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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Milk Cap Mania!!! Memorizing the Books of The Bible Using Milk Caps!!!

I know I have posted about this before....but, I wanted to give you a PROGRESS UPDATE!!  

Click on this link to see the previous post Memorizing The BOOKS OF THE BIBLE using MILK CAPS!!

I am THRILLED with the KIDDOS progress in Memorizing the BOOKS of THE BIBLE!!!  They are all doing sooo well.    It AMAZES me when I see them get so excited to "EARN" their NEXT Milk Cap.  Proves to me that SIMPLE things are meaningful! 

This is our PROCEDURE.  The KIDDOS pick up their MILK CAPS from the TABLE after they put their ATTENDANCE STICKER (BUGS) onto their Attendance Chart.  

Once the KIDDOS return to the "TEACHING TABLE"  they pour the caps out on to the table and begin putting the Milk Caps in ORDER.  Some of the KIDDOS (mainly my very young ones) still need a bit of help with this activity....BUT, they are GETTING IT!!!  Plus,  they are able to SAY all the BOOKS in ORDER!!! 

Once all of the KIDDOS have their CAPS in the correct order we say the BOOKS as a CLASS.  We point to each BOOK as we say its name.

Then we "figure" out what the next Book of The Bible is....some of my older KIDDOS are really good helpers with this procedure.   Then I pass out the NEWEST Milk Cap to the KIDDOS.  They place it where it belongs.  We then SAY the Books together AGAIN.  (If I have time---I will have the KIDDOS say them individually.)  

Then we say them ONE MORE TIME...But, this time we are placing the caps into our MILK CAP CONTAINER!!  

Currently, the KIDDOS have the 5 Books of Law, the 12 Books of History, and the 5 Books of Poetry Memorized.  


Each MILK CAP set is unique in COLOR.  However, I do make sure that each "Division" is in a new color cap for each KIDDO. 

 This week we begin working on getting the 5 Major Prophets Memorized!! 

All the CAPS are ready!!!  The KIDDOS earn a CAP a week.  But, to earn the cap they have to be able to say the books up to the last CAP received. 

This Memorization Reward System has been so exciting.  

I LOVE how excited the KIDDOS are about  earning their next MILK CAP. 
I Love that the members of the Congregation are so willing to save and donate their CAPS.  

I Love that the Similac Containers were donated by one of our young families.

I Love how something so inexpensive can be so exciting to the KIDDOS.  They are WORKING so hard to get the Books of The Bible Memorized!!!  

Hope this excites you to do something SIMPLE and YET EFFECTIVE for your KIDDOS.  Milk Caps have so many possibilities.  Apostles, 10 Commandments, Be-attitudes, Attributes of Love 1 Cor. 13., Fruit of The Spirit, Armor of GOD, Sons of Jacob, etc. 




  1. I LOVE this idea! It's so great! And I love how you have written the procedure out. It makes it easier for me to figure out what to do.

  2. Ok, I'm officially in love with your blog! So many amazing ideas! I really really love this one. Is it possible to get a copy of your template for the stickers? I live in Canada though and our milk comes in bags not jugs, so I will have to brainstorm an alternative for that!