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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Ravens Fed Elijah (GOD WILL PROVIDE!)

I am beyond excited about this lesson.  I know the KIDDOS will LOVE learning all about the Ravens Feeding Elijah.  I LOVE how GOD takes care of HIS FOLLOWERS.    There is so many exciting aspects to this lesson...Although, we will focus on the HISTORY of this lesson...we will make sure to DRAW out the conclusion that GOD WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE!!!

By the end of class time the KIDDOS will be able to answer the Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How is this story Important to ME?  Questions!!  If they can answer those questions, I know they understood the LESSON. 

We  have added an Elijah card to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN"  Time Line Wall.  We add a CARD each time we have a NEW lesson...This helps the KIDDOS remember where in HISTORY a story took place.  It also helps me REVIEW past lessons...and helps me lead the children through BIBLE HISTORY....Continually showing the THEME of the BIBLE.  JESUS IS COMING....JESUS IS HERE...JESUS IS COMING AGAIN.    GOD wants us to live in such a way as to be READY when JESUS RETURNS.  (YES, KIDDOS understand this!!) 

We get to add a "NEW" Prophet to our List of PROPHETS.  


We will be SINGING this song this week.  I know the KIDDOS will love this one.  My little boy, often goes around singing this song already.  Have I mentioned, I LOVE hearing the KIDDOS sing songs that I have written.  I LOVE knowing they are learning their BIBLE STORIES through songs.  It is so much easier for me to recall BIBLE STORIES when I have a SONG that goes along with the story. 

Our memory verse this week is Philippians 4:19!  I feel this verse helps put the focus on the HOW THIS LESSON IS IMPORTANT TO ME?  Question.  I want the KIDDOS to understand that GOD will always PROVIDE for our needs.  We need to LOVE, HONOR,  and TRUST GOD!

Our "WORD WALL" is really being "built" up!!  I know this weeks  words are not necessarily HARD words...But, they are words the KIDDOS do not use everyday.  Matter-of-fact, I will be surprised if they know what a BROOK is.  And around here, we refer to Ravens as CROWS.  So, I will be interested to see how many of them KNOW what a Raven is...we will see.  

We will add the Brook Cherith to our MAP.  I want the KIDDOS to know that Cherith is in the NORTHERN Nation...and am looking forward to showing them all the TRAVELS of Elijah. 

The KIDDOS will be making a flying Raven as their "TAKE HOME" activity. Before, I show you the finished product, I wanted to share with you something that made me laugh.  Because I do NOT want our TAKE HOME projects to take up a TON of my teaching time...I do a LOT of the prep work ahead of class time.  So, this week that involved making BIRD LEGS and FEET.  Well, this is what my table looked like....and, I could NOT help but LAUGH!  These BIRD legs were made from chenille sticks....and I think they are cute but, just a bit creepy sitting on my table like this.  LOL.

NOW, on to the Ravens the KIDDOS will be making...During class, they will color the Ravens and wings.  We will slide the wings in place and then glue the "bread" in the Raven's mouth.   

After they have completed their RAVEN they will "FLY" them around the room as we sing "The Ravens Fed Elijah" song. 

To make our RAVENS "fly," I attached a small dowel and fishing line to the Raven.  This will allow the KIDDOS to "FLY" their Raven around the classroom. 

The KIDDOS will be PLAYING TIC-TAC-TOE as a REVIEW GAME.  We will play this by having the KIDDOS answer a question from the LESSON.  They will then add a "RAVEN" or a "BROOK" to the TIC-TAC-TOE board.    FYI, I decided to use the FOAM blocks to make my GAME BOARD!....This saved me a TON of TIME!  And, I LOVE the LOOK!  So easy and SO effective!!!  :-)

After I got home I realized I forgot to take a picture of the KIDDOS EXPLORER JOURNAL activity that they will do NEXT week....So, please check back later this week.  I will get a PICTURE of what the KIDDOS  will be making and add it to the website.

OK...This is the KIDDO'S EXPLORER JOURNAL activity for NEXT SUNDAY.  The KIDDOS will Color Elijah, the BROOK CHERITH, and the Ravens.  Then the KIDDOS will add "BREAD" to the RAVENS mouths.  I am have the KIDDOS glue on Oyster Crackers on to the Raven's Mouths. 

I will probably coat the Oyster Crackers with Elmer's Glue...That seems to keep them from breaking apart and becoming crumbs! 





  1. Thanks Ronda! I've come across your lessons on Pinterest several times while looking for ideas for my sunday school class and I just wanted to thank you for detailing all your creative ideas! I am using a curriculum that is very bare-bones/just-the-facts and your ideas help me brainstorm :) So glad you share your hard work generously for the glory of God!

  2. Love this!! Do you mind if I link to it from my Growing Kids Ministry blog?

  3. Hello Ronda, this is so cool for my Grade 4 and 5 boys, thank you very much.

  4. Do you create your own graphic images, etc you use in your Brushing up on the facts, Who, what when where... of the lessons, word wall, etc. I am interested in finding out how you set up and integrate these sections into your classroom so I can do something similar for the kids in my sunday school class. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My email is Thank you!

  5. Hi, i love everything you do here, i would love to use them in our Children Ministry, I'm also very interested to know where do you get most of you drawings and set ups for you classes if you can share with us, Please let me know how. My email is Thank you so much God bless you !

  6. Do you have a printable for the flying raven? I would love to do this with our children's ministry. You can email me at

    Thank you.

    1. I would love a printable too!

  7. Sabbath is on Saturday Acts 18:4 and Exodus 20:8!
    Praise Yahshua for truth!
    Jews for!

  8. Hi ,i love your images, your colour pages i would love to print them for my class, if you don,t mind sharing them my email is you for sharing all the beautiful work you do,God bless you

  9. What is the tune to the Ravens fed Elijah song? I assume it is a familiar church song or nursery rhyme tune. Thanks. Love your teaching activities.

  10. Lovely sight! I too would love the printable for the raven! Do you share your patterns?
    God Bless You, Traci

  11. You've always got great ideas. Not sure if you share your printable for the raven, but I'd love a copy if you day..., thanks, amazing work!!