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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Milk Caps Books of The Bible Memorizing

I am THRILLED to say that we have completed collecting our Books of The Bible Milk Caps.  This was a loooong activity.  Since there are 66 books in the Bible we have been working on collecting our milk caps for over a year!!

The KIDDOS have WORKED really hard and have had fun "earning" their MILK CAPS.  They earned a NEW Milk Cap by MEMORIZING their BOOKS of the BIBLE.    

I love that each Milk Cap set is unique...Notice that we made sure that each "division" of the Bible is separated by color.    LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS,  GOSPELS, HISTORY, PAUL'S EPISTLES, GENERAL EPISTLES, PROPHECY.  It helped the KIDDOS to get them in the correct order.  

As a SPECIAL gift, for memorizing all 66 Books of the Bible, I gave each of my KIDDOS a special pen.    I ordered these from Oriental Trading.  (I am not associated with Oriental Trading nor do I get any revenue by mentioning Oriental Trading.) I simply mention them as a way to help my readers find supplies for their Bible Class.  I thought these would be a perfect gift!!  They were really excited that they were PENS!!!  

This was a very FUN way to MEMORIZE the Books of The Bible!!  This past Sunday the KIDDOS poured all their Milk Caps out and put them in order!!!  I was so impressed!!!  



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