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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Isaiah: Called to be GOD'S PROPHET

A new lesson for this upcoming Sunday!!!  We are going to be learning about Isaiah the Prophet.  We will be learning about how he was called by GOD to be a Prophet.  I am so excited about this lesson.  It is such an AMAZING EVENT!!

Our Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How Is this important to me? Cards are in place and ready for Sunday.

Our interactive BULLETIN BOARD WALL is become VERY FULL!!!!  I LOVE it when the KIDDOS use the BULLETIN BOARD wall to FIND information to answer questions.  That is the PURPOSE to this WALL.  It is FULL of information to help the KIDDOS (and me) remember what we have learned. 

We have two new words to add to our WORD WALL.    I want to make sure the KIDDOS know what COAL and TONGS are.  No confusion means better understanding of the lesson.  

We have a NEW CARD to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN for MAN"  Wall.  

The KIDDOS MEMORY VERSE comes directly from the Lesson Text.  They will probably have this one memorized before leaving the classroom on Sunday.  

We have a NEW SONG to learn this week.  I am excited about this song.  I know the KIDDOS will LOVE it.  It is my goal to have a song to go with EVERY lesson that I teach.  
If you would like to hear this song click on the link below.  

The KIDDOS will be making "COAL" as their TAKE HOME project.    This is made out of an air dry clay made by Crayola.  I just formed LUMPS of COAL and let them dry...PAINTED them to look like hot coal and walla...COAL!  :-)  During class time the KIDDOS will add the STICK ON EYES and FLAG that has "Here Am I, Send Me!" printed on it. We will assist with gluing the FLAG into the hole.  I think it turned out CUTE and will be a GREAT REMINDER of this lesson.  

For our REVIEW GAME we will be playing a HOT COALS Pick Up Game.  The KIDDOS will use the TONGS you see in the pictures and PICK up a piece of Hot Coal.  The Coal has question on the bottom side....they will have to ANSWER the question they PICKED...if they do not know the answer they have to PUT it back on the Altar.  

The ALTAR is made from a small crate---I picked it up at WALMART and painted it GOLD.  

The TONGS came from HOBBY LOBBY.  I found them in the PARTY SECTION. 

The COAL is made out of Crayola Model Magic.  I just formed them and let them dry.  Then painted them...They are very LIGHT and will be easy for the KIDDOS to lift with the TONGS.  

I printed the QUESTION on STICKER paper and stuck them to the bottom of the "COAL."  I tried writing on the coal with a silver sharpie...and it worked...I just write REALLY BIG.  If you write small then you can write directly on the piece of "COAL."

Next week the KIDDOS will be making these to add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.  The COAL came from ORIENTAL TRADING....It is COAL GUM and a "GROW in WATER" coal mixture.  I would just suggest that you coat them with modge podge to keep them from crumbling way.  

Due to my RUSHING to get the website updated---I FORGOT to share our VISUALS with you....I am sooo sorry. 

Our visual aid is made out of Clip Art, Laminate, a Copy Paper Box Lid, and Plastic Caps.  OH, and I added a piece of "COAL" to the Seraphim's tongs.  It is the same "Grow In Water Coal" that the KIDDOS will be using next week on their Explorer Journal Activity Page.   

I love using clip art for visuals...because, sometimes it is hard to find visuals for certain Bible stories.    I am happy with the way this visual aid turned out...I can't wait to teach this lesson this Sunday!!!

I am excited about teaching this LESSON.  I know the KIDDOS will be intrigued with all the happenings of Isaiah being called to be GOD'S Prophet.  




  1. I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have found your blog. It is good to find someone who not only designs crafts that the children will enjoy but truly is teaching the word of God to them. Keep up the good work!!

  2. hi! I'm such a big fan of your blog from Argentina. I was wondering where did you get the clipart's images, 'cause I really wanna use them for my bible class tomorrow.
    Thank you!!

  3. I love your blogs. I just wish you had your items available for us to print to use in our classes.

  4. Thanks for sharing, sometimes really out of idea and yours helped so much!