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Sunday, March 8, 2020


Our continuing Exploration through the Life of Jesus Has brought us to the time when Jesus performs another miracle.


We added NEW CARDS to our DO You Know? Wall.  My Expectation is for the KIDDOS to be able to answer each of these by the end of the lesson.

We had two new words to add to our WORD WALL.  I chose PARALYZED and FRIEND.  We reviewed the WORD AMAZED!!

Those are important words for the KIDDOS to understand for this lesson to make more sense to them.

Our  VISUAL  Aid for this lesson was literally made out of a box.  I cannot even remember what was originally in the box....but, I knew I needed to keep it because of the nice "VIEWING WINDOW"  it had.  I'm always thinking, could I use "THIS" in Bible Class....before I throw thing away.  

I Just decorated the box with paper I had purchased at Dollar Tree....The box already had the plastic front, which made it great for a "DIORAMA."  The people were copied out of a copyable clipart book, that we have owned for a really long time.  The KIDDOS really enjoyed my using this DIORAMA while telling the story.  

This is the SONG we learned with this lesson. This song was fun to sing using the paralyzed man on the mat that we used for  our review game...the KIDDOS loved "LETTING HIM DOWN GENTLY" as we sang the song. 

The  song can be heard by clicking the following link.  "Through The Roof" song--by Ronda Duvall

Our MEMORY VERSE  was Mark 2:12!

To hear the MEMORY VERSE song click on this link.  Memory Verse Song MARK 2:12

We Added a NEW Card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN Timeline!!

The Kiddo's TAKE-HOME  project was a Quilt and Paralyzed man  with yarn on each corner.  The KIDDOS could lay the man on the quilt and lower him down.  

This weeks REVIEW Game was another Dramatization style game.  

I would have four KIDDOS answer questions from the lesson....They would then go get a corner of the "mat" and we would lower him down by answering more questions from the lesson.  Then we would repeat the process until all the children had a chance to be one of the four friends.    

As you know, the second week of the LESSON is when we REVIEW.  It gives me opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.  It  also, gives opportunities for the KIDDOS who missed class the first week to "CATCH UP."  This is the Week we SAY our MEMORY VERSE from MEMORY and We do an ACTIVITY we add to our EXPLORER JOURNAL.

This LESSON'S EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY was a variation of something I had seen....I just made it on my computer using clipart I have purchased.  The KIDDOS added ropes to the four friends hands and colored their "movie strip."  

These will be placed in the KIDDOS EXPLORER JOURNAL.  

The KIDDOS take home their EXPLORER JOURNAL at the end of a TOPIC.  So, this one will stay in the classroom until we complete our Lessons on the LIFE OF CHRIST.

We are enjoying our continuing Exploration of the LIFE of CHRIST.  I am enjoying teaching the LESSONS and I know the KIDDOS are loving learning about our LORD!




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