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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Life of Jesus...Let Your Light Shine

Our continuing Exploration through the Life of Jesus Has brought us to the time when Jesus is Preaching the Sermon on the Mount. 

We did a previous lesson on the Beatitudes and with lesson we will focus on Letting Our Light Shine. 

We added NEW CARDS to our DO You Know? Wall.  My Expectation is for the KIDDOS to be able to answer each of these by the end of the lesson. 

We Added a NEW Card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN Timeline!!  We chose to use a CANDLE to represent the LESSON that JESUS taught regarding LETTING ONE'S LIGHT SHINE!

This is one of our lessons that has two  SONGS  to learn.  

The  song, "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BEFORE MEN"  BY, RONDA DUVALL,  is simple and  it the same tune as our memory verse, which helped with learning the song and memory verse, too.  

The song, "IS YOUR LIGHT SHINING FOR THE LORD?"  BY, RONDA DUVALL  is a fun song to sing with a flashlight....we actually turned the lights out in the room and each KIDDO had a flashlight to use as we sang the song...the KIDDOS LOVED it!!!!

Our MEMORY VERSE  was Matthew 5:15    I explained that we are to let our light shine in front of friends, family and strangers.  We do this so that they will see our good work and give GOD glory!!  We are NOT supposed to be doing good works to get self PRAISE.  Good lesson for all of us to WATCH our MOTIVES!!

To hear the MEMORY VERSE song click on this link.  Matthew 5:16

We had three new words to add to our WORD WALL.  I chose TRUSTWORTHY, HONEST AND ANGER.  

Those are important words for the KIDDOS to understand for this lesson to make more sense to them.  

The KIDDOS TAKE-HOME project was a candle that the KIDDOS could actually turn on!!   Because, I do not want crafts to take up a ton of my teaching time....these  were pretty much completely assembled prior to class...but, the KIDDOS got to pick out their candle, turn it on and add it to their Candle top.

These candles were made from tissue tubes, plastic milk caps, glitter, glue, cardstock, aluminium foil, bottom of tomato cage, plastic napkin rings, and a battery powered tea light candle.   

The picture on the left shows the glued in MILK Cap...It worked perfectly to hold the Tea Light!!  I'm pleased with how these little candles turned out.  

Our REVIEW game for this lesson was a LOT of fun!!!  

This is a CLASS BOARD GAME. We play it with ONE playing piece...The KIDDOS in my class are in PK through FIRST GRADE.  I have learned that "Competition" games are not always the best choice for this age group.  So, we often play BOARD GAMES with ONE movable piece that belongs to all the KIDDOS and we all work together to move around the board.  

This game was made on the BACK of an old Board Game. This was played by the KIDDOS drawing a FLASHLIGHT card and learning if their light was shining bright or not....then the KIDDOS followed the direction on the card.  


As you recall, the second week of the LESSON is when we REVIEW.  It gives me opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.  It gives opportunities to the KIDDOS who missed class the first week to "CATCH UP."  This is the Week we SAY our MEMORY VERSE from MEMORY and we do an ACTIVITY that we add to our EXPLORER JOURNAL.  

This LESSONS EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY was fun.    The KIDDOS colored a candle and then added some red foil to the back and it made the flame look really cool....the foil paper had some texture, which gave the candle a really neat look!!  

I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the KIDDOS through the LIFE of CHRIST.  It is exciting to see them get excited about LEARNING more and more about JESUS!!!