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Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Bible Class Bags!!!

We are beginning  a NEW "QUARTER" this upcoming SUNDAY.  I am already so excited about getting the opportunity to teach the KINGS of JUDAH to the KIDDOS.  I LOVE to start out a NEW "QUARTER" with a LOT of FANFARE!!        When we start a new "QUARTER" we don our EXPLORER HATS and sing our "WE ARE BIBLE EXPLORERS..." SONG.  We "TRAVEL" around the room and view all the exciting changes.  We do a BRIEF,but very exciting overview of WHAT WE ARE GONG TO BE LEANING!!!!  It is truly a special time.    

To make this even MORE special, I wanted to give the  KIDDOS a "SPECIAL BAG" for their Bible Class items.    In the past, I  have had the KIDDOS decorate their own canvas bag. This is always a FUN activity...but, it is also TIME CONSUMING.  I try to use EAA Time for activities like DECORATING a BAG...but, when you have a few "LATE ARRIVERS" it makes it much more difficult to complete during class time. 

Since I have a WHOLE new crop of KIDDOS and I know that KIDDOS love to decorate their OWN BAG, I was considering doing the CANVAS BAGS again.  But, when I went to the DOLLAR TREE, to buy some new canvas bags (THEY HAVE THEM IN ALL SORTS OF COLORS FOR THE SPRING!!), I happened to see these NYLON, BACK PACK bags.

I really LIKED these BAGS.   Then I began to think....HUM, (that is how I think)..."I have NEVER done BACKPACKS for the KIDDOS!!!!"  So, I quickly tossed several of these backpacks into my buggy.  (YES, I know it is called a SHOPPING CART...but, I have ALWAYS called it a BUGGY.)  :-)  I bought blue for the boys and pink for the girls.  

I decided to  do the decorating of these bags.  I wrote the KIDDO'S names on the Back Packs, DREW a BIBLE and Wrote the PURPOSE for the BACK PACK.  I used METALLIC Sharpie Markers.  I think they turned out really SWEET.  I hope the KIDDOS LIKE them!!!  (If the KIDDOS want to further decorate their bags they can color on them outside of class time.) 

The purpose for these BAGS is simple.  When the KIDDOS leave my classroom they often have several things to carry.  They have a MEMORY VERSE card, their TAKE HOME project, their "I CAN TAKE NOTES DURING WORSHIP" sheet, etc.  So, my hope is that this will expedite the getting things from our CLASSROOM to home and back again.  A TEACHER CAN HOPE!!!!!!  :-)

Starting a NEW QUARTER is so exciting and RECEIVING a SPECIAL BAG with their NAME on it should REALLY EXCITE the KIDDOS.  I know I am excited!!!  

BTW, Jeremiah is no longer in my class....but, since he is my son...and he saw what I was making for all my KIDDOS...and he asked me very, very nicely.  I MADE HIM A BAG TOO.  :-)



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