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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorizing Important Bible Facts

We are focusing on MEMORIZING important BIBLE Facts.  That being said, we needed a way to TRACK our KIDDOS progress.  So, we decided on a BADGE EARNING SYSTEM.   

Each time the KIDDOS can RECITE the ASSIGNED MEMORY WORK, they will earn a BADGE to attach to their "BIBLE BOOKMARK."


We have BIBLE FACT CHARTS that the KIDDOS will use to help facilitate their MEMORIZING of the assigned FACTS.    (These charts come from Hands On Bible Teacher and are available for purchase.)  

Each of our students has a "BIBLE" on the Bulletin Board with a VERY LONG Bible Book Mark.  This is where the KIDDOS will place their "BADGES."    We simply staple them to the ribbon.   As you can see, the KIDDOS have already begun EARNING their BADGES.

The KIDDOS have a LOT of MEMORIZING to do this year.  There are so many IMPORTANT Bible Facts for them to memorize.  

The KIDDOS BADGES are just a little smaller than the BADGE seen on the board under the "EARN YOUR BIBLE KNOWLEDGE BADGE" banner.    

The KIDDOS are very excited about EARNING their BADGES.   By the way, each time they earn a BADGE, I give them a STICKER to wear that reads, "I EARNED A BADGE IN BIBLE CLASS." This has encouraged others to ask the KIDDOS how they earn their BADGE.  So, that gives the KIDDOS an opportunity to share what they have memorized!!  




  1. I love the ideas you share with us. May I ask how you cover these memory facts? Do you take one a week, and teach it in addition to your weekly lesson? Or will you only teach as they come up in a lesson (for instance, will you only teach the Judges when you study them in your weekly lesson?).

  2. Where can we purchase your material?

  3. I am LOVING your site! You have such GREAT ideas for Bible class - I know I already mentioned in another comment, but please let us know where you purchase your materials! :)

  4. These are great! Do you still have material that I can purchase? Thank you!

  5. These are absolutely wonderful. Where do you get your visuals for the Bible badges? I truly love this idea.

  6. Love! Where can we get hold of visuals and Bible badges??