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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Devoted Ruth

We recently learned the story of Ruth in Bible Class.  This story is such an encouraging story.  It teaches great lessons of love, devotion, dedication, selflessness, and strength in times of hardship.  I also love to teach the concept of being a hard worker when teaching the story of Ruth.  

The story of Ruth should be taught when teaching through the Judges.  I will give one word of kiddos struggled with her name.  They continually called her "Rahab."   I would have to constantly remind them her name was RUTH.  We had to go over all the names of the people in this lesson several times.   Since they seemed to struggle...we focused mainly on Naomi, Ruth, Orpah, Boaz, and Obed.  I figured if they could get these names down and what part they had to do with the story and who was in the family line of Jesus then I would be happy.  
We had success after reviewing several times and in several methods.  Don't give up...and if you realize your students are confused....don't be afraid to slow down and reteach a lesson.  I would rather "fall behind a week" than  for the kiddos NOT to understand something.

The song you see in the picture above was a great help with teaching this story.  The kids got the song down rather quickly....We enjoyed singing it together.

For the "Take Home" project the  children made a Ruth paper doll and glued on wheat to her basket.  Her arm is attached with a brad so that it can move. 

Our memory verse was Ruth 1:16.  This was a very fun memory verse.  We sang it several times and the kids had it memorized before leaving class on Sunday.  I did have some word to explain.  Like the word "wither" and "lodge."   

We did a map review today.  The kids amazed me...they remembered where MOAB was.  They recalled the story of King Eglon and Ehud.  I was very impressed.  I love being impressed by 4 and 5 year olds.  It just makes me smile.

Our Review Activity was a "Gleaning Wheat" game.  Each student answered a question from the lesson.  If they got the answer correct they would take my basket and glean in the "Field of Boaz."  Our classroom floor served as Boaz's field.  :-)    The kiddos LOVED playing this game.  I love getting them out of their chairs and learning as we 'play."

The Wednesday "Explorer Journal" Activity was a picture of Ruth to color and then they glued on Wheat...Looks like she is in a wheat field.

This was a fun lesson to teach.  Even with the name struggles.  The kiddos loved the "REAL" wheat and learned so much about being devoted, helpful and hard workers.



  1. We're studying her right after Judges, but I agree she is best studied with Judges, it's in the same time after all.

  2. This is a great idea for our upcoming lesson on Ruth and Naomi. Where did you find this "wheat"? Not sure I've seen it anywhere that I shop.

  3. I bought the WHEAT at Hobby Lobby...

  4. Why would they have trouble saying Ruth?

  5. Praise the Lord
    Can you please provide the raw of the first image so that I can make it in our Sunday school