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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where I Find My Clip Art For Visuals and Crafts

Picture Owned and Drawn by Ronda Duvall
I have been asked NUMEROUS times about the CLIP ART I use.  I use clip art from several sources!!  

But, before I list them here I need to make a few things clear.  I am in NO way associated with these companies.  I do NOT receive any financial support, discounts, kickbacks, etc. by listing these sources.  I simply LIST them to aid my readers.  

I would suggest to order this on CD.  The CD allows you to print the artwork in Black and White Line Art.  They are great for printing and letting the KIDDOS color.  

I also use clip art from Phillip Martin. His clip art is cute and the KIDDOS seem to like the images.  

I have also used images from  they are fun images. 

I also use the program Print Master.   It is available at

I use the clip art available via the Art Explosion 800,000 which is available at

We are also blessed to have several clip and copy style books in the church Resource Room. 

If I can't find the visual I am needing....I get out my pencil and paper and begin drawing it myself.   

Hope this helps.



Recent Trip to Dollar Tree and Target

 As you all know, I LOVE to peruse the Dollar Tree and the Target $1.00 Spot.  It is AMAZING what you can find that will work for teaching Bible Lessons. 

Recently, I was out and about.  I decided to run into the Dollar Tree on my way to Target.  

While walking around the Dollar Tree I found a few things I thought I would share with all of you.  I found these 3 Packs of Bible Game Cards.  I use these for several purposes.  They make great games, reviews, visuals and LAPBOOK pieces.    It is great to have small visuals in your possession.  

Just around the corner I found these stuffed snakes.  They would be great for the serpent in the garden or the Brazen Serpent, vipers, etc.  

Notice below them, they have those sweet caterpillars I have used in the past. 

Down the aisle from the snakes I found one of my FAVORITE finds!!  I love these Alphabet Puzzles!!  We have used them for ABC Memory Verses. We keep track of the KIDDOS SUCCESS in saying their Alphabet Memory Verses with these.   

In the Craft Aisle I spotted the Foam Crowns I have used in the past.  These are GREAT to have on hand when studying the KING of the United and Divided Kingdom.    

I LOVE their new SPRING blow ups!!  Butterflies, Ladybugs and Flowers.  These would be cute added to a Spring Bulletin Board.  

Remember those Bird Houses I used last Spring. They have them in stock!!  

Fun Duct Tape....there are so many possibilities with FUN DUCT TAPE!!!    I may have to go back and pick up some of this!!

Well, that ended my quick stop at the Dollar Tree and on I went to Target.  

As soon as I walked into the $ SPOT, I spotted these cute little drawstring bags.  I think they would be great for the story of Joseph and his brothers visit to Egypt.  

They also had burlap style drawstring bags. These would be great for the same story.  

I found and purchased these items at Target!!  I love having the FRUIT erasers on hand...they are great for when teaching the Fruit of The Spirit.   

I also loved the Vegetable erasers and the Sweet Treat erasers.  This is my plan for those-- when I teach the story of Daniel and his friends REFUSING the Kings FANCY foods in favor of Vegetables!!!  

Oh, those cute little pencils I bought for myself. I love the colors!!

Next time you have the opportunity wander around your local Dollar Tree....THINK:  BIBLE CLASS!!!   You will be amazed at the possibilities!!!



Jacob Dreams Of A Ladder

We recently had our Lesson about Jacob and his AMAZING dream!!  I LOVE this Bible Story!!!  

Our DO YOU KNOW? Wall was filled with the information that I feel the KIDDOS NEED to know. If they are able to answer these questions I feel they understand the LESSON.  

Our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN timeline is filling up with the stories about the Patriarchs.  

We added "BETHEL" to our MAP WALL.  

We sang  "JACOB HAD A DREAM."    I love for songs to teach the story.  This one reminds the KIDDOS how JACOB  was part of GOD'S AWESOME PLAN....JESUS would come through his family!!!  

Our Memory Verse is Romans 8:31. This is one of those verses that gives KIDDOS comfort and courage.  

Remember those paper bracelets I bought at the Dollar Tree a few months ago.  Well, we are putting them to use!!  I write the KIDDOS Memory Verse on them and we place them on their wrist, before they leave the classroom.


The KIDDOS made little LADDERS as their TAKE HOME project.  Years ago, I was able to buy little ladders at Hobby Lobby...however, when I went looking for them a few moths ago, they no longer carried them.  So, I decided to make them.  I used dowels (I have a bunch in the resource room) and small popcicle sticks.   Glued them together and TA-DA....we have ladders!!   To make them stand up, I wrap a rock in Crayola Model Magic Dough.    The  Kiddos glued on the Angels.  The angels were coded to read, "I AM WITH YOU."   Genesis 28:15

Our VISUAL served a secondary purpose.  It was also, our REVIEW GAME.    

The KIDDOS loved "PLAYING" this game.  They would pick an angel and remove it, answer the question that was written on the back and then hand it to me.  Once all the angels were removed and since the angels were going up and down on the ladder, to represent the "going up" we had the KIDDOS answer a different question from the angels and put it back on the ladder!!  They LOVED it!!!

The following week the KIDDOS made these to add to their Explorer Journal.     The ladders are made from long skinny popcicle style craft sticks and short colored craft sticks.   The angel stickers are just printed from my computer and ran through my sticker maker machine.    The KIDDOS, also, glued on a ROCK for Jacob to sleep on.    

We had so much fun and excitement with this lesson!!!  The KIDDOS really enjoyed it!!!  



Jacob Receives The Blessing

WOW, life gets so busy.   Sometimes we have to PAUSE  and take care of family needs. Just so you know, we have been moving forward with our EXPLORATION of BIBLE HISTORY.   However, being overwhelmed by busyness has kept me from UPDATING the website.  

A few weeks ago, we had our lesson on Jacob receiving the Blessing.  We talked a LOT about this being GOD'S PLAN...but, that we are NOT sure GOD really wanted them to TRICK Isaac.  But, just like us, they were human and did not always do things in the best way.  

The KIDDOS MEMORY VERSE comes from PROVERBS 28:20.   "A faithful man will abound with blessings."   This is a great verse to SHARE with the KIDDOS.  

We sang our song "Jacob and Esau."  

The visual aid I used had a double purpose.  This was also the KIDDOS Take Home Project! They LOVED adding the fur to Jacob.  

Our REVIEW game was FUN and EXCITING.  We allowed the KIDDOS to pretend to be Jacob and Isaac.    We had one put on the mask--to represent Isaac and his dim eyesight.    Then we allowed one of the other KIDDOS to put on the fur sleeves.   Then we allowed "Isaac" to feel the furry arms. We removed the arms from the KIDDO and asked "Isaac" which one of his/her Bible Class friends had been wearing the furry arm.   It was a interesting experience for the KIDDOS.  They realized it is NOT easy to KNOW who was wearing the furry sleeves.  They LOVED pretending to be Jacob or Isaac.  

The following week was our REVIEW WEEK.  That is the week when the KIDDOS review their lesson, tell me their Memory Verse, and do a project that we add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.   It is a GREAT opportunity for me to make sure the KIDDOS really understood the lesson!!  We clear up any misunderstandings and make sure the KIDDOS see the important underlying lesson learned through these Bible Accounts.  

The KIDDOS made these to add to  their EXPLORER JOURNAL.  We let them color and then glue on the FUR to JACOB.  



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Milk Caps Books of The Bible Memorizing

I am THRILLED to say that we have completed collecting our Books of The Bible Milk Caps.  This was a loooong activity.  Since there are 66 books in the Bible we have been working on collecting our milk caps for over a year!!

The KIDDOS have WORKED really hard and have had fun "earning" their MILK CAPS.  They earned a NEW Milk Cap by MEMORIZING their BOOKS of the BIBLE.    

I love that each Milk Cap set is unique...Notice that we made sure that each "division" of the Bible is separated by color.    LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS,  GOSPELS, HISTORY, PAUL'S EPISTLES, GENERAL EPISTLES, PROPHECY.  It helped the KIDDOS to get them in the correct order.  

As a SPECIAL gift, for memorizing all 66 Books of the Bible, I gave each of my KIDDOS a special pen.    I ordered these from Oriental Trading.  (I am not associated with Oriental Trading nor do I get any revenue by mentioning Oriental Trading.) I simply mention them as a way to help my readers find supplies for their Bible Class.  I thought these would be a perfect gift!!  They were really excited that they were PENS!!!  

This was a very FUN way to MEMORIZE the Books of The Bible!!  This past Sunday the KIDDOS poured all their Milk Caps out and put them in order!!!  I was so impressed!!!  



Saturday, January 17, 2015


Now that WINTER is officially upon us, I wanted out ATTENDANCE Charts to reflect this time of year.    I decided to go with SNOW GLOBES.  

I reused the blue background paper from the past quarter...I changed out the border to a fun RED and WHITE Polka Dots!!  I love the contrast!!

I printed and laminated the words, "SNOW GLAD YOU ARE HERE!"  then added them to the board. Then added on a BUNCH of snowflakes!!!  I had these snowflakes in my supplies.  I had purchased them several years ago...I bought them at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  I love it when they put stuff on 90% off!!  Then I used my clipart program and printed out the snow globes.  I added pictures to my regular attendees....however, we plan on moving up a few, I went ahead and printed out a few extra to be prepared.  

The final touch was to add the large snowflakes around the border!!  I LOVE how this turned out.  We have an idea to make these snow globes a little more "special" at the end of the quarter.  I will post pictures when we do.  



Friday, January 16, 2015

Isaac and Rebekah

I am a bit behind on the, I am attempting to play catch up.   Here is what we did recently.  We are continuing to EXPLORE BIBLE HISTORY.  We just recently had a lesson about Isaac and Rebekah.    

We added a "EVENT" card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN!!  Timeline.  This TIMELINE is a great way to review past lessons. Since most of my KIDDOS remember via visual triggers...this is a great resource to have up in our classroom at all times.  It is an every growing and expanding visual.  

I wanted a Memory Verse about seem to be the perfect type of memory verse to go with this lesson.  So, I chose John 4:14.  We sang the Memory Verse to the tune:  "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful." We did explain to the KIDDOS that JESUS is the one that gives us "water" and that if we follow and obey HIM we will never thirst.  However, because my KIDDOS are so young...we put it all on KIDDO friendly terms. We were happy for them to tell us that JESUS is our EVERLASTING  SPRING that GIVES ETERNAL LIFE.  

To tell this story I used CLIP ART visuals....  I just printed and laminated them.    The KIDDOS loved that Rebekah's arm moves.  

For the Kiddos TAKE HOME project we made a picture of Rebekah offering water to Abraham's Servant. The KIDDOS colored and added stickers and the PITCHER. They enjoyed making theses.  They really enjoyed making Rebekah's arm go up and down.  :-)  

Our REVIEW game was a FUN and simple game.  The object was to get the camel to the WELL.  Rebekah is standing near the WELL ready to give the camel a drink.    The KIDDOS would pull a card from the QUESTION cards.   If they answered the question correctly they would move the camel to the next space.  

The "GAME BOARD" is made out of sand.  I already had the, I decided to put it to use.  The little cardboard trays were in our "RECYCLED" Bible Class supplies in our Resource Room.  They worked perfectly!!    The KIDDOS LOVED touching the sand!!  

The following week was our REVIEW week.  So, the  KIDDOS made THESE and added them to their EXPLORER JOURNAL!!!  

They enjoyed adding STICKER PALM TREES, a PITCHER which is sort of 3D, we used FOAM STICKERS to make it POP off the paper.  The KIDDOS added ROCKS to the WELL,  then, they added SAND!!!  That was their FAVORITE thing to do to their Explorer Journal Activity!!

This was a fun lesson to teach.  We focused on GOD taking care of Isaac and how HE chose the RIGHT wife for Isaac.