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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kings of Israel REVIEW for the KIDDOS

I am traveling this week... My HUBBY and I are headed to Florida College to attend a week of Bible Lectures.  It is such a rejuvenation for me.  I also get time to PERUSE the College Bookstore that is filled with various materials PERFECT for Bible Studies and Bible Classes!!!!  I am very excited!!!! 

I wanted the KIDDOS to have some FUN reviewing the KINGS of ISRAEL while I am gone.  So, I left a few things for my CO-Teacher to do with the KIDDOS. 

My co-teacher is my daughter and she has an AMAZING voice.  So,  I am going to have her SING several songs with the KIDDOS.  ESPECIALLY the  KINGS OF ISRAEL song. 

The KIDDOS will REVIEW the HISTORY of the KINGS of ISRAEL.  REMEMBERING that NOT ONE of the KINGS was GODLY!   They will NAME all the KINGS and give any FACT that they can RECALL from the KINGS LIFE. 

I have 19 little FINGER PUPPET KINGS that they will COUNT and NAME.    BTW, these came from Oriental Trading Company.  They were part of a "NATIVITY" set...but, I PURCHASED enough sets to get me the 19 Kings of Israel and all the Kings of Judah. 

They will use these KING FACTS CARDS to help with the REVIEW as well.  These have KINGS NAMES and FACTS on them and will be GREAT for reviewing the KINGS.

After reviewing facts about the various the KINGS of Israel, the KIDDOS will get to play The "KINGS of ISRAEL MATCH GAME."  

They will have to answer a REVIEW QUESTION to get an opportunity to try to find a MATCH.

The KIDDOS will  get to MAKE their own KINGS of ISRAEL "TRADING CARDS."

We are going to MAKE this SPECIAL by allowing the KIDDOS to use various media.  Markers, Colored Pencils, etc.
This ACTIVITY will be finished over the NEXT 3 Class Periods.  That way the KIDDOS do not feel RUSHED to finished this project.    

I hate being away from the KIDDOS...but, I always try to LEAVE behind something "FUN" for them to do.  I am excited to see what their TRADING CARDS look like.  




  1. it'd be really great to have the song downloaded option of your daughter. I really appreciate and hope that you'll make yourself rejuvenated having the right teaching of Jesus. I love to go through bible stories and teaching which helps me a lot to live my life. May God Bless You!!

  2. Kimberly, I do have a songbook available for purchase if you are interested. Please let me know. Thanks so much.

  3. Ronda, What tune is the Kings of Israel song sung to? How can I purchase your songbook?

  4. can we purchase a set of your info cards?

  5. Are the kings available in a printable format! Love this!

  6. Hello Ronda,

    Patricia Ready in Anniston, AL here. Thank you for sharing your great teaching ideas! I am doing a unit on the kings of the old testament.
    I would love to know how to get a copy of your song book please.

    Thank you.

    Patricia Ready