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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday's Explorer Journal Activity....Moses Strikes the Rock

Our Wednesday Evening Bible Class is a time I really enjoy. It allows me the opportunity to review what we learned on Sunday and make sure the children really understand the lesson.

This Wednesday we will review the story of Moses striking the rock at Horeb, as God commanded, and water gushing forth and providing the Hebrews with plenty of water to drink. The children enjoyed the visual aid (see previous post) of the Water coming out of the rock when we hit, I will be allowing them to strike the rock and and see the water come out again.

We will do our Explorer Journal Activity. The students will color their picture and then add the water and the rod. The water is a copy on blue paper that has been glued to a foamy sheet (available at all craft stores, Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc.) and cut out. The rod is a small dowel piece.

We will also say our Memory Verse and add a sticker to our Explorer Back Pack, for saying the MV.

If time permits we will play the "Rod, Rock, and Water" review game. (View Last Post to see game.)

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