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Friday, December 11, 2009

Moses Strikes the Rock

This has been a very busy week. I decided the original IDEA I had for the students Sunday Take Home activity was NOT coming together the way I wanted. So, I decided to change directions and DO something different. I must say, I really do like the NEW idea much better.

On Sunday we will be learning about God telling Moses to strike the rock...and the rock sending forth water. With that we will focus on God never leaving us to FEND for ourselves...God has always provided for HIS followers and HE does provide for US.

The Take Home activity ended up being a 3D Diorama of Moses Striking the Rock. The Children will color and glue all the pieces together. To make this a little more fun....I decided to add crape paper to the "water" gushing out of the rock. I think the kids will enjoy this activity.

As a Visual Aid, I made a Rock Mound....ran a straw through it and will pour water down the back as the children gently strike the rock....This was made out of a kitchen funnel, 2 bags of rocks from Dollar Tree, a Straw from the hospital cup my daughter received on her recent stay, foam core board (for the back drop) and a printed picture of a rock mountain. I believe the students will really enjoy this visual aid.

Our review game is called "Rod, Rock & Water"....we will play this as a class....Moses will move closer to the rock with flowing water, as the children answer questions for the story.

I am looking forward to Sunday...I am looking forward to my students learning this AMAZING story.




  1. Do you have printables for the game or the craft?

  2. Do you have printables for the game or the craft?

  3. Hello.. Also wondering if you had a printable for this? Thank you

  4. Hi love the work can receive any printable you have thank you and God bless

  5. Yes do you have printable for all. And thank you

  6. Do you have printables for the craft?