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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classroom Changes Preparing for NEW MATERIALS!!!

I ALWAYS have mixed emotions at the END of a "QUARTER."  I  LOVE looking back over EVERYTHING we LEARNED.   I am EXCITED about the "NEW" material we will be LEARNING.  YET, I am a wee bit sad when I am TAKING down VISUAL and PACKING AWAY things that we USED/MADE.    

BTW, These PICTURES are to show you the MESS I make and have to CLEAN UP when it is time to change "Quarters." 

 The BLUE tub is my STORAGE tub for the items on the TABLE.  I STORE my items for a particular SECTION of the BIBLE together in a TUB.  I LABEL all my tubs with a SHARPIE Marker.  My DREAM is to one day get all my tubs COLOR CODED with LABELS.  (I plan on doing that when I have FREE TIME.)  :-)

 I LOVE seeing all this in one place.  Since I ALWAYS prepare for VISITORS I normally have LEFTOVERS.  So, I STORE those for FUTURE CLASSES.  

 AS OF NOW....this is my Labeling System.  NOT fancy, but it works.  

Those BIG BINDERS are my written LESSONS.  Currently this  is my method of  storing the lessons I am writing for my CURRICULUM. 

The MAP wall is ALL CLEARED!!!  It LOOKS SOOOOO EMPTY!!!!!!!  I removed all the Explorer Journal Samples.  :-(   It is SO hard on me to REMOVE those....they provide me a QUICK way to review with the KIDDOS.

Here is the PILE of the EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITIES.  We learned SO much this past "QUARTER!!!!"

CHANGES are hard on me...SO CONFLICTED, LOL.  I can't wait to share with you what we are learning this next SUNDAY.  I am sooooo excited!!!  



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  1. Do you have a link to "your" curriculum that you have in those binders??