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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Armor of God Exploring Bible History New Testament Lessons 6

The lesson on the Sword of the Spirit was a fun lesson.  The boys were very excited about learning about and making a SWORD.  

After teaching them that God's Word is a SWORD and that when we read it we often CUT through our hearts and that is what makes us CHANGE and live the way GOD wants us to live.  

I did do a lot of explaining how we do NOT hit people with our BIBLE and thus we should NOT use our "Take Home" sword to HIT others with.  I asked them how they would like it if I HIT them with my BIBLE....they all agreed that they would NOT like it at all.  So, I told them I did NOT want to see them hitting others with the SWORD we were making as a "Take Home" project.  It worked....with a classroom of 90% boys we did NOT have anyone hitting anyone with their sword.  YAY!! 
Their "Take Home" Sword was made from foam core board.  We copied the swords onto card stock and then glued it to the foam core board.  My loving husband helped me cut out all the swords for the kiddos.  In class the kiddos decorated their sword and added the cord around the handle.  As we decorated our sword we would sing a little song that taught the fact that the Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God....It is the Bible.  

Ephesians 6:17 is the Memory Verse.  They ALL had this verse memorized before they left the classroom. 

The kiddos Explorer Journal Activity for Wednesday Evening is a type of puzzle. They were given the blank page and the sword blade piece and the two gold pieces for the handle. They colored the blade and glued it to the correct area of the sword.  Then they glued on the gold pieces to the handle.  This was a simple activity, however, for Preschool Kiddos simple puzzles are often a good little challenge.  They enjoyed this activity!

I LOVE this bulletin "Bulletin Board."  We added a copy of each of our "Take Home" activities.  The children love looking at each of the 3D items we made during class....It really helps them REMEMBER what we have learned.  I enjoy using this bulletin board as a REVIEWING Opportunity.

This has been a FUN activity for the kiddos...We have used this Flannel Board for a Game....We had the kiddos roll the Armor of God cube...and then tell me what piece of Armor it landed on....then add that piece of Armor to the Soldier....After, we had all his Armor in place the kiddos had to answer a question from the lesson...if they answered it correctly they got to remove one of the flaming darts.  They really enjoy doing this "game."

We have a few more weeks of the Armor of God lessons....we are going to be reviewing what we have learned for the next few weeks.  

Hope you are enjoy teaching Bible Class.