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Friday, March 6, 2020


This in our current ATTENDANCE CHARTS!!  

The KIDDOS are adding dog themed stickers to their Attendance Charts.  I purchased the stickers at our local Dollar Tree.

I bought the dog bowl at the Dollar Tree.  It was easy to cut in half and add a sheet of cardstock to it...then attaching it to the bulletin board became super easy.  

The KIDDOS attendance charts are printed from my computer.  I used a clipart picture that filled the purpose.  

The Dog House and Dog, Paw Prints and Dog Bones are also clipart.  I just printed them in color, laminated them and put them on the board. 

I love to have "unique" Attendance Boards.  I want them to be fun, encouraging, and exciting.  I think this one filled all of those!!  

Hope you are encouraged to come up with fun and inviting ATTENDANCE boards.  Sometimes the best ideas come when just strolling through your local DOLLAR TREE, DOLLAR GENERAL, SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE, ETC.  



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