE FACTS!

In order to TRACK their SUCCESS the KIDDOS will be adding a LINK to their TOUCAN.  Each of the LINKS will have a PENNANT  on it....So, it will help me keep track of WHICH KIDDO knows WHICH BIBLE FACTS.  

I think the KIDDOS will LOVE this TRACKING system.    The LITTLE Toucans came from the Dollar Tree. I found them in the Teacher/School Supply area.   The "CRYSTAL" links came from the Dollar Tree.  I found them in the GIRLS TOY area.  

I will continue to take pictures of the KIDDOS progress!!!  I am excited to see how quickly their chain links grow down the door!!!  



Monday, June 2, 2014

Bible Facts Review Stick!! Days of Creation

We are WORKING on BASIC BIBLE FACTS. We have a once a month class called "ROCK"  for our KIDDOS.  "ROCK" stands for InRiching Our Children's Knowledge.  During the ROCK class the KIDDOS have the opportunity to say their memory verses, tell what they have been doing in their class, share their answers to the weekly Bible Detective Question, and review BASIC BIBLE Facts. With that being said, several of us teachers have decided to BUILD our KIDDOS BASIC BIBLE FACTS Knowledge.  So, we began brainstorming about some FUN ways to excite the KIDDOS  to memorize their Basic Bible Facts.  

Our first set of BASIC BIBLE FACTS assigned were the DAYS of CREATION.  So, I decided to make a FUN review stick for the KIDDOS.       

I have a bunch of these screw on caps....I save them from milk cartons, juice cartons, cream cartons, etc.   I thought they would be PERFECT for my idea.

I coded each cap with a circle picture to represent each Day of Creation.   I then hot glued the threaded "neck" of the cap assembly to the paint paddles.  I added a numbered DOT sticker to the inside of each of the cap assembly pieces. 

The KIDDOS will have to screw each lid onto the CORRECT number....for example:  The lid that had the LIGHT (yellow circle inside a black circle) will be screwed onto the neck with the number 1 sticker inside it.  

The KIDDOS did this activity recently and LOVED it!!!!!  They can't WAIT to be able to take them home and SHARE them with their families!!!!!  

As soon as they can tell me the events of each Day of Creation they will be allowed to add a Pennant Link to their Toucan.  I'll share more about their Toucan tomorrow.