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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Milk Caps Books of The Bible Memorizing

I am THRILLED to say that we have completed collecting our Books of The Bible Milk Caps.  This was a loooong activity.  Since there are 66 books in the Bible we have been working on collecting our milk caps for over a year!!

The KIDDOS have WORKED really hard and have had fun "earning" their MILK CAPS.  They earned a NEW Milk Cap by MEMORIZING their BOOKS of the BIBLE.    

I love that each Milk Cap set is unique...Notice that we made sure that each "division" of the Bible is separated by color.    LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS,  GOSPELS, HISTORY, PAUL'S EPISTLES, GENERAL EPISTLES, PROPHECY.  It helped the KIDDOS to get them in the correct order.  

As a SPECIAL gift, for memorizing all 66 Books of the Bible, I gave each of my KIDDOS a special pen.    I ordered these from Oriental Trading.  (I am not associated with Oriental Trading nor do I get any revenue by mentioning Oriental Trading.) I simply mention them as a way to help my readers find supplies for their Bible Class.  I thought these would be a perfect gift!!  They were really excited that they were PENS!!!  

This was a very FUN way to MEMORIZE the Books of The Bible!!  This past Sunday the KIDDOS poured all their Milk Caps out and put them in order!!!  I was so impressed!!!  



Saturday, January 17, 2015


Now that WINTER is officially upon us, I wanted out ATTENDANCE Charts to reflect this time of year.    I decided to go with SNOW GLOBES.  

I reused the blue background paper from the past quarter...I changed out the border to a fun RED and WHITE Polka Dots!!  I love the contrast!!

I printed and laminated the words, "SNOW GLAD YOU ARE HERE!"  then added them to the board. Then added on a BUNCH of snowflakes!!!  I had these snowflakes in my supplies.  I had purchased them several years ago...I bought them at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  I love it when they put stuff on 90% off!!  Then I used my clipart program and printed out the snow globes.  I added pictures to my regular attendees....however, we plan on moving up a few, I went ahead and printed out a few extra to be prepared.  

The final touch was to add the large snowflakes around the border!!  I LOVE how this turned out.  We have an idea to make these snow globes a little more "special" at the end of the quarter.  I will post pictures when we do.  



Friday, January 16, 2015

Isaac and Rebekah

I am a bit behind on the, I am attempting to play catch up.   Here is what we did recently.  We are continuing to EXPLORE BIBLE HISTORY.  We just recently had a lesson about Isaac and Rebekah.    

We added a "EVENT" card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN!!  Timeline.  This TIMELINE is a great way to review past lessons. Since most of my KIDDOS remember via visual triggers...this is a great resource to have up in our classroom at all times.  It is an every growing and expanding visual.  

I wanted a Memory Verse about seem to be the perfect type of memory verse to go with this lesson.  So, I chose John 4:14.  We sang the Memory Verse to the tune:  "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful." We did explain to the KIDDOS that JESUS is the one that gives us "water" and that if we follow and obey HIM we will never thirst.  However, because my KIDDOS are so young...we put it all on KIDDO friendly terms. We were happy for them to tell us that JESUS is our EVERLASTING  SPRING that GIVES ETERNAL LIFE.  

To tell this story I used CLIP ART visuals....  I just printed and laminated them.    The KIDDOS loved that Rebekah's arm moves.  

For the Kiddos TAKE HOME project we made a picture of Rebekah offering water to Abraham's Servant. The KIDDOS colored and added stickers and the PITCHER. They enjoyed making theses.  They really enjoyed making Rebekah's arm go up and down.  :-)  

Our REVIEW game was a FUN and simple game.  The object was to get the camel to the WELL.  Rebekah is standing near the WELL ready to give the camel a drink.    The KIDDOS would pull a card from the QUESTION cards.   If they answered the question correctly they would move the camel to the next space.  

The "GAME BOARD" is made out of sand.  I already had the, I decided to put it to use.  The little cardboard trays were in our "RECYCLED" Bible Class supplies in our Resource Room.  They worked perfectly!!    The KIDDOS LOVED touching the sand!!  

The following week was our REVIEW week.  So, the  KIDDOS made THESE and added them to their EXPLORER JOURNAL!!!  

They enjoyed adding STICKER PALM TREES, a PITCHER which is sort of 3D, we used FOAM STICKERS to make it POP off the paper.  The KIDDOS added ROCKS to the WELL,  then, they added SAND!!!  That was their FAVORITE thing to do to their Explorer Journal Activity!!

This was a fun lesson to teach.  We focused on GOD taking care of Isaac and how HE chose the RIGHT wife for Isaac.  



Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bible Class Supplies Found at DOLLAR TREE!!!!!

Hi all, lets talk BIBLE CLASS supplies! As you all know, I LOVE finding Bible Class Supplies at Dollar Tree!!!  Truth be known, I love finding Bible Class Supplies ANYWHERE!!!  I have had a FEW minutes, here and there, to run in to Dollar Tree....While there, I always look around for BIBLE CLASS supplies. I wanted to share with you a FEW of the things I have spotted recently.  

I PURCHASED this and we already LOVE IT!!   It has a magnet on, you can attach it to a metal surface and it spins so smoothly!!   However, we have been using it on the table. We have used it for Review Questions...the KIDDOS spin it and whoever it ends up POINTING at is the KIDDO who answers the question.   The KIDDOS love spinning this...I have plans to make a REVIEW GAME with this....when I do, I will share it with you.  

When all spotted all this...I immediately thought about us being in the LORD'S ARMY.  These items could be used when teaching on the ARMOR of GOD.    I LOVE that they have HELMETS!!!!!

Keeping with the LORD'S ARMY theme...I saw these ARMY men.  These would be GREAT for a VISUAL...or letting the KIDDOS "earn" their NEXT ARMY man, by Memorizing their Memory Verse.  

Still thinking of the ARMOR of GOD....I spotted these Lacing Cards.  I thought they would be a fun activity for the SHOES of PEACE!  You get 5 Lacing Cards in each package.  

I LOVE this Bulletin Board Border!!   It is the FRUIT of The SPIRIT!!!  I was even thinking, you could cut it all up and use it for an LABELING activity....I may go back and get me some of this.  

While strolling down the TOY aisle, I spotted these....I LOVE using these in various ways.  I have used the Memory Match cards in our "STAR CHART."   I laminated them and turned them into a VISUAL.   Ask the KIDDOS questions about the Person on the card.  GREAT for a quick review game.  

I LOVE these PENNANT BANNERS!!   They have several styles to choose from....I purchased the BRIGHT, PRIMARY Colored ones.  I bought enough packages to get 66 pennants.  I am going to label them with each BOOK of the BIBLE....I think they will look cute hanging in our classroom.  I will take pictures...when I get it done.   (As you can see, I was at the Dollar Tree to buy TORTILLAS.)

I love these little bags...I am thinking they would be great for transporting the KIDDOS Memory Verse Cards, Bible Detective Notebooks and Pencils.  I will probably be going back to grab up some of these.    


I LOVE coloring books.  They are great for inspirations! I look at coloring books when I am attempting to DRAW a picture. I bought these, because sometimes it is hard to find pictures of the Miracles that Jesus, here I have some visual help!!  

Not far from the coloring books, I spotted these cute little books about PRAYER!!  These are great for the LITTLE KIDDOS.  I thought they would be great in our TODDLERS CLASS.  

I LOVE these Alphabet Puzzles.  I have used them as a MEMORY VERSE Tracker.  Every few years, I will have the KIDDOS memorize verses based upon the Alphabet.  They earn each letter by memorizing the verse that begins with that letter.  THEY LOVE DOING THIS!!

I saw these little CLOCKS.  I have used BIG CLOCKS as ATTENDANCE Charts.  I thought these might be cute on a Bulletin Board with the Caption "TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY."   I was also considering the idea of using them as a Memory Verse Tracker...  "MAKE TIME TO MEMORIZE YOUR MEMORY VERSE."    

Not far from those little clocks, I spotted these SPINNERS.   These are great to have on hand for Review Games, Take Home Games, and other Projects.  

FROGS!!!!  You can't teach the TEN PLAGUES without FROGS!!!  These frogs are FUN in that they stretch and feel yucky!!!    Had I been teaching on the PLAGUES, I would have loaded up on these.  

BOATS!!!  We use BOATS for several stories....In the TODDLER class they sing a song about BOATS....So, when I find BOATS, I get so excited!!!

I have purchased several of the QUEEN Bubbles.  We have emptied them and are using them as manipulative for the Toddler Class...when they sing the song about QUEEN ESTHER, they get to hold a QUEEN in their hand.  

However, I have several in a box in my supply, when I teach on ESTHER the KIDDOS will get to have their OWN Queen Esther.

KIDDOS love wind-up toys.    If you ever wanna GRAB their attention, just wind up a toy and let it go!!!  It is an AMAZING thing!!!  I have purchased a MOUTH like this.  I use it when we sing about PROPHETS being a MOUTHPIECE for GOD.  The KIDDOS love seeing this open and close and hop around.   

Back in October, I saw these skeletons.  They would be GREAT when teaching on the VALLEY of DRY BONES!!!!  

Again, back in October, I spotted these CROWS. They are PERFECT for the RAVENS Feeding Elijah story!!!  

More recently, when I ran into the Dollar Tree, I saw these Die Cuts!!  They would be great for a Bulletin Board, Labeled with Each Book of The Bible,  Save the CROSSES for when you teach the Story of Jesus and the Crucifixion, save the Fish for any story that needs a Fish or for Jonah and the Great Fish.    So many possibilities.  

I purchased several packages of these!!!  I am going to be using these as a way to REMIND the KIDDOS of their MEMORY VERSE!!!  I'll let you know how it goes!!!  I think the KIDDOS will enjoy getting a bracelet and the parents will love having the Scripture Reference in an EASY to FIND location.  

Shopping for Bible Class supplies at the Dollar Tree is FUN!!!  Just for clarification, I am not compensated by Dollar Tree for any of my post referencing their store.  They do not pay me, give me "free" items, or reduced prices on any of their items.  I simply want my readers to know that there are resources out there...and you don't have to BREAK YOUR WALLET to find Bible Class Supplies.  

Hope you enjoyed this post.