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Monday, March 9, 2020

Jesus Heals Jairus' Daughter

Our continuing Exploration through the Life of Jesus Has brought us to the time when Jesus performs another miracle.

This time Jesus heals Jarius' Daughter.  

We added NEW CARDS to our DO You Know? Wall.  My Expectation is for the KIDDOS to be able to answer each of these by the end of the lesson. 

We had three new words to add to our WORD WALL.  I chose TALITHA CUMI, MOURNER  and SYNAGOGUE.  

Those are important words for the KIDDOS to understand for this lesson to make more sense to them.

We Added a NEW Card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN Timeline!!

Our MEMORY VERSE  was Mark 5:26!

To hear the MEMORY VERSE song click on this link.  Memory Verse Song Mark 5:26

This is the SONG we learned with this lesson. It is a short and simple song to learn.

The  song can be heard by clicking the following link.


Our  VISUAL  Aid for this lesson was a picture for a set of visual aid cards I purchased several years ago.  I really like this picture...It had all the people that were in the house with Jesus represented and if you look through the window you will see the mourners outside!

The Kiddo's TAKE-HOME  project was a 3D bed with a little girl on it that they were able to make "RISE" when we practiced saying, "TALITHA CUMI."  

I designed the bed on my computer. Then, using  various clip art I have access to I gave it a WOOD look and a quilted top.  I drew the little girl a LOOOOOONG time wonderful husband scanned several of my drawings into the computer.  This allows me to manipulate them for size, color, etc.  

If you would like to see how this TAKE HOME "works" please click on the following link.  Clicking on the picture will NOT open the video.  

This weeks REVIEW Game was a fun BOARD GAME.    We all worked together to get JESUS from the Sea of Galilee to Jarius' house.  The KIDDOS answer a question from the lesson, roll a die and then move "Jesus" the number of spaces the die tells them.  There are a few "bumps" in the way as Jesus makes His way to Jarius' house.  

As you know, the second week of the LESSON is when we REVIEW.  It gives me opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.  It  also, gives opportunities for the KIDDOS who missed class the first week to "CATCH UP."  This is the Week we SAY our MEMORY VERSE from MEMORY and We do an ACTIVITY we add to our EXPLORER JOURNAL.

This LESSON'S EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY was a POCKET "BED" and a two LITTLE GIRL...The KIDDOS colored the area around the pillow and both the front and back of the little girl.  They love making her get out of bed, flip around so she is smiling and then say, "give her something to eat."  

I am loving teaching the LESSONS on the LIFE OF JESUS.  I feel like I am learning more and more!!  I enjoy writing, coming up with the crafts, activities, games, etc.  It can be challenging at times....but, it is always worth it when I see the KIDDOS enjoying learning events from the LIFE of JESUS!!




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