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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How To Make a "Rams Horn"

As I was prepping to teach the story of Jericho, I decided I wanted to make each student a "Rams Horn."   I wanted it to be a working horn that they could, out came the toilet paper tubes, masking tape, etc. These horns are not hard to make, but they do take a bit of time to completely assemble.  

You will need 3 toilet paper tubes per horn.  (Paper towel tubes will work, but you will need to cut them down to approx. toilet paper tube length.)  You will need a horn mouth piece from a party horn, masking tape, tape and chenille sticks.   

You start by removing the mouth pieces from the party horns.  You will then cut one toilet paper tube length wise and wrap it around the mouthpiece in a cone shape.  Use masking tape to tape it together. Then add the second will need to manipulate the tube to make it fit inside the cone shaped tube then add the third tube.  Again, you will have to manipulate the tube and make it should now have a "Rams" horn.  Now wrap it in masking tape.  (My masking tape came from the $Tree so it is yellow and not the traditional cream color.)    After you have it completely wrapped in masking tape you then paint the horns.  I choose gray and brown hopes to resemble the colors of a real Ram's horn.  

Here are pictures of them in progress....I loved the way they turned out...and the kiddos LOVED them too!!!  They added the chenille stick to the area where the mouth piece and horn joined...and then colored a little extra coloring and markings to their own horn.  

They were wonderful....Make sure to see next post to see what we did with the modged poged BUGLES.