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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Samson the Strong Judge

The children LOVED the lesson about Samson.  It is amazing how excited they get when learning about Samson and his AMAZING STRENGTH.  

For their "Take Home" activity the kiddos made a Samson Puppet.  It was made by coloring a face and MUSCLED arms and gluing them to a tongue depressor.  They then glued on 7 braids of LONG hair. (My daughter had crocheted the "hair" for me prior to class.)  We just cut the crocheted chain to length and knotted it at the bottom.  Check out the pic.  :-)  
I loved the finished product....The children would hold their "puppet" and talk in their strongest Samson voice.  It was sooo cute.  I loved hearing my youngest student say, "I am Samson, I am the strongest man and I had long hair and I was a Nazarite."  Imagine it said by a little girl in a deep style voice. 

I felt Psalm 18:32 was an appropriate memory verse for this lesson.  We talked about how we can be STRONG if we OBEY God. 
We also had a little song that we sang to help the kiddos memorize the verse.  Most of them had it memorized before leaving Bible Class on Sunday AM.

The kiddos "Explorer Journal" activity for Wednesday was a lacing/sewing style project.  We had the children "lace" Samson's hair.  The kids did an AMAZING job on this project.  We had threaded the yarn through the first hole and taped the end of the yarn to make for easy threading.  I think they turned out cute.

Our Review Activity Game was a TEST OF STRENGTH.    The kiddos were sooooo funny...they all wanted to lift the heaviest weights first....however, they quickly learned the biggest weights were NOT the heaviest.   I decided to make the questions a little more "fun" to choose....I made them to look like barbells.  They were made from small styrofoam balls and drinking straws.  I then glued the questions on....the kiddos reaction to the question "card" was fun....They would pic a question and then "struggle" (as if they were lifting a real heavy weight) to lift the question up off the table.  After answering the question correctly they had the opportunity to see how strong they were by lifting real weights.  They LOVED this!!!!!! 

Teaching the story of Samson was so enjoyable.  I love it when the kids enjoy their lessons!!!!!



  1. I love your samson popsicle stick craft. That is just the cutest ever. Great Job!

  2. Do you have your templates available for purchase? Adorable!

  3. How do we get the templates from your crafts. can we purchase them?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I, too, would like to know if there is somewhere I can get the templates and I would be happy to purchase them. Thank you so much.

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  6. How can I get access for the arms?

  7. you are gifted, you should share your gifts to further the kingdom of God. All we have is from Him.

  8. I would VERY much LOVE to know where you got the Samson coloring sheet that you did hair lacing on. I have searched the internet for an hour or so. I would love to add this activity into our lesson this weekend. IS there anyway you could share a link or send the template? My email is

    1. Hi. Have you gotten the template? I'm looking for it too. Could you send it to me? My email is

      Thank you,


  9. How do we get the Template for Samson lacing?