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Monday, September 30, 2019

Life of Christ.... The Beatitudes

The KIDDOS are enjoying the continued Exploration of The Life of JESUS CHRIST!

Our Exploring has brought us to the Sermon on The Mount...In this lesson we are Exploring the Beatitudes.  

With that being said, I used this LESSON as an opportunity to teach the KIDDOS the BEATITUDES.  These are one of our BADGES for Memorizing Bible Facts. To see the  Bible Badges the KIDDOS are working hard to on the link.

We added NEW CARDS to our DO You Know? Wall.  My Expectation is for the KIDDOS to be able to answer each of these by the end of the lesson. 

For a VISUAL AID, I used  these little finger puppets, I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I used paperclips to make them "stand up" on their own.  Notice the "multitude" gathered around to hear JESUS Teach!!  

I also hung a picture from a Visual Story Set I had purchased at Dollar Tree several years back.  I have not seen them back...If I ever find them again, I will make sure to let everyone know.   

I used both of these visuals while teaching the lesson.  It was nice to have a picture hanging on the easel and an interactive visual too!!  

I also used this "OLD" VISUAL to help the KIDDOS MEMORIZE the Beatitudes.  I bought this visual a while back...I laminated and coded it with the Beatitudes, using a Sharpie marker....If and when I need to erase them,  I can use hairspray to remove the Sharpie Marker. 

We had several  words to add to our WORD WALL. 

These words are important for the KIDDOS to know and understand for this lesson to make sense to them.  

This is our  SONG  to for this lesson.  We did make various hand motions while singing this helped the KIDDOS visualize the meaning behind each Beatitude.  

Example:  Blessed are those that MOURN...(pretend to cry) for they shall be comforted. (hug self)

To hear this song click on the link. The Beatitudes Song--by Ronda L. Duvall

Our MEMORY VERSE  was Matthew 5:12    

The KIDDOS still had a Memory Verse to learn with this lesson, along with Learning the Beatitudes.  They always amaze me, with their abilities to memorize!!!  

To hear the MEMORY VERSE song click on this link.  Memory Verse Song for Matthew 5:12

The Kiddo's made "Beatitude Bees" as their   TAKE HOME project.  These BEES were made from CARDSTOCK and a tissue paper tube.  The tubes were pre-wrapped  the KIDDOS added the HEAD and WINGS.  We used glue dots to make the craft easy for the KIDDOS to assemble. 

I think they turned out cute and the KIDDOS loved "buzzing" their Beatitude Bee around!!

The  REVIEW GAME for this lesson.  It  is match game.  I call it "BEATITUDE  BEEHIVE  Match  Up."     The   KIDDOS enjoyed   getting to  clip  the   little   BEES  onto  the correct BEEHIVE.  

We played this  game, by having the KIDDOS answer a question  from  the  LESSON  and  then pinning the BEE  onto  the CORRECT  BEEHIVE.      This  way  the KIDDOS were challenged  by  knowing the lesson and the  game  helped  with  the  MEMORIZATION  of  the Beatitude. 

As you recall, the second week of the LESSON is when we REVIEW.  It gives me opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.  It  also, gives opportunities for the KIDDOS who missed class the first week to "CATCH UP."  This is the Week we SAY our MEMORY VERSE from MEMORY and We do an ACTIVITY we add to our EXPLORER JOURNAL. 

For this weeks EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity, I used the BEE theme...this was a type of PUZZLE...the kiddos glued on each piece of the BEATITUDES onto the BEE.....I LOVE the 3D Wings.  This will get added to their EXPLORER JOURNALS for safe KEEPING.




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