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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gideon A Judge of Israel

We are continuing our lessons on the Judges.  This week's lesson is about Gideon.  Gideon was a humble Judge with a great amount of Faith.  He did as God commanded and had victory over the Midianites.  

God told Gideon how to win the battle against the Midianites and Gideon did just as he was told.  300 men and Gideon went into battle with pitchers, torches and horns.  They were victorious!  

Our "Take Home" activity is a Torch.  It is made from a paper towel tube, paper (wrapped around the tube), and tissue paper.  The kiddos will color the paper that wraps around the paper towel tube and then we will assemble them with a bit of glue and tape in class. 

Our memory verse this week is Judges 7:8...We will sing it to the tune "The Law of the Lord."   I know the kiddos will have it memorized before leaving class on Sunday.  That makes it easy for their parent to help them review the verse with them, so they will be ready for Wednesday.

Our Review game for this week is based off the fact that Gideon and his arm carried torches.  So, the kiddos will attach flames to the top of the torches if they answer a question from the story correctly.  There is velcro dots on the board and on the back of the flames so  it is easy for them to attach the flame to the torch.

On Wednesday Evening the kiddos will be coloring a picture of Gideon.  They will then get to add a 3D trumpet and a torch to Gideon's hands.  I have cut slots in his hand so that the torch can be easily slid into his hand.    The horn has two foamy dots on the back of it so that it is "3D" and puffs off the page.

Hope you enjoy teaching Bible class.



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  1. Thanks for the "blazing torches" idea which I am adapting & thought you'd like to know how. Our special needs kids don't do review questions well. This Sunday we'll have sheets of torches for each kid & play a game of "pare down Gideon's army" (things like, everyone stand on one foot, how many r vs. l), people in least group get to add a flame to one of their torches.